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Jack was late. He was always late, but not this late. The Guardians were starting to worry, even Bunny. They were starting to devise a plan when a window shattered. Jack had hit the window at such a force, causing it to break. Jack fell on top of the glass and moaned in pain. The Guardians rushed up to him.

"Stop!" Jack yelled before they got to him. "Don't come any closer!"

Jack was starting to freak out the Guardians. He was all bloody and bruised. An arrow was in his thigh, yet he didn't want help? Something fishy was going on.

"Jack," Bunny said, curious, yet slightly scared for their youngest member. "What happened?"

"Pitch, Alice, Death," Jack stopped for a second to catch his breath. "They want me gone. I don't know why, except for Pitch. When I was on the ground, after they attacked me, They combined their powers into this arrow."

Jack stopped talking and started gasping for air as red and black vein like lines came up to his neck. He closed his eyes in pain. The Guardians didn't know how to react. They knew who Alice and Death were, sisters.

Alice, bring insanity to millions of people when she shoots her arrow. It had similar effects on mortals, vanishing once it hits, but it slowly makes the victim insane. On any immortal, the arrow doesn't vanish, but has the same effect.

Death was a force to reckon with. She wasn't all that bad, same goes for Alice, but if you got on her wrong side then she would make any immortal in excruciating pain, making them wish they were dead. For mortals, she has this list. All she has to do is touch the person and they die. Doesn't matter how though.

Tooth didn't care what Jack said, she flew over to his side and started mothering him. couldn't just sit by and watch this happen to him.

"Jack," Tooth said calmingly, holding his hand. "I'm right here. Just hang on. You'll be alright. Just look at me."

"It hurts," Jack said as he opened his eyes, slowly.

Tooth nodded, knowingly. She hated seeing Jack like this. Suddenly, Jack screamed out in pain as the vein like lines crept onto his head, then vanishing. Tooth looked at the others in shock, then looked at Jack. He had this grin on his face that would send goosebumps up even Pitch's spine.

"Jack?" Tooth looked at him, scared.

"Hello fairy," He said in a sickeningly sweet voice. To say if frightened the others would be an understatement. Jack then jolted up and looked at them with his head tilted in a way that gave chills. "What's all the fuss about?"

"Jack," North said slowly. "How 'bout you come here."

He was plotting something, Jack knew it. The voices even told him so. The voices startled him. His eyes went wide and his hands flew to his head. He fell back to the floor. His hands were pulling his hair, trying to make the voices stop.

"Get out!" Jack yelled. "Get out of my head! Stop it! Stop talking!"

Tooth gasped at her little Sweet Tooth. Bunny stepped back a bit. Sandy had his eyes wide. North just stared at Jack in shock.

"Sandy," Bunny finally spoke up. "Might be a good time to use that sand of yours."

Sandy couldn't agree any more. He made a ball of dream-sand and threw it at Jack, who was, now, curled in a ball, on the verge of tears. Jack successfully was put to sleep.

"Mates," Bunny said. " What are we gonna do now?

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