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When Jack woke up he was strapped to a bed, tightly. He tried to move, but he couldn't. When he moved his head to see if anyone else was in the room he saw that Bunny was there, awake and staring at Jack.

"I see you're awake," Bunny said. "How ya feeling?"

"Excellent," That lopsided smile was on his face once again. "Why?"

"Just wondering, since, well, you've gone insane."

"I'm not insane, just thinking outside of the box."

"Yep," Bunny said, kinda agreeing with him, but not. "Way outside the box."

Jack just smiled at him, then asked to be released, which Bunny told him he couldn't do that.

"Is Little E. Aster Bunnymund scared?" Jack asked in a child's voice. "Is he scared of what I child could do?"

"Rack off," Bunny told him. "You're not a child!"

"Of course I am," Jack gave him that crooked, creepy grin again. "I'm was only fifteen years old when I died. I've only been spirit for three-hundred years, give or take a few. I can't control everything. I'm a child."

Bunny was shocked at this new information he learned. He didn't know the little ankle-bitter had died, nor that he was still a child.

"Let me go," Jack demanded.

"Can't do that, mate," Bunny told him.

"I can't stay here! I need to be let out!"

Jack was yelling at Bunny about needing to see Jamie, to freeze Brazil, he wanted to be out, needed to be out. Jack suddenly stopped and looked at the straps. The voices were telling him how to get out. He started working on the upper one first. Bunny noticed that Jack was doing something, but didn't know what.

Jack quickly got the top done and sat up. Before Bunny could do anything, Jack froze his feet in place, he didn't need his staff to do that. Bunny started yelling for the other Guardians, but they came to late. Jack was free. He was grabbing his staff when they came in. He gave them a smirk and flew off into the cold tundra.

Jack was changed. He was really jerky and made quick movements. He had voices in his head telling him what to do. His eyes were almost always wide and sporadic. He was not their Jack, he was something that is infesting Jack, a disease that Jack has no control over.

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