Love is...

Something to protect

Something to fight for

Something to care for

Care for like a small child

A small child that has no home

You take the child in and nurture it

It grows the best it can be, like a beautiful garden surrounded by castle walls,

Just like love

But sometimes it stumbles and falls

But in some parts the castle walls have grown too far and blocked the light causing the plants to die

The shadow consumes

It devours

It destroys

But then there is a hand reaching through the darkness

Pulling love back into the Light

Pulling it and nurturing it back to life

Embracing it fully and letting it grow

That's what love is...

Thanks guys for so much on the Legend of Zelda Story, I'm currently working on a Halo fanfic right now but it won't be out for a while. So I will be uploading a series of poems about love and how its changed my life.