Defense Against the Dark Arts turned nightmarish during the year that Hogwarts' golden trio was missing in action. Cooperative Purebloods and children of Death Eaters were favored while the unwilling and Halfbloods, or worse, Mudbloods, were mistreated at every opportunity.

"Well, Mr. Longbottom?" Alecto Carrow prodded with a malicious sneer "We are waiting."

Neville squared his shoulders and stood his ground "In case you didn't know, Professor, Crucio is the spell that landed my parents in Mingo's for the last fifteen years. Nothing and no one will make ne use it. I'd rather die."

"There are many ways to die, boy." Amycus pointed out.

Susan Bones, niece of the murdered Director of Magical Law Enforcement, chose now to get herself inside. Knowing she would hate herself for the rest of her life, she said "Professors, allow me. Mudbloods must learn their place. Crucio!"

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Colin Creevey screamed in agony for a full minute. Then, panting, he spit at the redhead and cursed her savagely "You're Voldemort's whore! Bitch!"

Deep inside, the Hufflepuff was devesatated by the accusation and all the more because it was true. She bit her cheek and snarled "Mudblood! Crucio!"

Thus, the class learned, and their Professors pointed out "What the Ministry foolishly calls Unforgiveables are spells that rely on strong emotion. Through any one of the three you can get what you want. Control your enemy, repay him for harming you, or taking the ultimste revenge."


Far from Hogwarts, in fact on the other side of the Atlantic, an intercom buzzed on a desk "Yes?"

"Sir?" came a female voice "The MCIA is here."

The President of the United States raised his eyebrows "Send him in. Certainly a rare moment." Then he got another surprise "Sorry I should have said her."

"Jamie Walsh, Mr. President." A middle aged woman shook hands firmly "I am Interim Director at this time. Mr. Turner retired last month. The Senate is going through the motions."

Nodding, the President smiled "Well, then congratulations. And what can I do for the Magical Central Intelligence Agency?"

"How much do you know about the situation in England, sir?" she asked.

A calculating, and mildly reproving, look focused on the visitor "It would be illegal for any US Agency to be interefering with internal affairs of a frindly nation."

"Mt. President, we are merely keeping ourselves informed as to the goings on internationally." Ms. Walsh replied "It is sufficient to say that we are awareof a situation that could affect the security of the United States."

The President reappraised the woman "So we'll just say you learned of this … indirectly. What, specifically is going on?"

"A terrorist group that call themselves Death Eaters… you will find all the background in this file, sir." She offered "We are almost certain the current Minister of Magic is either a Death Eater himself, or under a spell called Imperius."

The President digested the verbal report and scanned some of the thick sheaf "Guess that Grade School Latin was good for something. Brainwashing or mind control, I assume." He commented "How dangerous is this movement?"

"Sir, you need to know that Hitler was only a puppet of a previous Dark Wizard named Grindelwald." She explained "Our sources all agree that Voldemort is potentially far more dangerous. For one, he is magically more powerful, and for another he inspires greater fanaticism by a seeming immortality."

At this, he scoffed "Ms. Walsh, there is no such thing as immortality. And as I scan this, this ahmmm… Voldemort…. is already pushing seventy."

"How old, Mr. President, do you suppose I am?" she asked.

He gave a politician smile and answered "My wife will tell me all women are twenty-nine. Given my daughter is sixteen, that could cause me a bit of trouble when you do the math."

"We Magicals tend to live longer, sir. And were you to judge by your standards, you would get about half my age. I am seventy-one and can expect to double that. Old age, sir, is not the same with us. And Voldemort is in a different category, with the Dark Magic he has employed, his current body is roughly two years old. He was killed fifteen years ago, but got around that."

He became more calculating "So, are we dealing with an immortal?"

"That should be impossible, sir." She answered "He may be immortal but not invulnerable. There is a larger concern, Mr. President. Voldemort is violently anti-Muggle, that is a- "

He cut her off "Yes, I know, non-Magical. Rather like a nigger, right?"

"Ahh… no sir." She bluished "We - Muggle would be like using the term African-American. There is another term… Mudblood or dirty blood would be a first generation Magical. Believe me, sir… I would never-"

He smirked "At least to my face. Never mind that. I read the Grindelwald/Hitler history. Are we looking at a Third World War?"

"Not today." She replied. "Mr. President, I-"

The President strolled back behind his desk "Thank you for coming Ms. Walsh. I will review all that you have provided me. And, I assure you I will give this all the attention it requires."

"Yes Mr. President." The Chief of Staff replied to a buzz, the interim Director had hardly left the office.

The intercom spoke "Steve, I'll need to see the ambassadors from the People's Republic and Russia as soon as both can get here."

"Yes Mr. President." Came instant acknowledgement Just that, one never asked the reason.


While the Golden Trio continued their absences from seventh year, Hogwarts continued under the tryanny of Death Eaters. The Head of Hufflepuff was reviewing records and comparing certain reports. One eyebrow went up on her forehead. You did not get to be Head of a House without being well aware of the goings on. To her pet badger, she asked "Now how is it, Bonnie, with Death Eaters … mostly Slytherins, mind you… on staff that we are only eighteen points behind Slytherin?"

The large grey creature looked up from her lap and its snout fished around on the desk, found several different papers, looked back, then closed its eyes.

"Now, Miss Bones, can you possibly explain how you have managed to be the largest single contributor to House Points, this year?" she asked when the redhead arrived at her office.

Susan looked across the desk and shrugged "Professor Sprout, when the Hat sorts us and I got the House known for loyalty… who is my loyalty to? My parents and Auntie Amelia."

"You are aware that your parents and Amelia were murdered by Death Eaters?" asked Sprout.

The girl nodded "Of course, Professor. I'm not stupid. And the best protection, right now, from Death Eaters is to at least pretend to be on their side."

"That is a rather cynical attitude, Miss Bones." She scolded "More worthy of Slytherin House. And you are not making any friends by casually tossing around torture cruses. Tell me, will you be practicing Killing Curses on your classmates next?"

Susan recoiled from the cold tone in her favorite professor's voice "I - you - what I mean to say- Professor, sometimies you do what you have to, to survive. But no, if living means killing someone else, life is not worth living."

"I pray you never have to make such a decision." Sprout looked distressed and opened her mouth to add "It is-"

Susan cut her off "You and your generation's fault for not standing up to You-Know-Who. For letting a two-year old face him, after killing his parents of course. Is there anything else, Professor?"

"No, Miss Bones." She answered "I summoned you to warn you about the price of certain decisions, but you rightly pointed out some of the flaws in my own assumptions. You may go."


Severus Snape presided over another interminable Heads of House meeting "Need we addess any old business?"

"I must, Headmaster, discuss again the excessive and disproportionate point deductions from Gryffindor." McGonagall announced coolly.

Snape snarled at her "In regards to thst, Minerva, my administrative investigation is concluded. I find that the number of challenges you raise make the entire case suspect. Therefore all of your challenges are disallowed. Gryffindor's points will remain at 117."

"That is outrageous! The sheer number of complaints DEMAND a rigorous investigation!" came harsh riposte "I will seek a review by the Board!"

This actually produced a smile "But of course, Minerva." Snape replied "And as you are aware, any appeals of the Headmaster's rulings must have the unanimous endorcement of the Heafs of House. I yield chairmanship to Filius for the vote."

"Accordingly, it is moved that Gryffindor's appeal of the Headmaster's ruling be referred to Hogwarts' Board of Directors." The Head of Ravenclaw announced fotmally "How say you?"

And Snape could only smile at the result "Three to one."

"Headmaster, please." Flitwick snapped "For the record. The Heads of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff vote Aye. The Head of Slytherin votes Nay. The motion is not agreed to. Business concluded I return the chair to you, Headmaster."

After a codescending nod to McGonagall, Snape said "Thank you Filius. Now, is there any new business?"

"No point in that as you will always get your way." She grumbled.

Too pleased with his victory to retort, Snape said "Then the weekly Heads' meeting is hereby adjourned. We will gather again 9AM next Saturday. Thank you, Professors."


The weeks rushed by and the international situation worsened. There was the destruction of London Bridge and the dozens of Muggle deaths that went right around the world. While the non-magical public largely moved on with the next news story, that did not happen in the top level of Muggle government. When incidents in Britain were compared to like ones around the world, questions became annoyance, annoyance became anger. And blame fell on Britain, not just the Ministry of Magic, either.

"Mr. President, a pleasure as always." The British Ambassador said cordially. He had been in the Oval Office many times over the years. Through two Presidential terms in fact, and always on the friendliest of relations.

That was not to be the case today. The President had just returned from an Asia tour that included Japan, Korea and China. By a not exactly coincidence, the Premier of Russia also was in Beijing at the same time. Their secret talks covering what to do about the Voldemort Rebellion. And the decision was harsh "Ambassador Watson" the President spoke formally "after our long history, it pains me to do this. As long as it was confined to Britain and the Magical world it was solely your affair, but after the attacks in Osaka, Moscow and New York we are banning all travel to and from Britain."

"You're joking?" began Waston, then he took in the serious expression "That is outrageous, sir! You have no right!"

Sighing, the President cut in "I apologize, Matt."

Watson's retort was icy "That is MISTER Ambassador. My next stop will be New York and a Security Council meeting. I must speak with my government. This illegal action will not stand."

"The ban, Ambassador is total. Sea, air, Chunnel and magical." The President's tone was apologetic but firm. "Enforcement measures are already being initiated. When speaking to your government, advise them not to test."

Against protocol, the ambassador neither asked or received permission to depart. Simply turned on his heel, flung open the door and stalked out of the Oval Office.

"That didn't go even half as well as I'd hoped." The President sighed "Admiral initiate Operation Lockdown. All aircraft and ships have a green light to fire. Inform the Chinese."

The highest ranking US military man nodded reluctantly, commented "I fought the Chinese, Mr. Predident and both times there were Brits beside me."


"I'm outta this hole." Coliin Creevey declared bitterly. This occurred some weeks after the blockade was declared over Britain. The inhabitants of Hogwarts were aware of the blockade, but only vaguely. It had no direct effect on their lives "I'm finished being a target dummy. And, Dennis, you're coming with me."

The Head of Gryffindor was fully aware of the treatment of her students, particularly her many Muggle-born charges. She quietly assigned herself a guard tour of the hallways. "Good luck, Misyters Creevey." She whispered to the invisible pair that she was fully aware of.

"If you'd had some guts, we wouldn't have to." Colin's voice came from empty air full of contempt.

The fleeing pair of brothers did not get far, however. The evil controling Hogwarts drew other forces, not necessarily interested in Voldemort's agenda but with needs of its own. In this case, a vampire. "Young boys, out all alone." She said "And so scrumptuous."

"Leave him alone!" Dennis shouted, as his brother fell. "Lumos!"

The vampire hissed and shielded her eyes. She held Colin with one hand and slashed at Dennis with clawed fingers. Then as blood gushed from the younger's throat, she drank deeply. "Delisious!" she declared as she tossed Dennis away like an empty Coke can "Now your turn."

"You killed my brother you bitch!" growled Colin. He struggled violently but futilely, sickened beyond measure when the creature kissed him with his brother's blood still in her mouth.

She caressed the helpless youth in her clutches and grinned predatorily "Hate such as this? Wonderful!" she cooed "You must live."

"Ahhhh!" Colin screamed in agony as teeth punctured his carotid artery. He felt death approach, almost welcomed it. Then blood filled his mouth. He choked on it then swallowed and suddenly he felt powerfully alive again. He grabbed at her wrist and sucked. Soon, he was greedily devouring vsmpiric blood.

She reacted harshly when he refused to release her. The vampire punched the teen's face, pulled on her arm, but nothing moved him.

"Mmmmm!" Colin moaned pleasurably. Blows that previously would have shattered bones now merely fed his new-found sadistic side. Momentarily satiated, he paused and smiled lustily at the vampire. Then, lightning swift, he clamped his teeth on her throat and drained every last drop.