Holocaust 2

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley arrived quietly after missing much of their Seventh Year at Hogwarts. And the Golden Trio returned through a portal provided by Aberforth Dumbledore, which led directly to the Room of Requirement. What they were faced with was highly distressing scene. "Come on Ginny!" Hannah Abbott was screaming "Lighten up! Let her go!"

"Crucio!" a raging redhead lashed out, not for the first time, at a shaken, disheveled redhead.

Harry charged in, wand drawn and fired at the attaacker "Expelliarmus!" Only after the fact noting that it was his erstwhile girlfriend "Who is that? Hermione, Check on that girl. What the bloody hell?"

"Watch out!" the warning was from Ron who tackled, bodily, Hannah Abbott whosze wand was trained on Ginny.

"So who wants to explain all these Unforgivables?" demanded Harry, glaring at Ginny.

A shaky Susan Bones pushed herself up and away from Hermione "S-she th-thinks it's justified I im-imagine." The weak voice gradually strengthened "And from her point of view I might even agree. B-but you'd b-bet-ter keep that bitch away from me."

"Justified? Justified!" raged Ginny "You Crucio'd Colin into leaving!"

Susan advanced on Ginny, but stopped when facing the business end of her wand "If I hadn't, one of our junior Death Eaters would have." She explained "And now I know much of what they'll be up to for the next year. Could you have done that?"

"Check her forearm!" Ron shouted.

Hannah pushed through, growling "Susan Bones is NOT a Death Eater! Any more than Harry himself!"

"Alright, Han" the redhead Hufflepuff said. She tossed aside her school robe and yanked on her sleeves. "I'm not proud of my actions, but I did what I had to. And Harry, you'll find Ravenclaw's Diadem in here somewhere. We all need to leave. Now."


Meanwhile, the crisis begun weeks earlier was boiling over. Britain was chaffing under the international blockade seceral clandestine attempts were repulsed without public acknowledgement. A transport plane from Berlin was shot down over the North Sea and a submarine was depth charged near the Isle of Wight.

"Fifty seven days." The British Ambassador began, he was speaking before the United Nations General Assembly "For the past fifty seeven days my country has been laid seige to. And why? My people want to know! Why! Sixty nillion of my fellows want to know! Word is being released across my country now and I will do so now! A small minority exists, somewhat less than a tenth of a percent, of wizards and witches. They are in every country across the globe. This secret society, in Britain, is in the middle of a civil war!"

The Japanese Ambassador interupted, laughing "Ridiculous! There is no such thing as magic!"

"You sir, are either a liar or an idiot!" The British Ambassador continued "Regardless. My country was cut off from the entire world and told to sink or swim. Hostile ships have invaded our waters. Aircraft daily intrude upon our skies. Negotiations having proved futile, Britain issues the following ultimatum: The Royal Navy will escort several civilian ships from our harbors. Cargo and people. This convoy will go through unmolested, or our forces will fire on any hostile craft. Hostile is defined as any non British plane or ship that enters our convoy protected zone."

The Chinese, Russian and American Ambassadors consulted briefly. Which one spoke next is lost to history. But the words are recorded "A single casualty will result in a Declaration of War from all of us "

"So be it." And the entire British delegation walked out.

Two days later, over half of the Royal Navy and Air Force escorted the QEII and several large cargo vessels out of British waters. All those pilots and crews had the strictest of orders not to fire unless fired upon. But with over a hundred hostile warships on the sea and under it, plus hundreds of planes above it something happened. The first Battle of World War Three lasted almost a day. It ended in a British defeat, but they took a heavy toll. The entire Chinese contingent of wizards was wiped out. The American fleet lost two supercarriers and a dozen destroyers. The Russians lost their only carrier, ten destroyers and six attack submarines. Combined, over fifthy thousand men and women died.

"Mr. President? How do you suggest we difuse this situation?" the Prime Minister asked.

The President of the United States sighed, looked his long time ally square in the eye "Sorry, my friend" he sighed "We cannot risk the spread of your Death Eaters. As it is, the whole world now knows the Wizarding secret. Thanks to you. There should have been another way. I am truly sorry."

"What do you mean?" asked the Prime Minister, then he listened and turned back to the monitor face set voice hard "We have enough of our own warheads to destroy hundreds of cities. New York, Miami, Beijing, Moscow. Destroy your missiles. You have three minutes."

The President showed sadness and regret "I won't waste any more of your time, Prime Minister. Goodbye."

An hour later, World War Three was over.


The Magicals in and around Hogwarts were preparing for the climactic battle of the War. A former student, the creature that was made of Colin Creevey had no particular interest in either side, but struck the perimeter of the Death Eaters, claiming his first meal of the night.

"Welcome back, Mr. Potter" Professor McGonagall greeted her wayward student "You must have a purpose to come here. What do yuou need from us?"

Harry gave her a rather cynical look and asked "Took me coming to get you to fight Snivelus? You knew the bastard killed Professor Dumbledore! What we need? How do you destroy a Horcrux?"

"Horcruxes are the darkest of Dark Magic, Potter." Professor Flitwick had his wand out "To even know what it is, is a crime."

Hermoine sneered at the diminutive teacher "You can arrest us later. I would think destroying these things is more important." She scattered on the floor some of the most prescious objects in the Wizarding World. Others more personal to the Dark Lord.

"You can't!" Professor Sprout exclaimed and advanced.

The Head of Gryffindor interposed herself between her students and collegue "That will be quite enough Pomona. Miss Granger, the restricted section, Aisle 4, should have the information you need." She then got a far-away look and gasped.

"What is it, Professor?" asked Hermione.

She blinked then finally came back to the present "The castle is surrounded. You-Know-Who is here!"

"You'll have to deal with that, for now." Harry said, surprising everyone in the Great Hall with his lack of deference. "We're going to destroy these things. No point killing Voldemort if he can come back."


The Dark Lord paused gloatingly over his captive "I have long sought an agreement with Vampires. What is your name, boy?"

"Hunger!" the prisoner rasped, tugging at magically reinforced bonds.

Bellatrix Lestrange grabbed the vampire's chin, inspecting him like a bug under glass "A new one, Lord. Within the past year at most. What they call a fledgling."

"My Lord" Draco Malfoy, who had not been near Hogwarts in months knelt "excuse me, but I know this one. A Gryffindor younger than me. A Mudblood. His name is Colin Creevey."

At the sound ofhis name, the vampire blinked. Bloodlust was momentarily overrode by intelligence. A saidstic smile with blood dripping from three inch fangs, he pulled on his bonds "Come here Malfoy. I'm thirsty."

"I'll ignore the toll on my followers, Vampire" The Dark Lord spoke with forebearance "Your talents and knowledge could be of use. You would have the most recent information available on Hogwarts' defenses. In return, you may indulge yourself … As long as they do not have My Mark."

At nearly the same moment, two things happened. First, Colin's right arm tore free of its bond. The second and far more serious the massive nuclear assault on Britain arrived. No warhead exploded directly over Hogwarts, but one detonated a thousand feet over Higsmeade. Everything and everyone in the village disappeared in an instant. Tornado force winds, followed by thousand degree heat, raced out. Distance saved the Hogwarts area from heat. The winds, however, were devastating powerful enough to throw a body into the air. Aragog and most of his children killed instantly. And if you weren't bodily taken into the sky, wind propelled debris was sufficient to kill most everyone in The Dark Forest.


Together with Professors Sprout and Flitwick, the Golden Trio succeeded in developing guarenteed methods to destroy Horcruxes. One after another, despite their immense value, the objects and their Dark Secrets were destroyed. Harry spun on the intruder, demanded "What do you want!?"

"Prof-essor Mc-gona-gal" Susan Bones panted "says you - need to see - this. Front gate!"

Hermione glared at her "A little busy here, in case you had not noticed. So unless it is an earthquake-"

"I'm pretty sure this rates above that." The redhead declared "And Auntie gave me a more than passing knowledge of Horcruxes. Sooooooo-"

Ginny gave a hateful sneer and said "I think she wants a few more Crucios."

"Shut up, Ginny!" snapped Harry "And put your wand away! If McGonagall says it's important, it probably is. Lead the way, Susan."

The Hufflepuff girl led them to the Main Gate where much of the student body was staring out. Hagrid's hut and the Quidditch Pitch were in flames. Smoke was rising from the Dark Forest. In the distance, where normally the tops of the tallest buildings of Hogsmeade could be seen, there was a "Looks kind of like a mushroom." Came from Daphne Greengrass.

"Bloody hell!" Hermione exclaimed "That's a mushroom cloud!"

Ron guffawed "Hermione Granger cursing! Bloody brilliant!"

"You do not understand." She said with a sob "That's an explosion. It is over Hogsmeade. The village is gone… destroyed."

Ron shook his head. "That's impossible. You can't destroy a whole village."

"Maybe Magicals can't" said Dean Thomas "but Muggles can. My Dad is a major in the RAF. It only takes one bomb to wipe out a city. Might take a few for one as big as London."

Ron was red with fury "My brothers are in Hogsmeade! Your bloody father blew it up!" He grabbed Dean by the throat and squeezed. The black Gryffindor countered viciously, driving a knee into the redhead's groin. The pair fell on each other pounding, kicking and biting. A purple spell engulfed the fighters, throwing them into opposite walls.

"That will be quite enough of that!" the magically enhanced voice of Professor McGonagall was enough to push other students apart before anything came to blows. "Now! Would someone explain… especially for all of us who do not understand Muggle developments."

The notion of Fred and George being dead was too much for Ron's sanity "You sodding Mudblood!" he shrieked, whipped out his wand, aimed at Dean and yelled "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Dean Thomas was dead before he ever hit the ground. So did Vincent Crabbe and Seamus Finnegan who were restraining the furious black Seventh Year, and thus were in physical contact when the Killing Curse struck. Charms Professor Flitwick had, by far, the fastest reaction time his disarming spell blasted Ron into unconsciousness. But it was a scant second too late to do the three any good.

"Korby, Donnie, Jana" the Headmistress called three School Elves "remove the bodies." Then a fourth "Barry take Mr. Weasley to the dungeons. Guard him, all your other duties are suspended until further notice." All four elves, with their burdens vanished in puffs of smoke.


And after several days of no contact with the outside world, it was Ginny Weasley who forced the issue. "You've been trying cities, Professor. Why not homes?"

"Just want to get Mummy to help that murderer brother of yours." Seamus Finnegan sneered.

Ginny was ready to throttle the Irish boy, but Harry spun her around by the arm. He, then, swung on his dormmate. "No reason you need to break your knuckles. Ow!" he half chuckled and shook his hand.

"That is quite enough of that, Potter!" Professor McGonagall protested. In just the days since the extra sun and incredible wind, lack of contact with the outside world had begun weaken the bonds of authority. House Points meant nothing to the students after a year under Death Eaters. Harry yielded and her eyes softened by a fraction and looked at Ginny and said "Very well, Miss Weasley, your suggestion. Try the Floo. However you may not enter. Let us see if there is a response, first."

The redhead nodded and threw a fistful of powder into the fireplace, called out "The Burrow! Ottery St. Catchpole!"

"Ginny?" a weak voice came through the crackling fire. It was not even clear if it was male or female,

And she ripped herself from Harry's grip on her shoulders, vanishing in a flash of green flame. Then there was an explosion. Harry, persuing his girlfriend, was caught in the blast and thrown into the opposite wall.