Peg's Farting Problem

by Yoshizilla-Fan

"GOOFY!" Pete yelled from across the fence, with his neighbor Goofy as well as their sons PJ and Max playing ball in the Goofs' backyard.

"Gawrsh, what is it, Pete?" Goofy asked.

"Tell your boy to stop throwing balls over to my yard!" Pete remarked, holding the baseball in his hand.

"I'm sorry Mr. Pete. PJ and I were just playing!" Max stated in his own defense.

"Yeah. It's not like we meant to piss you off, dad." PJ added.

"Well, be it that way, quit throwing balls into my lawn!" Pete remarked.

"Can we please have our ball back?" Max asked.

"Hmm..." Pete rubbed his chin. "Well, when you put it that way..."

"Trust me, I think he's gonna say yes." Goofy whispered to Max.

"NO!" Pete yelled, sounding like Dr. Robotnik.

"Pete dear, don't you think you're being too hard on the boys?" Peg stated, her daughter Pistol watching from behind her.

"Why, of course not, Peggy dear. These kids just need to learn to stay out of my way, that's all." Pete stated.

"Well would you please give them their ball back?" Peg asked.

Pete squinted his eyes, getting an idea. "Fine, you kids want the ball, go get it!" Pete threw the ball over the Goof house rooftop, which then fell into the drainpipe, popped out and bounced clear towards the fence, bouncing off the fence then off the wall and back into the Pete family's backyard.

"PETER!" Peg snapped at him, glaring at him. "Go up to your room, now!"

"Y-Yes my little Peggy Pumpkin Pie!" Pete stuttered, being afraid of his feisty wife as he ran inside, with Pistol promptly giggling at the scene taking place before here.

"Gawrsh, talk about harsh." Goofy rhymed. "Hey, I made a rhyme!"

"I'm so sorry about that, Goofy. Let me get your ball for you." Peg stated, sounding nice again as Peg bent down to pick it up, her butt facing Goofy as Peg ripped a loud, deep pitched fart that not only blew his ears back, but puffed up the back of Peg's sexy white pants.

"Goodness me, anyway, here you go, Goofy." Peg handed in the ball and went inside, walking sexually to the door as Peg's butt cheeks swayed and let out an airy trumpet fart with each step.

"Gawrsh, that was pootin' tootin! A-hyuck!" Goofy stated, swaying his arms as Max and PJ both gasped at Peg's bursts of flatulence, with Goofy getting the most boopinest boner of his life from watching Peg fart.

Meanwhile, Peg bent over, her butt letting out a few more smelly blasts of gas that puffed up her white pants, making her butt appear bigger as Pistol laughed, pointing at her mother's big butt and gas as it vibrated from the force of her farts.

"My goodness, why is it that I'm farting all of a sudden?" Peg fanned her flatulence away as she kept farting, her butt blasts being deep pitched as Pistol laughed harder, only to get dizzy from the smell Peg's rotten poots a few seconds later as Peg grabbed her butt, shocked to witness that it was getting bigger and expelling more bad gas by the second.