Peg was at the local gym, doing stretches and ripping the boopinest of loud farts with each stretch. Peg was wearing some revealing gym clothes in tandem with her gloves and sneakers.

"Phew! I sure have a lot of gas in me!" Peg gasped as she couldn't believe how much she was farting, several other people in the gym backing away from her, except for a few perverted men who were staring at her butt.

"Gosh! Mom sure is ripping a lot! Pistol gasped, Peg having taken her with her, being in a special little kids section as she watched her mother push out the boopinest farts from her otherwise sexy fart gas filled ass, which was quickly stinking up the gym.

"Geez, how much gas could I have?" Peg gasped, her hand over her face cheek as she felt more fart gas bouncing around her stomach and into her butt, wanting to be pooted out. Peg squatted, letting out another series of thunderous toots that were so loud and strong that they caused the gym to shake, several bits of debris falling from the ceiling as everyone started running for their lives, not wanting to fall victim to the boopinest farts ever to come out of Peg's butt.

"Eww eww eww!" Pistol stuck her tongue out in disgust, plugging her nose as the smell of Peg's strong, smelly farts hit her. "Mommy's farts really stink! Peeyew!" Some of the other kids were also disgusted by the smell, but they were all being picked up by their parents and stormed out of the building, leaving the door opened.

"Phew! That's the boopinest smell I've ever smelled!" Peg commented, noticing how bad smelling her farts were, unable to stop as her butt pushed out more and more raunchy toots, the back of her gym clothes getting dark stained from her farting.

"Mom, can we please go home?" Pistol begged Peg, holding her nose and she fanned the air behind Peg, which proved futile as Peg's farts blasted Pistol's hand.

Peg looked around, gasping at how much her farts were doing. "Ok, honey!" Peg picked up Pistol, walking out as her butt cheeks were bouncing and her butt was pushing out long farts that caused the gym to stink worse, the two of them walking out as Peg got some sexual stares from some men nearby, each of them arosused by Peg's sexy outfit and farting.

"Mom, why are those men staring at you?" Pistol asked above Peg's boopinest farting.

"I'll tell you when you're older, honey." Peg stated as she looked around for a place or change, trying to ignore all the huge farts her big boopinest butt was belting out.