A/N 1: I do not Owned Charmed. IF I did… Chris wouldn't have been killed by Gideon, he would have returned to the future he deserved without having to die (That being said I often wonder exactly what happened when he 'died'). Not a Chris/Bianca pairing, rather a Chris/OC pairing... Wyatt -a couple different versions of him-

Summary: In a future where darkness and evil reigns, where the Charmed Ones no longer exist, a resistance is fighting a losing battle against the Source of all things Evil, when the Leader's come up with a plan to change the world as they know it. When Chris and Kenzi decide to travel back in time to stop the Source, they go back knowing that whatever they do in the pass could seriously screw up the timeline. When the Source sends someone after them how will they handle the situation? What if the Source himself comes back to collect them? Guess you're gonna have to read and find out.

I know this is a fairly over used plot, but damn it I don't like a dead Chris! *Tears up*...

This is an AU Charmed fanfic of Season Six starting with Season Five's Oh My Goddess 1&2. I will be bringing in my own character that will be traveling back with Chris. A witch from the future who was trained by the charmed ones. I will be bringing this in when my OC and Chris travel back. This is my prologue… Also bear with me this is my first Charmed fanfic and since it has been literally months since I've watched Charmed I'm rewatching season 6… currently stuck on Chris-Crossed… Being a college student has its down falls….


Halliwell Museum 2026

Silence rang through the building as three figures made their way up to the long unused attic. Two sets of eyes took in the room as a wave of nostalgia took over. The third stood on alert before catching her companions' attention.

"Kenzi, come on," she said leading the other girl to the far wall and passing over a piece of chalk. "Chris we need the book." The lone male in the group nodded and made his way over to a podium that stood in front of the attic's stained glass windows. Chris stared at the holographic image of the famed book of shadows for a moment before turning to his female companions.

"When I go back, you both need to get out of here," he said running a hand through his hair.

Kenzi whipped around, her blue eyes going glacial, "Chris I told you; I'm going back with you!" She snapped.

"We've been over this," Chris sighed, "they won't attempt to vanquish me on sight. They could try to do so with you."

"Try and fail," She shot back. "HE hasn't yet."

"Yet being the key word," Chris muttered.

"I'm going with you. I promised your mom you wouldn't be alone in this." Kenzi said as the room began to crackle with energy.

"Just give up," the first female said, "Kenzi is going with you whether you like it or not."

"Thanks Bi," Kenzi said.

"I think you're insane, but we all know you would follow him either way." Bi shook her head, "Triquetra's finished, it's time." She turned to Chris, "call the book."

Chris took a deep breath and placed his hands on either side of the podium, "I call upon the ancient power, to help us in this darkest hour. Let the book return to its place, claim refuge in its rightful space."

Within moments a thick tome fell through the hologram and took the illusions place. Chris quickly began to flip through the pages as Kenzi joined him, her gaze flicking over the names before she dropped her hand on the page before he passed it.

"Quick, read it!" She hissed as the energy around her began to shift alerting her to the incoming threat.

"Hear these words, hear the rhyme, heed the hope within my mind… Send me back where I will find, what I wish in space in time." The triquetra began to glow blue and crackle with energy as the portal opened. As demons began shimmering in, Chris shoved Kenzi towards the blue opening.

"You both need to go, now!" Bi shouted stepping between her friends and the demons. Kenzi wrapped slim fingers around Chris' wrist, pulling him into the portal.

Neither saw the cold blue eyes in the back of the room that watched them leave.

Halliwell Manor 2003

All was quiet in the Halliwell Manor. No demons to fight, no innocents to save, just a quiet night were the Halliwells' slept peacefully.

In the attic, the far wall began to glow blue and the forms of Chris and Kenzi tumbled out. Chris, in a move to right himself knocked against a table, sending an antique lamp crashing to the ground. The crash was deafening in the otherwise silent house.

"Shit!" Chris cursed before Kenzi's hand slapped over his mouth. From the floor below them they heard doors opening and Kenzi pulled Chris into the shadows as multiple footsteps made their way to the attic, revealing the Charmed Ones and their Whitelighter.

The two companions glanced at each other before staring at the scene in front of them. Kenzi removed her hand from Chris' mouth before grabbing his arm and letting the shadows swallow them up for a few moments before they were deposited in P3, the Charmed Ones club. The usually lively club was empty, not like how it was back home, just closed for the night.

Chris led the way over to the backroom of the club, and in moments of walking into the room he dropped onto the couch releasing a heavy sigh. Kenzi shut and locked the door before joining him.

"Can you feel HIM?" She asked.

"No, you?"

Kenzi shook her head, "I felt his rage before we left," she murmured. "How far back are we?"

Chris looked around the office before standing and moving to a calendar, "about two weeks before we need to be. That should give us time to start our jobs."

"Yeah, you have to go 'Up There' and integrate yourself into the Whitelighters of this time," Kenzi said, mild disgust and sarcasm laced her tone.

"Don't remind me," Chris muttered. It was no secret back home that Chris and Kenzi had no use for the Elders, "and you need to start searching. Maybe go see if Freyja and the others will help us."

"Alright, but can we sleep first? We also need to get new clothes. I don't think what we are wearing will pass." Kenzi pointed out.

"We need to change a few things in order to blend in properly," Chris said looking down at the clothes he usually wore back home. Loose cargo pants, easier to run in. a dark red top that was scorched and had been patched up numerous times and a pair of sneakers that had definitely seen better days. Looking to his partner he noted her outfit was in similar shape. A dark blue T-shirt over a long-sleeve tee both showing signs of wear. Cargo pants that had holes in the knees, patch jobs done where tears had been put in and scuffed up black boots that were falling apart at the sole.

"He's gonna send people after us," Kenzi said softly.

"I know," Chris responded.

"The sister's and Leo are gonna ask questions."

"We'll give them the basics, but not everything."

"What about the link?"

"We shouldn't need to worry about it."

"We need him to think we're threats."

"We'll figure it out. For now let's sleep."

"Can we make the couch bigger?"

"For now just leave it." Chris returned to his place on the couch and kicked his shoes off. Kenzi followed suit and stood so the tall male could stretch out and shift onto his side before she joined him. Chris draped an arm over her waist and she looked to the light still illuminating the room. Twitching two fingers the light went out, plunging the room into darkness.

"We'll fix this Chris," she murmured. "We'll make this right.

A/N 2: Well there's the prologue… Not as long as other one's I have done, but hey it's not as bad as I could have done for my first Charmed fanfic. Please read and review wouldn't mind the feedback. Patience on the following chapters though… College is kinda a big thing in my life right now.

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