A/N: This is just a little something that I put together recently while trying to break the block I've been having on my main fic, "What Remains". Obviously, this is AU. This is just intended as a short oneshot for now, but I might end up expanding it later on.

My name is Ekkin Three-Nine-Nine-Eight. I am a yeerk - one of the few of my kind who still exist. All who remain must hide - amongst you, the humans, our perfect host species that we had found at last.

All we can do is keep hiding from them - from the andalites - and hope that they never ever find us. Because if they did, that would be the end. They would kill us to the last, all for the "crime" of being what we were.

But maybe we can do it. Maybe we can keep hiding. Yeerks are good at hiding, after all. That's the very thing we evolved to do.

Your first host will be involuntary.

Those were the words that went through my mind as I waited in the pool for my name to be called. I would be getting my host, today - a human. At long last, I would have eyes, and ears, and a mouth. I would be able to taste and speak and hear and laugh and see. Finally, I would truly be free.

But was I really ready for this? Could I really handle a human? Or any host at all? I swam around in the yeerk pool in anxious little circles, trying to remember all that my tutors had said. Now, more than ever before, their words would matter.

Allow your host at least one hour of control each day. Monitor them carefully. If they attempt to escape, reassert control immediately. But do not punish them otherwise.

Spend some time each day on recreation which only requires only sight or hearing to take part in. Let them forget that you're there. Don't talk to them unless they speak first, and don't move their body more than you must.

Infesting an involuntary host was a rite of passage for young yeerks like myself. I had to do it. All of my older brothers and sisters had done it, and all were now accepted by their hosts to at least some level. I should have felt sure of what I was doing. I was a yeerk; this was what I made for.

Why didn't I feel sure?

Always respond to your host if they speak. Answer any questions or concerns they have. Do not get aggressive.

Do not access memories while your host is conscious, unless in an emergency.

It all seemed to make so much sense, but…what if my host just wanted me gone? There was an answer to that too, of course. The pool tutors had answers for everything. That's why they were tutors.

Be calm, but firm. Describe a yeerk's natural state to your host, and emphasise the senses that the host retains.

I echolocated then. I was utterly surrounded by my fellow yeerks in the overcrowded pool, all swimming around one another, all blind to the beauty of the world above. But there was no-one around who I could speak to - no tutors, and no close friends. For now, I was alone.

((Ekkin Three-Nine-Nine-Eight to the infestation pier.))

Too late to go back now, I thought. Don't think. Just do. I swam over to the pier as quickly as my slug-like body would allow.

When I got there, the human was thrashing. He was too strong, and in too much of a panic to be completely held down. He was moving too much; there was no way I get inside of him like that. More people must have grabbed him then, because all at once his movements lessened. I saw my chance, and I swam into the ear before he could struggle any further.

I took over quickly. I sank into every crevice of his brain, numbing his body and claiming it as my own. I opened his eyes - my eyes. From now on, this human belonged to me.

He was still trying to move of course, but his numbed limbs refused to obey him. His mind was just a mess of noise. He was't even shouting at me; he was too scared to form words.

Slowly, hesitantly, I reached out to him.


And with that, my life as a yeerk truly began.