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The idiotic idea of the wedding invitation was undoubtedly the worst plan Gu Jun Pyo had ever thought in his life. The simple thought of having believe this for a second made him terribly angry against his friend. There was no slight question that he was indeed going to give a piece of his mind to the one he thought there was truth on his words. Woo Bin acknowledge where he wanted to take this and he wasn't going to stand this for any long.

The ride took him about thirty minutes to get to the mansion of the new owner of the Shinhwa company, but it was worth the time wasted to get there. As he got out of the car everyone looked at him with surprise, none dare to tell a word as the look in his face was not a pleased one to greet. The paces of the Don Juan slowly increase when he thought more about the situation. How dare that him to do this to him! Doors were kicked or pushed with fury as he try to find the boy who sent the fake invitation to him, some kind of trap that he still didn't understood quite clear yet. Dumb wasn't an adjective to use against him, he knew well that it had something to do with his past. Aish! It hurt him to even think about it. It even hurt him to think about the word 'past'. She was his past.

"Gu Jun Pyo!" he yell out while standing in the center of the lobby. The echo of his voice could be heard perfectly in every corner of the mansion, but one call wasn't enough to make him appear yet. Woo Bin kept yelling his name, not getting tired of it, until the one he was looking for appeared right on top of the stairs. The serious gaze of Gu Jun Pyo could tell he was not in the mood to be disturbed by anyone but Woo Bin didn't care.

"Explain me this" he immediately showed him the invitation, raising his arm so his friend could see it clearly. He waited for a response, but the only answer he received was a sudden smile, a sarcastic one as he rolled his eyes annoyed.

"Yah!" the voice of Jun Pyo sounded surprisingly relax. "You came here to make fun of me?" he gave a mocking snort before turning his gaze into a serious one.

At this moment Woo Bin was confused by this unexpected question. Those weren't the words he suspected it would come out of his mouth. He was waiting more for an apology, a sorry that would stop him from wanting to hurt his face so badly. But what he was saying had no sense to what he believe was the invitation for. Lowering his arm and looking at him, he gave a puzzle look to his friend waiting for some explanation that could clear all this.

Heaving a sigh, Gu Jun Pyo knew his friend needed an explanation. "Geum Jan Di- after preparing all and sending the invitations, I asked her then if she wanted to marry me" Woo Bin's expression changed into a one more understandable. This was one of the things his friends hasn't changed about; always doing everything first-hand before asking someone if they really wanted to do it. Sometimes he could understand why; he was raised by every luxury you could imagine, every wish it became true. Well, except for going to the moon, even if he begged for it. Gu Jun Pyo had always what he wanted no matter at what cost and he could never see the real face of those who had to obligately do whatever he wanted, because they were paid for it. All these years and he believed everyone did it because they care, because he thought they loved him, and still, he acts like he can have anything on his hand. The only person who stood from all the people against that thought, that rule, was the unique commoner Jan Di.

"You know what she said?" he let out another sarcastic smile as he glanced down to the Don Juan.

"No" it was an obvious answer for those who knew Jan Di well. But the question remain of why she didn't want to marry him. It has been four years of relationship and she still seem not prepared to take the next step. There was no excuse this time for the fact that she graduated from medical school and started her own business with Ji Hoo.

Thereafter he realized that this was never meant to him. That there was no evil plan behind it. "Did you send the invitations to the others?" he asked with a bit of curiosity, still doubting the reason.

"Yes" now he understood perfectly why Yi Jeong didn't have it when he asked them before coming here. The invitation was probably now in Sweden.

With all being clear, he turned around and walked away from there without saying anything else to his friend. This obviously made Gu Jun Pyo offended but refused to go after him. A great calm of relieve felt when there was nothing to worry about, no one to worry about. Leaning forward to his car before entering, he took a deep breath before getting out of there.

Panic was overpowering all of her fears as she read over and over again the letter. She couldn't believe it. There was no way she could return back to Korea and act like everything was fine, that her life was going well when it wasn't truth. Jae Kyung wanted to avoid this. For one moment she thought of just ignoring that the letter came, that she couldn't go because she was sick, but that was a lie she only knew about and there was no reason to only believe it herself.

Encouraging words came from her cousin all that morning. There was truth in her mouth as the thought of running away forever was impossible. One day she will have to face those fears, and what was better that now. Jae Kyung nodded to everything that her cousin was saying, making her decide what was best for her and without thinking it twice, she immediately call her private jet and made the arrangements to fly tomorrow morning. The sooner the better, she thought, or her idea of going could change in any minute.

"I must say, Woo Bin, that there is no one better than you to be in charge of this when I retire" Father Song looked at him with a serious face and a little smirk that could be seen in the corner of his lips. Sitting behind the desk of his office- where all things happen and decisions weren't changed- he watched as his son was still standing there, looking like a real professional business man, not to mention he was good at making deals.

Sometimes it hurt the Don Juan to hear those words coming from his father. They were already rich with the large construction company, but there was so much desire for more power that they ended up having connections with an underground organization. None of his other friends was in this like him, and it made him embarrass as he had to deal with all the dirty job and how there was such corruption in their company. But Woo Bin never spoke a word about his thoughts and kept doing what his father thought it was normal and fun.

"I don't think no one could have done this like you" he once again complimented his son while he took a big cigar and place it in his mouth.

For a moment Woo Bin felt disgusted for how his father was proud of him. Proud of forcing people to close a contract with them and getting more benefits than them. It was not easy to deal with this guilty feeling every time he watched those poor stares of hopelessness as he snatched away all that owner's efforts through years. Most of them were scared of him, and that's a feeling some like and he couldn't deny he liked it at first, but that scary feeling they felt for him was not because of how much power he had but the hatred they felt for him. It took a lot of years to learn that from the hostile look in their eyes.

"I will be giving you a new assignment later on but for now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take care of other business" with that said he turned around with his chair, giving the back to the Don Juan. This was a way to say he wasn't any longer interested to talk to his own son. Woo Bin bow and left without saying anything else, holding back all that he really felt.

A sound came from his phone right when he open the door of the building to leave. It was Gu Jun Pyo. Not again, he thought. Three days passed since the little talk he had with him and after that he has been calling him non-stop. Obvious it was that the leader if the F4 was desperate to have some help and change Jan Di's mind before he could tell all the people he invited that there was no wedding. Woo Bin admire this from his friend; he never gave up on something he really wanted, mostly when it was someone he loves.

"What is it?" he asked a bit irritated.

"You need to come here, now" he sounded a little upset that he picked up the phone now after a long waiting.

"Why?" standing in front of his car, he waited for his friend to tell him the reason so he could analyze if his presence was really needed there.

"Just come" Gu Jun Pyo hung up the call. This terrible made the Don Juan get annoyed by all this mysterious. Deciding whether to go or not to go, he started the engine and determined it was best to go just in case.

It all seem strange; employees were dressed different, roses lay down on all the way through the stairs until it ended in the lobby. Flowers decorated the way he had to go before ending outside in the gigantic backyard full of more roses and a big sign that said 'I love you, Geum Jan Di'. For a moment he felt relieve that this wasn't for him, that his friend didn't turn out to be different. Right at that moment someone lay his hand on top of Woo Bin's shoulder.

"What do you think-will she accept now?" that was Gu Jun Pyo's proud voice while standing there and admiring at what the Don Juan was still looking.

"There she comes" he swiftly said alarmed. So Yi Jeong and Ga Eul were there and Ji Hoo too by their side. Everyone immediately waited for the commoner to enter.

A surprising look was all she could give when she saw all of her friends there and Gu Jun Pyo standing in the middle with his arms wide open showing what he -his employees- prepared for her. There was no word that could come out of her mouth and no expression still chosen for the moment. The only thought that ran through her head was to think what was going to be her response this time.

"Geum Jan Di" he was very happy to see her there. Holding a hand now from her, he kneeled and give a radiant smile.

"I have try this two times before and I'm not planning to give up. That's why I'm still here, trying with all my heart to change your mind and let you see that this man here is the right one for you, the one you should spend your life with" he held his smile while Jan Di try to fight back the tears that dare to come out of her eyes soon.

"Geum Jan Di, this is why I want to ask you again-" one of her hands swiftly went to cover her mouth while the other one was still in Gu Jun Pyo's hand.

"Would you marry me?" it didn't took three seconds for the commoner to answer this time as she nodded over and over again. Gu Jun Pyo smiled and stood up, hugging her tightly. Everyone clapped and felt happy for the two of them.

Suddenly, a major-domo came and waited for the leader of the F4 to notice his presence. But seeing that he wasn't paying attention at all, he let out a small cough and this made Gu Jun Pyo to look at him with a nasty glare. He better have a good reason to interrupt this moment, that's what he thought.

"You have a visitor, master" that's all he said before someone came out from the mansion to the backyard. Everyone looked at who could possibly be the one that came in a bad time until they realize who was the person standing there, all shy and nervous with her head leaning down.

"Jae Kyung!" That's what everyone said sounding almost like a murmur, except for Woo Bin, who kept looking at her like if he had seen a ghost.

Chu Ga Eul was the first one to run and hug her. Then Geum Jan Di went and did the same. The others stood there, speechless to say anything as they all looked at Woo Bin and how he might react, but there was no form to describe what he was feeling inside and how his face was turning into.

Jae Kyung try to smile while talking to the girls, never wanting to find out who was there too as she knew who was positively there, looking not-knowing-how to her.

After a short moment the other three guys went to meet her. Woo Bin stood behind, still in the same place. He didn't expected for this to happen, for her to appear out of nowhere here. He soon regretted to have come. If he had known this beforehand he was sure not to come at all. There was a lot of emotions running loose around his mind. Nevative feelings of the past came back and he hated this more than anything. He was having a good life without her there, being able to forget little by little the moments he shared back then. But now, all that effort seemed in vain as his was heart accelerated by just looking at her there. He cursed under his breath- how could she make him still feel like no other?

After everyone went to meet her, a strong silence came in as they all knew that the last one who needed to do something was still standing there, quite shocked. Woo Bin shook his head, removing all thoughts of her from his head. Concentrating now on what he had to do, he begin to walk in their direction. Jae Kyung's heart begin to beat fast. He was getting near with each step.

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