It didn't matter what assumption or conclusion she wanted to end it with, there was no reasonable explanation in her mind of what she saw in Woo Bin's phone. It was such a mystery for her the intention of him having such thing as a picture of her on the phone. For a moment, as she was standing right outside the entrance of the mansion, she thought of going back and ask for an answer, but she was confused and hurt to see his face at that time. The two man guarding the gate noticed her and got astounded by her presence being inside and going out now.

"How did you...?" one of the man asked still surprised while Jae Kyung carelessly ignored them and walked away from there. There was nothing that could take away her thoughts on the Don Juan and the picture.

The word hatred was all she could imagine of him when thinking about her, but it all seemed so blurred now. Not so long he yelled and told her to stay away from him and that felt worse than stabbing someone a hundred times. Yes, she admitted to herself that no one could feel that unless it meant love. Jae Kyung was in love with him even after a long time of being separated in different continents.

When the first day she arrived to Korea, when she went to Gu Jun Pyo's mansion, all she could think about was to see that same boy who millions of times rescued her heart but that in the end, she was the one who betrayed him and ran away.

Few days have passed and tons of times she considered to take a flight and leave as soon as possible, but there was something stopping her from doing so. It was her fear, fear of repeating the same story again, making it all worse than it was now. This was her home, her friends and even some of her family were here, if she ran away again she definitely acknowledge there was a high percent of the chance of losing true friends who have waited for her after all this years.

Taking a deep sigh, she looked to both sides of the streets and chose it was better to walk home alone. The fresh air and the quietness was going to help her while on her way.

Suddenly, while crossing the street, a car was coming fast to her direction. Her mind went blank and stood frozen there, she didn't see it coming. It was such at a high speed she was going to get killed if not moving from there, but the monkey couldn't. The fear rushed through her body as she stared with wide eyes the car that was approximating.

Then, the car abruptly begin to stop from far, leaving a black line of the tire along the way. Soon enough it became to an end where it didn't move any long. Jae Kyung was about to have an heartache when slowly glanced down to look at the car almost touching her legs. The person stood inside the car without coming out to check if she was alright. Her eyes went to look at the person while breathing heavily. The guy was wearing sunglasses so she couldn't see his expression, but by the frown he gave, she couldn't believe he was somehow mad at this.

Thereafter, seconds passed by and the monkey was still motionless until she exploded. "Yah!" she yelled and begin to kick the front bumper and give punches to the hood. He quickly honked and this made her even more angry than before.

"You should be careful" she hit the car per every syllable she said of the sentence. After that the guy came out of the car and beg her to stop but she wasn't willing to cease. It didn't take long enough for the guy to think about pulling her by the arm to the passenger side. Jae Kyung yelled at him what he was trying to do now.

"Yah! Not only you were about to kill me but now kidnap me!"

The guy didn't say anything but smirked. Even when the monkey had lots of strength, the guy with sunglasses win her out by pushing her to the inside of the car. He secured the door before she could get out until he walked around the car and got in.

"Where are you taking me?" she was indeed scared even when trying to sound threatening.

"I was about to head to some place and I thought I should pay you back by at least dropping you off at your home..." he looked at her from up to down "...if you have" he murmured to himself but she inevitably heard it.

"Yah!" a punch was given to the side of his arm but this didn't affect him at all.

"Indeed, you are" nodding to himself, the guy gave her a pitiful stare and begin to drive.

"I am what?" Jae Kyung was still staring at him with an angry glare.

"Where do you want me to take you?" his voice sounded a bit annoying "Because there's a lot of places who could accept you for the night" it wasn't a joke for him, he was pretty serious about it. At this point he thought of his words as he could see that she was already angry and analyzing every single word that came out of his mouth to turn it against him. It was surely going to make her offended. That's how woman's brain works, he acknowledge.

An abrupt stop was made as she started to throw punches like there was no worst enemy she would want to kill. The guy let her be and stood quiet and motionless until she could calm down, but there was no way to tell when this was going to have an end. Out of nowhere, she begin to hit the car once again, and he asked himself why take it on something it wasn't its fault. That was one thing he didn't understand about girls, maybe it was to make the man feel frustrated for how they were destroying their baby. But his case was different, he knew it.

Jae Kyung begin to throw at him whatever she would find inside her purse and soon after everything that could be visible to her eyes inside the car. Looking behind to the other seats, she saw a wooden box and her lips turned into evil smirk. Taking it and about to throw it, the guy this time reacted. It was odd to see him scared rather than mad. His eyes reflected sadness and that's when she stopped.

"Give me that!" he order her with a cold voice and placed the wooden box back to the seat.

"Can you just stay quiet until I take you home?" it came out more like an order rather than a question. There was no doubt he was annoyed and a bit angry for what she just did. Driving now, his wish came true as no one was speaking.

Jae Kyung kept silence and just stared at the road without much to think. Only a question remained on her thoughts as they were driving to a different place. She tried to look at the wooden box from the rear mirror but her eyes couldn't find it. Giving up, she knew there was no way to know what was inside. Even though they only met after a couple of minutes, it seemed pretty odd how a person who had this passive character could rapidly change into someone cold and angry. It was just a small box, but maybe what could contain inside was precious to him. It made her full curious as to know what thing could shake his emotions so quickly, but even when she wanted to ask, Jae Kyung was scared to receive an angry answer back.

For a moment, she thought about it and felt really bad for being in this situation with him. "Stop" the monkey said with a serious face. The guy took a quick glimpse at her, confused.

"I can walk home. You don't need to take me, I'm not your responsability" about to open the door, the guy grabbed her arm and stopped her. His face was held down for a moment and then looked to ber.

"Stay" Jae Kyung was surprised by this and even more when she saw his eyes all watery. "Please" he was actually begging, and this made the monkey stay there.

It was somehow weird how a stranger could need you without even knowing who you are. But when someone needs company and even begs, that meant he was alone, with nobody close that he could hang on to. It made Jae Kyung felt really sorry for him as she finally agree to go with him to wherever he was heading to.

"I need to find her" after a long moment of just being in the same spot, he changed of thought and realized he needed to find her and get this all clear.

Walking out of the mansion of his best friend, he drove away until the entrance where the gates and the tan were guarding. "Have you seen a woman walk out of here?" he asked with a bit of hurry.

One of the man sighed and approached to the car. "Yes, indeed. But while she was crossing that street, a car was about to hit her. The guy just came out and made her get inside. After that he drove away" Woo Bin's eyes widen at this information as the first thought that came rushing through his mind was of a possible rapist who wanted something dirty with her. Thereafter he drove fast in the direction the two man pointed at.

The adrenaline was getting very high at any possibility. He didn't know what to feel, there was lots of emotions mixed; Jae Kyung being stupid for letting him do that, Gu Jun Pyo for not offering her a ride, or even him for not explaining the picture she found of her, all this could have stopped that guy from messing with his... no. The Don Juan shook his head and heaved a sigh, there was only a matter of time to gain speed and get to where they are at.

Letting a heavy sigh out, he looked to the front now after turning off the engine. Windows were down and the breeze swiftly enter to stroke their hair and touch their smooth skin. The guy closed his eyes for a moment and Jae Kyung only watched him, wondering what was going through his mind. Then, he opened them and the car door to get outside. He stood in front of the hood of the vehicle and stares at the sea and its waves moving back and forth, hitting the rocks and making a sound that was relaxing to his ears. The monkey slowly opened the door and stood beside the door, looking worried for the guy. Was he thinking on doing something there? she asked to herself. But at that same moment he looked back and gave a forced small smile to her. Then he went to take that wooden box from the back of the seat. While walking slowly to the edge of the mountain he was looking very dearly at the box with tears now rolling down his cheeks. Jae Kyung couldn't stop herself from moving close to him just in case.

"I'm sorry this went this way. If I only knew what was happening I would have helped you all. I'm now guilty of not being there when you needed me. Now that I'm letting you go, I wish you can forgive me for my bad mistakes. I will make sure to make things right now, trust me this time" with that being said he opened the box... Jae Kyung placed her hand quickly over her open mouth. She couldn't believe she was about to throw something so precious at him. Her eyes begin to get all teary at how sad was this scene and how she treat him without knowing that he was having a hard time with someone who must've been so important and now, now he was throwing his ashes away to the ocean.

He exploded in tears as he kneeled down to the grass, not knowing how to let go of the last thing he had of that person. Jae Kyung kneeled down too and placed her hand on top of his.

"I don't know how to do this, I'm sorry" he said with his eyes closed for how it was so painful.

"I know that that person already forgave you. It must be hard for anyone to be in this position, and even when I haven't went through this, it can be very similar to losing someone you loved and make yourself guilty for taking those actions that lead to disaster. Don't blame yourself, the 'Ifs' will always hunt us for what could have we instead done in the past, but we have to sadly live the present as the past can't be undone or changed. Now all that is left is to forgive yourself and forget about what ever happened" she didn't know if this were the right words to say. He was still a stranger, someone who met by accident and here they were, almost not knowing how she got into this sad situation. However, he was still a human being with feelings and she knew it was correct to stay by his side like any sad soul would want.

Suddenly, a small but sad smile crept out of his lips. "I'm sorry for bringing you here with me" the guy regretted as this wasn't a matter to concern her.

"To be honest..." he pauses, a strong breeze caresses his face and a small wind blows his hair while seeking for the words to say. "It was no accident what happened with you and the car..."

"Yah! What?" she quickly interjects by how confused yet offended she was.

"I purposely did that but not for a bad cause..." he exhales deeply and looks at her "I just wanted some company even if it was a stranger like you. I don't have anyone now" the last tear rolled down his cheek before he got up and look to the sea one more time. Opening the box, he let fly away all the ashes until all came down to meet the water. He held tightly the box for a few seconds after that, not knowing how he gain the courage to let it go away, but then he fiercely threw the box too near where the bottom rocks were. A loud scream came from the top of his lungs as he was suffering in agony. Jae Kyung only could watch all this scene as she knew he was letting all the negative feelings go away. He needed his space and she acknowledge it was the right time to leave.

Suddenly, the guy turns around and looks at her walking far from him yet still in the same place admiring the ocean. "I think I should just leave now" even it wasn't a clear and direct message, the guy just wanted to know if she needed a ride in which she just nodded, rejecting it with a smile already sitting beside the edge, legs hanging and feeling the cold wind of the morning.

Turning on his engine, he looks at her one last time and felt bad for leaving her there, but then he remembered this was her decision. Only thing he hoped for is that she knew her way back.

Jae Kyung heard the sound of the car more far away until it disappeared completely. At this point she was alone, and the only thing she could think about was 'Wow! What a crazy morning I have had!', but it made her reflect a lot.

Her words, those words she said not too long ago were going around in circles through her mind. Has Woo Bin already forgive her? the answer was undoubtedly a 'no'. Could he ever forgive what she did? she didn't know the response to this one. All this years she thought of the 'Ifs' of the past, of the decision she could have made, but as she herself said, she has to live the present and forget about that. The only 'Ifs' that could exist now were the decisions she would make in the present and future. Sadly, the last sentence she told that guy couldn't somehow apply to her; Jae Kyung couldn't forgive herself. A wrong decision lead her to grow apart from the people she loves because she was only scared. She lost the opportunity of being happy, and felt like those years were not worth at all, that she wasted them in the most miserable way.

Out of nowhere, a car quickly pulled over near her and even when her heart jumped scared of who could might be, she didn't care at all at this moment what could happen to her. Jae Kyung heard a car door opening really fast just to be shut in the next second. Then, the next thing she felt was two warm hands shaking her shoulders and calling for her name. Her brain was shutting down as she recognized that voice.

"Jae Kyung! Are you alright?" Woo Bin was still shaking her from the shoulders to make her snap back to reality. He kneeled down next to her and examine her face and then body. She knew he was there, right beside her, but the feeling was strong of how it was a coincidence to have him there when she was thinking about him, desiring him to be there. Abruptly, Jae Kyung explodes into tears while giving the Don Juan a tight embrace. He was caught off guard by this but didn't dare to move. It worried him how hard she was crying, having the feeling that someone hurt her and escaped, leaving her like this.

"Jae Kyung, who hurt you?" his voice sounded really angry while she was still close to him, head to the chest and arms surrounding his back.

"Tell me, please" he begged. After hearing those words, she slowly tries to calm herself a bit down and stutters out some words.

"You, you hurt me" she exclaimed with such pain it surprised him. Woo Bin was shocked to hear this and didn't know what to say. His heart immediately felt like it was crashing into million pieces.

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