Chapter 29 - Dinner and a show?

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4 Privet Lane - that afternoon

Later that afternoon Narcissa was talking to Pet and Bell. "So that's how come Arthur and I are going out to dinner with Kinsley and Andromeda."

"I'm still fascinated by those girls that 'attacked' Draco today." exclaimed Pet.

"What you said about how they were dressed and Hermione's discussion about why they were dressed that way is what intrigued me." added Bell. "Was she really serious about why a witch would wear underwear like that? It just sounds so scratchy and uncomfortable."

"I really believe she was." responded Cissy. She eyed her friends carefully, noting a certain look on both their faces. "Girls, you're not thinking what I think you're thinking. Are you?" she asked.

It really was a toss up as to which of the three blushed the deepest when both Pet and Bell nodded their heads yes. "Where would we even go to buy stuff like that?" Narcissa continued.

"Hermione seemed to know all about that stuff didn't she?"

"Call her up and ask her?"

"She's as good as your daughter-in-law after all."

"That makes her family!"

Pet and Bell did a good impersonation of Fred and George in their tag-team conversation.

"How can I ask my son's fiance where to go and buy sexy underwear?" stammered Narcissa.

"Isn't she supposed to help us blend the wizarding world"

"and the muggle world together?"

"After all, she would be doing the ministry"

"a favor wouldn't she?"

"STOP!" Narcissa begged. "Are you two sure you're not part of a long lost branch of the Weasley's?"

They continued, "Oh that's a great idea"

"You could ask Ginevra to help"

"instead. She's going to be your

"step-daughter soon after all!"

"FAMILY!" they both shouted at the same time.

"FINE! You two win."Narcissa sighed. "Just stop talking like that and I'll call Hermione tomorrow morning."


" Call both of them!"

" NOW!"



Narcissa picked up her mobile and reluctantly dialed Hermione's number. When the phone was answered she said, "Hello Hermione. How are you?" . . ."Good. The three of us are fine also. Um, um . . . Pet and Bell want me to ask you something. but it's kind of embarrassing."

"Yes, I know that you said I could talk to you about anything but still . . ."

"I guess the best way is to come right out and say it. Remember this morning when those three young women accosted Draco? Remember how we could really see the underwear they were wearing and how you said how most wizards liked it when their witch wore things like that?

"Wellcouldyoutelluswheretobuythatkindofsexystuff" As she said the last she turned an even brighter shade of red.

Hermione was in the eighth year common room with Draco and several other girls when her phone rang. I took her a few seconds but when she realized what Narcissa was saying on the other end of the line, Hermione was taken aback. She actually jumped and dropped her phone. Her face turned so red Draco and the others thought she was going to suffer spontaneous combustion. When she made no move to pick up her phone, Daphne picked it up and put it on speaker phone. Suddenly the entire group heard Narcissa's voice "Hermione? Hermione? Did you hear me? Pet, Bell and I want you to help us buy sexy underwear like those girls in the bank were wearing!"

After a moment of silence from her phone, Narcissa heard her son's voice scream "MOTHER! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" There was silence on the phone while Draco ran out of the room screaming all the way. The next sound Narcissa heard was the cackle of several girls voices.

Padma's was first, "Mother always shopped in Victoria's Secret over on New Bond Street."

Parvati responded, "Yes, I remember when she took us there too. It was so, so . . . American."

Astoria said, "I've heard of Rigby and Peller. They are supposed to be good."

"Aren't they known for catering to the Royal family?" said Daphne.

"Ewe, The Queen wearing sexy underwear. EWE!" was Astoria's comment.

"Yes but don't forget about the Countess of Essex. She's a royal isn't she? " Daphne replied. "She might shop there also."

Pansy jumped in with, "What about Coco de Mer? I'm not sure exactly where they are located. Oh but then I've heard they might be somewhat of a sex shop and not just lingerie so that might not be what you are looking for."

Dreamily Luna said, "When I was a little girl, before my mother died, she sometimes took me shopping in muggle London. We went to Agent Provacateur quite often. I remember her telling my father that if lingerie shops were airplanes Agent Provacateur would be a Gulfstream 4, whatever that means. I think one of their slogans used to be 'Knickers Forever'. Daddy used to love when mummy shopped there. He would smile from ear to ear. It really made him happy."

"I used to hear that La Perla was the height of lingerie luxury." Ginny added. "Girls, we have no classes tomorrow. Who's up for a road trip?"

Hermione finally grabbed her phone back and took it off speaker. "Narcissa did you hear all that? Looks like we girls are going shopping tomorrow. The three of you must join us! We'll come by at 10:00. Can you call James to see if he can arrange transportation for all of us?"

As she said that the door to the common room opened. Greg, Anthony and Justin were coming in. Greg heard "Shopping" and said, "Shopping, what for? Can we come along?"

The girls said nothing but they heard Draco shout as he walked back to the common room, "Don't even think about it. Run before you hear what they are shopping for and who they are going with! Oh my ears still hurt from hearing my mother say those things!"

The girls all began laughing hysterically to the point where suddenly they all ran for the bathroom, leaving Draco and the very confused three young men alone in the common room.

Dinner at the Greek Restaurant

"What's the name of the restaurant where we're meeting them again?" Arthur asked for the third time.

"Why can't you remember a simple thing like the name of a restaurant? If I didn't know better I would think you were nervous." Narcissa accused him.

"Why would you think I would be nervous?" Arthur responded sarcastically. "We are suddenly invited out to dinner with my boss and your sister who you didn't talk to for 20 years. Oh and let's not forget that they have to get married and so do we. You're right there is nothing to make someone nervous."

"Since you listed the reasons to be nervous so eloquently, now I can't remember the restaurant's name or where it is either." Narcissa complained snarkily.

"Don't worry my dear," said Arthur. "It's Elysee Restaurant on Percy Street. I might have trouble with the name of the place but not the street it's on. I do have to tell you that you look ravishing tonight. I hope Andromeda doesn't get jealous."

"Stop trying to butter me up. You know you don't have to. Or did you do something I won't like once I find out? Every so often I see traces of Fred and George in you. Getting back to the restaurant, remember it's owned by a wizard so we are supposed to be able to floo there even though it's in a muggle neighborhood. Apparently they have a floo connection in a private room. At least that's what Drom told me." Narcissa went on, "It seems that Kingsley still has not gotten a mobile. I wonder why."

"I'll show him mine tonight and ask to see his. That should prompt him to get one." Arthur commented.

"Arthur, I certainly hope you don't phrase it exactly like that. I'd just be mortified! Especially in front of my sister." Narcissa already was blushing at Arthur's comment.

He just smiled. "We're meeting them there at 8:30 so we'd better get going. Did I tie my necktie correctly? I'm still not used to dressing without robes."

"You're perfect darling, Let's go." Narcissa said patting down his hair.

They walked over to the fireplace threw in a generous pinch of floo powder and when the flames turned green Arthur held Narcissa and said, "Elysee Restaurant on Percy Street" as he stepped in. They emerged into a modern looking room with white wainscotting and gray wallpaper. After greeting them, the tuxedo clad maitre'd lead them into a small dining room with very large comfortable looking white padded chairs. There was a central column that had four four-top tables around it. There were several more three and four-top tables scattered around the room.

As he lead them into the room he said, "When the reservation for four guests was made by Minister Shaklebolt, he said he wanted to be seated in an area that was private but not isolated. I hope this will suit your needs."

Arthur responded, "It's lovely. I'm sure it will be perfect."

The Maitre'd showed them to a table. Arthur offered him a tip but he was told, "Once Pat understood who was coming, we were told that anything you desire would be on the house and that we were not to accept any gratuities. We hope the that you enjoy the experience."

"Pat?" Narcissa queried. "That's a coincidence. I know a Pat who owns a hairdressing salon. It too is a mixture of muggle and wizard."

"It's not a coincidence." said the maitre'd. "Pat is the owner of both the hairdressing salon and this restaurant. Pat's friend Kris is the chef here. Kris is just as magical as Pat is and hides it just as well. Both observe the Statute of Secrecy to the letter. The non-magicals who work in both business are all either squibs or are related to witches or wizards so they already know about magic. Since you're guests of Minister Shaklebolt I guess it's OK to tell you, Pat brought Kris here to England to be the head chef and to run the restaurant side of the business. The businesses are incorporated under the name Pat's Magic. All the money the company makes from the sale of hair and skin care potions is put right back to work. That's how they started the restaurant. Now the profits from the restaurant are also being put to work. They've even been investing in the technology that allows computers to work in a magical environment. They've actually gone in partnership with Malfoy Enterprises."

Hearing this made Narcissa pale. "How is that possible? Lucius Malfoy is dead."

"Simple, the goblins were responsible for paying reparations from his estate. Once they paid all the reparations that the Malfoy estate was assessed, the company went into receivership. The goblins are managing the assets until his son becomes of age." was the answer she got. Here the gossiping maitre'd paused, "What's his name? Donald? Deneb? Delphinus? Dwayne? Darrell? It starts with a "D" I'm sure. Darn if I always have trouble remembering his name. That's what comes from spending the past 20 years on the continent I guess."

"Could his name be Draco?" Arthur said.

As he was getting ready to leave them the maitre'd said, "No I don't think so. It will come to me. In the meantime please enjoy your evening." He gave a sharp turn and strode away to greet the next guest.

As this last scene was playing out, a hostess escorted Andromeda and Kingsley to the table. When Arthur saw the smile on Kingsley's face and heard Andromeda chuckling he said, "I bet you heard the tail end of that conversation."

While the two sisters embraced, Kingsley remarked that what some people thought was critical barely was recognized by others. "I hope he also told you about Pat and Kris and how the two businesses are related. I asked him to so that you would understand that even though they are magical they still keep to the statute of secrecy." He signaled the sommelier. "When I made the reservations I specified that we would want two bottles of Anny's Animus 1990 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Tsolis Winery. Please bring us the first bottle now." Turning to Arthur and Narcissa he continued, "Arthur you might remember that years ago I was assigned to the security detail at the embassy in Greece. I found that wine then and fell in love with it. That's where I met Pat. In fact I think that Pat is in England now because we met while I was there. Kingsley chuckled at his memory. Realizing the others were watching him as he was nearly lost in his memory, he cleared his throat, "I also took the liberty of ordering our food. I hope you don't mind. For our appetizer I ordered a full hot and cold pikilia. That's a selection of Greek delicacies. From grape leaves stuffed with lamb, grilled octopus, deep fried squid and spanakopita all the way to tzatziki, cheeses including feta and kefalograviera, and a Greek red caviar salad called taramosalata. Then we will have wood grilled branzino stuffed with shrimp and crabmeat. Even though the wine is red, you'll find that the smokey flavor of the fish will stand up to the wine."

"Kingsley, you certainly planned this evening down to the last detail" commented Arthur.

"I wouldn't let him order desserts or after dinner drinks. He even wanted to do that." laughed Andromeda.

Kingsley looked crestfallen. "Did I go too far? I hope not. I just wanted this evening to be perfect. After all in a short time we will be family."

"Don't worry dear. I'm just teasing you. I love how you're trying to make it perfect between Cissy and me. We've missed each other so much. In fact Cissy, I think we should visit the restroom before our food comes. Shall we?" Andromeda continued.

As they stood up, Narcissa asked, "Who's taking care of Teddy this evening?"

"Harry and Ginny volunteered. That way we didn't have to hire a babysitter." Andromeda answered.

Narcissa pulled her sister in closer and whispered, "You know we're going to have to find out exactly what went on while Kings was assigned in Athens."

"Don't worry. I know exactly what to do to find out. I'll be sure to let you know." Andromeda responded.

As the sisters were whispering and moving away from the table Arthur said "Good, Ginny and Harry will need the practice!" Kingsley looked at him quizzically so Arthur continued, "I guess you haven't heard that Ginny is expecting."

"No, sorry. I had no idea. Are you OK with it?"

"Well it does seem strange that my youngest is making me a grandfather before any of the others but I'm glad. Harry and Ginny are right for each other. You can tell how they feel from the way they look at each other when they think no one is looking. It was inevitable for them to be together." Arthur responded.

"Around the office I've heard that you and my soon to be sister in law have been caught looking at each other exactly the same way so I guess you know what you're talking about, Arthur." Kingsley countered as the redhead's face turned pink. The two men sat in a companionable silence sipping their wine, each lost in his own thoughts while they waited for the ladies to return.

A few minutes later when the two sisters returned to the table, they were laughing. "Drom, you have to come with us tomorrow. I can just imagine what those girls will do and how they will act." Narcissa was saying.

"I'll come but are you worried about the young girls or about your friends Pet and Bell?" her sister asked.

"I guess both!" Narcissa giggled.

No matter how Arthur and KIngsley tried, they couldn't get any more information about where they were going from the two witches.

4 Privet Lane - 9:45 the next morning

"Pet! Bell! are you ready? Drom and I are here and the girls will be arriving any minute. If you're not ready, you'd better hurry! And you'd better be dressed the way I taught you. We want the sales people to treat us right!" Narcissa yelled as she walked into the house.

"We're in the kitchen having tea, dear." Bell responded, "Did you call James?"

"Yes. He was going to pick us up with two limos but that would mean that we would have to split up. Instead he's bringing a bus. He says it's a Monaco dynasty that can hold all of us. It's the bus that Prince Sultan Bin Fahd of Saudi Arabia returned when he pick up his new one."

"I guess with what the price oil is going for these days he wanted an upgrade for his harem." joked Andromeda as she walked into the kitchen. "Don't worry about offering us tea, I'm sure we can have some on the bus."

Laughingly Pet said "For what he's going to charge us, I'm sure we'll be able to get more than tea!" the four women heard a series of "pops" from the living room followed by the sound of giggling. Pet continued, "I guess the girls are here. What time did you tell James to be here Cissy? Never mind. I see the bus pulling up in front of the house. We'd better go."

As they got up, Bell said to the others, "I guess she's nervous."

Going through the living room they greeted the younger members of their party and went out to the bus. In his immaculate uniform, James was standing by the open door. He smiled as they came out of the house and introduced them to the other man standing with him. "Ladies, this is my brother Dean. If you remember your other shopping trip he was the driver who I called to help us with the packages when they wouldn't fit in just the one limo. Based on the number of you who are on this trip, and how you almost bought out the store last time, I figured we would need him as well. He will also take care of you while we're moving. Anything you need, just ask him for it."

As the witches got on the bus Dean's eyes followed each of their bums. He nodded appreciatively and flirtingly said loud enough so he would be heard by all the passengers especially Ginny who was the last one getting on the bus, "James, you didn't tell me that our favorite clients had such beautiful younger sisters."

"Dean! Behave yourself!" James exclaimed. "Remember what type of clients they are and also be aware that each of them is spoken for. I don't want to lose good clients and I don't want you getting hurt."

"That's excellent advice." Ginny said. She smiled as Dean repeatedly tripped trying to get up the steps of the bus.

"Ginny, did you...?" asked Narcissa. The smile on the redhead's face was enough of an answer for her future stepmother. "You know you just beat me to it, don't you?" she continued.

Ginny explained by simply saying, "Hormones."

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