Day 7! the last day! i know this is short buy i couldn't come up with anything else for the prompt 'rare pair.' Anyway, Read Review and enjoy. feel free to hit me up with a prompt.

Katara looked out the kitchen window, to see her daughter walking hand in hand with her girlfriend, laughing at something she said. "You know, I'm amazed Kya agreed to date Lin."

"Why's that? Are you saying my daughter isn't good enough to date yours?"

Katara looked over at her old friend, who was currently picking her toes, much to her disgust, on the dinner table. "No, it isn't that. It's just that their personalities don't exactly match. Neither does their bending. You earthbenders are rough and immovable. Where as waterbenders are flexible and elegant in our movements."

"Yeah, you guys are a bunch of pansies." Toph sat up and propped her head on her elbow. "Besides, it's not that odd that an earthbender ended up with a waterbender, if you add the two elements together, you get mud which is bendable by both."

"I just think it's rare. Not many waterbenders end up with earthbenders." Katara noticed a stupid grin on her friend's face, a smile that said 'trouble.' Oh how she hated that smile. "What?"

"They're kissing."

"Really? Who initiated it?"

"Surprisingly, Lin. Gotta say, my kid really knows how to take charge, wait, Kya's taken over. I guess she gets her controlling manner from you."

"Excuse me?!"

"Shh." Toph concentrated harder on the floor, finding it a bit difficult to piece together what was happening between her daughter and her girlfriend. "Oh."


"Well, it feels like they are about to go all the way behind some bushes. Kya is straddling Lin and removing her top, wait, Kya just copped a feel. Her hand is still going down though." The earthbender quickly took her feet off the ground and let out a squeak.

"What happened?"

"You're daughter needs to learn to keep her hands to herself!"