She had a snake like charm, that Dru, he thought wrapping his arms around her and bringing her to bed. Her voice was saltary as she nicked the blood from his chin. It was savory like Cocktail and spicy like Chinese. They just had a Chinese.

"Mollycoddling in bed is fun, but I want to have 'real' fun," said Spike. He looked down at his bint and she giggled. He was tickling her. "Spiike, Spiike," she said from tears and laughter. "Say please, precious." "P-l-e-a-s-e," she whined in her drunken stupor. "Okay," he let go and she attacked his ribs. "Now, it's your turn, my lovely..." He shrieked. "Dru, Dru! Stop it, cor and Bloody Hell!"

The alcohol they had from eating the Chinese was making live in their system as they laughed and yelled. Finally, the two passed out.

It would be in the morn when they woke up at sunrise, trying to go back to sleep due to their Vampiric bodies having adjusted to the time change.

And sleep formula.

"To the Stars"

Drusilla liked the firecrackers. They were lovely in the Spring. Spike kissed her on the cheek and went off to chase after a herald of girls. They were convent girls, ladies of the Church. Dru decided she wanted nun tonight and he was forced out of their bed to deliver. Angelus told him he would warm her bed for him and it pissed Spike off! She was his and as soon as she allowed it, he'd be mated to her. Of course, she 'never' even allowed him a look in. A sample; a taste of her neck. It was savored for Angelus and their times together. Never Spike and Dru! All for 'daddy' and it made him mad! Drove him crazy!

Thinking of Dru cheating on him again and again. She never wanted him to have her without Angelus and Darla. Can't the two of them have alone and private time without the two for once... Without Dru inviting them for a shag and tea...?

He was livid. Tonight was finally going to be the night where she was to join him forever. Seal the deal on 'sire' and 'childe', but Angelus came in all but demanded it was his turn for a 'romp.' That Drusilla is 'his' for the whole night. Pfft, he always took her away anyway. And there was nothing he can do. But, sit back like a lost puppy. A crippled lost puppy watching his favorite toy get stolen by the grand thief. Or barbican...

From his arms, she was a melting pud. She always did whatever to cave to her sire's needs. She gazed sadly at him one night. "It's only right...," she said silvery. "Drusilla," he demanded and pulled on her hand. She quickly went with him. To 'His' room. 'His' bed. 'His' arms in which she fleed to every night.

So, he needed a good fight to calm down his raging whirlwind of thoughts and anger. A distraction from a batty old watcher will do it only he didn't know what a watcher is, yet.

"He was just a young rebellious fledgling. You really need him to bag you a Slayer...?"

"I can easily kill one for you..."

"No, let him play. He'll one day be killed anyways," said Darla. They were talking about Drusilla's vision of China and the Boxer's Rebellion.

"I believe you that the 'one day he'll be killed part', but killing And bagging a Slayer is a God's gift. Are you sure he won't become too strong for us to handle an out- of- control deranged Vampire...?"

"Just mark him again like you did last time and he won't bother us, knowing whose blood he belongs to."

"Darla, he isn't just a regular Vamp. He's insane."

"The crazies are always the weakest," she smiled.

"Roses of Death"

"You and your depraved heatheism." "Darla," he cautioned.

"What, I'm allowed to like opera..." "And take a stroll while the Sun is out...," he rose his brow.

She loved his bitch slapping jokes that he would give on a dark calm. Like a 'calm before the storm' proposal. 'Shift of 'wind'.'

His sire knew it would drive him wild and horny and knew where to provoke him. That tiny soft spot he had for a certain loony. She also knew her place was taken by that same person. And wanted her in a dust bin.

"Going to Dru's," she rose her brow back.