He marveled at her small form and the unique dance they shared. Her form. Technique. Simply powerful. They danced and parried each other's blows. Sparred in a fast blur of Black and Red. For such a small thing, she was his equal. Suddenly, she pressed him up against a crate and held her piece of wood to his chest. "I win," she said breathlessly.

Spike pushed her off. "That is true luv..., but just give me some blood and I'll be good to go."

"You're not drinking," she warned. Drusilla clapped. "He's got to eat, my sweets."

"Yeah, unless you volunteer."

"My neck is not for your warming pleasure."

"But, it'd make for a great Chalice," he said eyeing it. Right above the jugular.

"See, this is why we're enemies. You vamps are immoral blood drinkers that it is with pleasure should I find reason to get rid of you."

Drusilla watched him pace. "Bloody bint. Can't even get a good meal. Dru, are you sure we have to keep her... Let me kill her for you...!"

"The stars will be angry."

"Come and let's say good night til the next morrow."

She let him have his way with her to keep his compromise. She crawled to his face and bobbed up and down on his finger, pretending to suck.

"Cor pet, I'm unbuckling!"

He shoved her head onto his cock and she did the same on it.

He shot some into her mouth.

Now, he's positioned in front of her sprawled out legs. "Go Spike!" He pounded into her earning a pained growl and they turned to pleasure as the two continued on throughout the night.

They're in no hurry. Just took their time until daylight.