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Characters: Nicole, Zoey, with mentions of Dana.

Pairings: None.

Timeframe: Mid-season three, before 'Goodbye Zoey.


"Nicole? It's Zoey."

The blonde held the phone away from her ear as her friend screamed. "Ohmygod Zoey! I miss you so much!"

She laughed. "I miss you too. I miss you so much, you don't even know. How's the new school?"

"Oh my god, it is so suckish! There are like no boys here and all of the girls are stuck up, and it's cold in the winter and…"

"Sounds like fun?" Zoey answered, cutting her off. She smiled as she remembered Nicole's over-excited, boy-crazy antics.

"NO. This place sucks. Stupid OMGD. I am not that boy crazy. Am I that boy crazy?"

"No, not at all." She replied, trying to hide the sarcasm.

"Good. But speaking of, how are the PCA boys? Have they gotten cuter? Please tell me they haven't so I don't feel so bad."

"Aw, Nicole. Don't worry, they're just as cute as they were when you left."

"I miss you, Zo. You and everyone else."

"I miss you too. Any idea when you get out of there?"

She heard Nicole sigh. "No. My mom wants me to stay here until graduation. Isn't that awful? Don't you think it's awful? Please say it's awful."

"It's awful."

"Thank you."

Zoey rolled her eyes as Nicole spoke again. "So, did Dana come back to PCA?"

"Nah, she decided to go home apparently. I never talked to her, though. Apparently her and Logan met over the summer."

"Eww, really?"


"Well, Logan is hot."

"Gross. Really?"

"I'm stuck in an all girl's school, let me fantasize, kay?"

She laughed. "Fine."

"This is really suckish, but I have to get to class. Talk to you soon, okay Zo?"

"Sounds good. Try not to go crazy."

"No promises."

She heard the line click dead, and Zoey leaned back in her chair. She missed Nicole a lot. She had been her closest girl friend for two years. Chase was easily her best friend, and Lola and Quinn were amazing friends, but she missed the special bond she had with Nicole.


So basically, here's what I'm going to do.

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