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Thank you, Yale!

On their way from New Haven to Stars Hollow, she asked him for the millionth time. But he didn't tell her.

"Please, Luke, please, please, please!", Lorelai begged.

"Nope, sorry, can't tell ya."

"But why?"


"That doesn't count. Please, tell me, Luke. I promise I won't tell anyone!"

"Well", he knew he couldn't hide it forever, "Sorry, I can't tell ya!"

So she started singing. "Soooo, tell her what she wants to know, she'll find out anyway, tell her what she wants to know, she'll find out!"

Luke smiled. She knew she had him. Right there. "I told the two Steins that I plan on getting married again. Soon."

Lorelai was stunned. "What?"

"What? That's the only thing I could think of, since my character witness was not a big help!", he said with a big smirk.

Lorelai was silent. She was happy. Oh so happy. He was getting divorced! Yay! She stayed silent and just enjoyed his company.

"Oh crap!", Luke said suddenly.

"What's wrong?", Lorelai asked.

"I'm afraid we have a flat tyre", he answered while he pulled over. He got out of the car, walked over to the passenger' side, knelt down and took a look.

"You want me to get out?", Lorelai asked.

"No, I'm fine. I'll just replace they tyre and we'll be on our way."

"You sure you need no help? I mean, not that I actually know how to change the tyre, but I could keep you company, you know. Maybe learn how to change a tyre. Because let's face it, Luke, I'm kinda lost without you... I mean in a situation like this. Otherwise, I'm doing totally fine in my life. Well, besides from the help I need around the house, fixing things, getting the Christmas ornaments down from the attic." She knew that may have sounded weird, her cheeks slightly blushing.

"Not to mention the fact that I feed you on a daily basis."

"Not fair! You make me feel incompetent and needless", Lorelai pouted. "So, you want me?"

Now Luke felt his cheeks blushing.

"To come out of the car, I mean."

"Ok, whatever. Come out if you like", Luke replied, desperately trying to sound casual, but not quite able to hide his smirk.

Lorelai loosened the seatbelt, climbed out of his green truck and walked to him. "So, what now?"

"Now, I'm getting the spare tyre form the back."

"Let me do it!", Lorelai squeaked happily.

"It's kinda heavy, you know", Luke said with a frown on his forehead.

"I'll be fine."

She walked back and climbed up on the bed of the truck. She made her way through the mess, held on tight to the mattress in order not to lose her balance. Lorelai spotted the spare tyre, loosened the rope, and tried to lift it. She failed miserably.

Luke watched her the entire time. Even if he tried to, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. The way her slender legs made their way over the bed of the truck, her firm ass pressing into the mattress while she bent over to get the tyre. Oh God, if only her ass were on his mattress, not the stupid old one from Yale.

"Luke! I need help!"


He climbed the bed, saying "I told you it's heavy!"

"That's nice! Really nice!"

"What is?", Luke asked not understanding what she meant.

"Your maturity on the matter. You know, any other guy would have rubbed it in." She smiled. His heart melted. Oh that smile.

"Sorry", he said, not looking at her. Luke picked up the tyre like it was an air balloon, smoothly jumped down, put the tyre down, and looked back at her, signaling he'd help her down. She gladly accepted his hand and jumped next to him. Their faces just inches apart, Lorelai smiled and said "Thank you, kind sir!" He smiled back at her.

"See that bag over there?", he motioned to the bed of the truck, "You can bring it to me."


When he bent over to grab the tyre, he almost had a heart attack.

"What? Oh no. Crap!"

"Luke, what's wrong? Is your back hurt? Are you ok?", Lorelai asked, her voice full of worry.

"Oh, Lorelai. I'm so sorry!", he said, still bent over.

"Luke, what is it? You're scaring me!"

"My back's fine. But the other tyre's flat, too!"

"What? That's impossible!", Lorelai cried, bending over right next to him. "So what now? You don't happen to have another spare, now do you?"

"Of course not! Wait, let's see. You have your cell phone with you?"


"Ok, call Gypsy. She can bring a new tyre. In the mean time, I'll change the other one."

"Sounds good", Lorelai said, opening the door to get her cell from her purse. She called Gypsy and handed Luke the bag with the car jack and the lug wrench.

While Luke loosened the screws, Lorelai hung up the phone. She told him that Gypsy was just finishing Taylor's car inspection, and would be on her way in the next 20 minutes. Lorelai watched him carefully. She liked seeing his nimble fingers and imagined other places for them to go. She pictured his fingers on her nipples, how they massaged her breasts and finally how they moved down her belly...

"Lorelai!", Luke said loudly.


"I asked you to bring me the spare tyre."

"Sorry", she said and went back to get it for him.

After a while he was done and decided to take off the other flat tyre already, so that when Gypsy brings the new one, all he had to do was put it on and they'd be on their way home. Lorelai asked if it was Ok to sit on the bed with the car jack under it. Luke said it was fine and wanted to wipe his dirty hands on some paper towels he always keeps in the glove compartment.

Lorelai opened it for him and their eyes fell to the big envelope next to the towels. Shyly, he grabbed a few towels, but he realized she already had read to whom the letter was addressed.

They both went back to the bed without talking, and she sat down, her feet dangling around. He joined her and put the dirty towels in the pocket of his jeans.

"Wanna talk about it?", Lorelai asked hesitantly.

"What's there to talk about?", Luke grunted annoyed.

"Sorry", Lorelai replied, determined to let the subject go. Luke was silent for a while.

"I mean, nothing changes. Not really. It was a mistake. We should never have gotten married in the first place."

"I'm sorry, Luke."

"No need to be sorry, Lorelai. I just don't think I'm the marrying kind", he said, knowing it was a lie.

"How do you figure?"

"Well, mostly because other people annoy me, they get on my nerves. I want to do what I want to do without having to ask someone's permission, or care for their feelings. And what happens after a couple gets married? They have kids. Can you picture me with a kid, Lorelai?"

"Not really", she also lied. She had pictured him with their kids numerous times, how he'd cook dinner for their family and how they were cuddled up on the couch together at night after the kids had gone to bed.

"I screwed up with Jess, that must mean something, right?!"

"That's not true, Luke", Lorelai said appeasingly. "Jess was a mess when he came here. It was a miracle that it worked for as long as it did. Don't do this to yourself, ok, Luke. You're a great guy. Do you know how many guys there are that would give someone their truck for an entire day to move Rory to Yale? Or fix things around someone else's house? And don't tell me you hate being in other people's company! You own a diner. There are professions that don't deal with human beings. It's called the hospitality business for a reason!", Lorelai's eyed sparkled. It was contagious. He gave her a thousand watt smile.

"Thank you, Lorelai. I guess Nicole and I just weren't meant to be."

She put her hand on his back and rubbed it gently. It sent a shiver down his spine. He hoped she hadn't noticed and looked down on his watch.

"When did you call Gypsy?"

"About an hour ago."

"Wow, she's taking her time!"

"Sick of me already?"

"No, that's not what I meant." He could spend hours with Lorelai Gilmore. Days. His entire life. "So, what's your plan?"

"My plan?", she asked curiously. "My plan for...?"

"For when you get home. It's your first night without Rory in the house and I could imagine you have it all planned so that you won't freak out."

"You know me too well! Actually for tonight I only planned to take a long hot bath and order some pizza, maybe watch a movie. For the week, I plan on buying some paint for my bedroom, maybe this shade of seasalt Sookie's been talking about."

"Sounds good", he nodded, "You tell me if you need help."

"See! Your offer alone makes you a great guy, and any woman would be glad to have you!", Lorelai said happily.

"What if I don't want any woman?", Luke said, not believing his own ears.

"Well, of course not any woman, obviously. You're special, you'll find someone equally special", she said reassuringly.

"Stop it, Lorelai!", he said loudly. She cringed.


"Seriously? Playing dumb on me now? You're it for me! You're my special someone!", Luke yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

She couldn't believe what he had just said. He kept on ranting. "You know why Nicole and I didn't work? Hell, why even Rachel and I didn't work when she came back over two years ago? Because my heart wasn't in it!"

That was it, she had heard enough. She faced him, cupped his stubbly face with her hands and kissed him passionately. She moaned when his tongue entered her mouth and felt his hands on her back. When they stopped to catch their breaths, she smiled. "You can't imagine how long I've wanted to hear that."

"You can't imagine how long I've been meaning to tell you. So when you think of me, you don't think just nothing?!", he smiled back at her.

"Quite the opposite. I mostly don't allow myself to think about you that way, though. You're my best friend and I don't want to jeopardize that." Just when he leaned in to kiss her again, he saw Gypsy's truck out of the corner of his eye. "Gypsy's here", he said a tad sadness in his voice.

"Hey guys! Sorry for the wait. Taylor only lets me go when he's one hundred percent satisfied", Gypsy said shrugging.

"Dirty!", Lorelai said.

"So, I've got a new tyre in the back of my truck. I see you already removed the flat one. Man, two flat tyres. What are the odds?"

"This road is used by many trucks, I think the potholes are bigger", Luke said.

Gypsy brought him the new tyre and asked if he needed help. He said he'd manage and she was on her way back to Stars Hollow.

Luke was done after ten minutes, and went to the glove compartment to get a few more paper towels. Lorelai stood behind him and hugged him, letting her hands glide over his chest and stomach. "I don't wanna go home yet", she said and he turned around to kiss her. "Me either. I got an idea. Get back into the car", Luke said a bit mysteriously.

"God, I'm starving!", Lorelai whined as he pulled over at the gas station.

"Ok, I'll get some gas, you get inside and pick a few snacks and drinks. Sounds good?"

"Sounds perfect", she smiled at him and grabbed her purse. She went to the restrooms to pee, refreshen her deodorant and put on some lipgloss. In this very moment she was glad she was one of those women who could spontaneouly leave the country with her purse. Back in the salesroom, she saw Luke coming through the door.

"Hey, restrooms are good here?", he asked.

"Fine, actually."

"Ok, I'll be out in a sec."

Lorelai took a basket and put chips, cookies, twinkies, and a bottle of coke in it. She grabbed a bottle of water for Luke and decided for two different fruit cups, a turkey sandwich for him, and a bacon sandwich for herself. She stood in line at the cash register and paid for the food and the gas. When Luke came to her, he said he wanted to pay for it, but she insisted on it. After all, if she hadn't borrowed the truck, there wouldn't have been not one, but two flat tyres at the same time. He gave in.

Back in the car, she looked at him curiously. "Where are we going now?"

"It's a surprise", he grinned.

After only ten minutes he pulled over again, opened the glove compartment, took the envelope holding his divorce papers, got out of the car and threw it into the mailbox he had spotted seconds earlier. His relief was visible in those dark blue eyes of his. He got back into the truck.

Lorelai smiled at him. "So I guess, it's official. You're no longer married."

"Nope", he gave her smile that was worth one million bucks.

Twenty minutes later, he left the road and turned right. They drove on a dirt road for about a mile when Lorelai spotted a lake. Luke turned the car so that the rear was facing the lake. "Getting ready to dump my body in the lake, huh?"

"No, but the sun will set in about a half hour, and I thought it would be romantic to sit on the bed of the truck and watch it together."

"Bringing all your girls here, Butch?", she asked with a wink.

"Actually, it's the first time I brought anyone here. Well, you're not just anyone. I sometimes come here fishing."

Lorelai took the tote bag from the gas station and got out of the car. Luke climbed on the bed of the truck, making room for the mattress.

"Oh Luke, you can't throw the mattress in the lake!"

"Do you think I was gonna throw it in the lake?"

"Well, it kinda looked like it..."


Luke put the mattress on the bed, looked for the blanket he usually keeps in his truck and placed it on the mattress. He helped Lorelai on the bed. They sat side by side looking over the lake, their legs dangling down. She gave him the water, the fruit and the sandwich and started eating her own sandwich. They ate and talked, mainly about Rory and the Dragonfly Inn Lorelai planned to open with Sookie.

When they were done eating, Luke took Lorelai's hand and put a kiss on it. She smiled at him and said "Luke, I have to tell you something." He looked at her, nodding. "When you told me you did get married on that cruise after all, I thought my chance, actually our chance was gone. I thought you realized that you couldn't be with someone like me. And it kind of broke my heart."

"Lorelai, do you think I felt any different when you got engaged to Max?"

"You really are my best friend, but I was always attracted to you. I always had you in the back of my head. But the timing was never right. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't happy when I spotted the divorce papers in your glove compartment. It means I'm not going to end up in hell when I do this..."

As soon as the sentence was spoken, Lorelai let her ass slide off the bed of the truck, stood between his legs and started kissing him gently. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, deepening the kiss. She didn't know that his heart was beating as fast as hers. Luke's tongue moved from her lips to her cheeks, over her jaw to her neck. His arms went roaming her back, slid to her sides and gently caressed her stomach. Lorelai let her head fall back to give him better access. She moaned quietly and couldn't believe how good it felt, how good he felt on her. "Luke", she whispered.

He stopped, which earned him Lorelai's frustrated groan. He grabbed her by the shoulders to turn her. "Oh", she said when he saw why he did it. The sun was about to set. Luke put his arms around her waiste and his chin on her shoulder. "I love this", Lorelai said. "I'm happy you do", he replied while he pressed his lips on her neck. "Luke?"


"Put your hands on my breasts", she requested in a lustful tone and he happily complied. He started kneading her breasts through the fabric of her top and bra. She closed her eyes and turned around to kiss him ardently. She knocked his baseball cap off his head and let her fingers glide through his hair. His hands went back to her breasts as he ducked his head. He kissed his way down her throat and inhaled deeply. He put hot open-mouthed kisses on her collarbone and mumbled "You taste so good".

Lorelai's palms went from his head over his cheast down his abs and her fingers slowly opened his belt. Her touch sent little shockwaves through his entire body when her knuckles touched his crotch. He moaned "Lorelai" and panted for air. It didn't stop her though. She continued to open his pants and felt his erection. Luke couldn't believe what was happening here. The woman he loved was holding his cock in her hands, only this time it wasn't a dream. He wouldn't be pulled out of this by the alarm at 04.45 like it had happened countless times in the years before. Lorelai tried to yank his pants and boxers down, so he leaned back, liftet his hips and let his arms support his weight while she pulled them down. She smiled at the sight in front of her, ready to do unspoken things to him.

Luke's position hasn't changed, his arms were deep in the mattress behind his butt, carrying his weight as he looked down on her. Lorelai started with a gentle kiss on the very top of his cock. She let her tongue circle the tip a little before she let it glide downward to feel it in its entire length. She put her hands to his balls, gently playing with them. "Jeez, Lorelai", Luke grunted. He was fighting the urge to close his eyes to fully enjoy what her gifted tongue was doing, but hewanted to see everything she did. She looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes that were darkened with lust and desire.

His moans and groans were all the encouragement she needed to hear to speed up as she took more and more of him into her mouth. When she felt her gag reflex her tongue and teeth focused more on the upper part of his rock hard cock and she let her right hand do the work on his lower shaft. She stroked up and down with the same rhythm of her head. She clearly enjoyed what she was doing, moaning herself. Luke leaned forward, putting his hands on her head and carefully pushing her away. She released his cock with a popping sound. "If you continue, I'm gonna come. And I don't want that. Not yet at least."

"Luke, I want to continue. We have enough time for more", she said cockily. Thus, during dusk her mouth found his cock again and she picked up right where she had left off. This time, he didn't lean back, but stayed close to her, his hands in her curls. She felt his nails on her scalp as his orgasm built up. She hummed and the vibration made Luke tingle. He finally closed his eyes as he felt losing control. He panted heavily and between her name more and more curse words left his mouth.

When he couldn't hold it in anymore, he emptied himself into her mouth. Lorelai's tongue eventually stopped and she came closer to him to hug him. "That was amazing, Lorelai", Luke said smiling and a little out of breath. "My pleasure."

"Now let me repay the favor", he said with a develish grin. After he had helped her up, she laid down and he squeezed himself next to her on the narrow mattress. They were lying on their sides. "God, you're so beautiful", he said, still stunned by what had happened in the last ten minutes and the day in general. Luke planted a thousand little kisses on her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips, her ears, and worked his way down her throat where his mouth opened and his tongue started dancing on her hot skin. He was rewarded with a deep, loud moan when he hit the spot right above her collar bone. He took his time and trailed down the valley between her breast as his hand stroked down her side to clasp around her perfect, firm ass.

Lorelai turned on her back to give him better access to her cleavage which he gladly accepted. His fingertips moved further down and slightly touched her nipples. He slipped his forefinger under her bra to find her nipples hardened already. He let his hand move down over her top to the hem and pulled it up. She wore a sheer black bra. He liked the sight of her hard nipples under the see-through fabric. He cupped both of her breasts with his large hands and massaged them gently at first, then a little rougher through her bra. His mouth went for her nipple and he sucked it ardently, then he moved his mouth to give her other nipple the same treatment. Lorelai sat up so he could reach the clip of her bra. She took off her top and felt how her bra was already loosening. "Wow, I got me a bra expert!"

"Just eager to get you naked, lady", he replied with a smirk. Lorelai shook the bra straps down her arms and threw it next to her. Luke went right for her breasts, not getting enough of the taste of her skin, devouring her nipples. "Oh, Luke", Lorelai moaned as he used his teeth on her nipples. He showered each of them with open-mouthed kisses, suckling them wildly. Then his tongue made the journey downward over her flat stomach, while his fingers opened the fly of her jeans. His hand stroked over her denim clad sex and she lifted her ass to get rid of all the fabric that was only a hindrance. He stripped down the jeans, leaving her panties on, her flip-flops falling down on the ground. Lorelai moved up on the mattress, Luke moved down. She was buzzing in anticipation of what would come next.

The daylight was now completly gone and the moon and stars were the only sources of light they had. Luke's mouth came closer to the apex of her legs, as he deeply inhalted the scent of her arousal. His hand made its way from her knee to the inside of her thigh, and right before touching where she urged to be touched the most, he stroked down the other leg toward the knee. Lorelai released the breath she didn'r realize she was holding and whispered "This is the definition of torture, mister." Luke chuckled and let his tongue move over her panties. "Off, get 'em off!", she demanded. He felt his cock harden again as he yanked down her panties and Lorelai opened her legs, letting him drink in the sight if her trimmed dark curls. His tongue took the same route his hands had a few moments before, before he let it run along her dripping wet slit, his long fingers between her soft folds, only to pounce his tongue on her clit.

She had never felt anything like this before. She knew as soon as his tongue circled her clit vigorously, she was gone. It was the mixture of lust and fulfillment after the seven year long foreplay that let her climax built up faster than she wished. Her hands were in his hair as she panted heavily and started crying his name. He applied more pressure to the sensitive nub and pinched her nipples. "Oh God, oh my God, Luke. I'm coming, I'm coming!", she screamed with her hands grabbing the mattress.

Luke slowed down gradually, and moved back up to her mouth. They exchanged a hot, lustful kiss. "Hands down, this was the most intense orgasm I have ever had", Lorelai said. "Believe me", Luke answered, "I was just having as much of a good time as you did", motioning down to his crotch. "Let's get you finally naked then", Lorelai said. She stripped him completely and went through her purse to get a condom. When she finally found one, Luke said astonished, "You move your daughter to Yale andhave condoms with you?"

"Actually they were for Rory. I got them at the orientation for the parents. I forgot to give them to her, I'm afraid.", Lorelai said with a shrug. Luke took the condom from her hand, opened it and before he could roll it down his long shaft, Lorelai asked "May I?"

"Sure", he said. He didn't know how she did it, but it felt so good and sensual when she rolled it down. She lay back down and he leaned closely over her, the fine dark hair on his cheast lightly touching her nipples, making them hard again and sending a shiver through her body that ended right at her very core. He kissed her deeply, his mind going crazy about what he was about to do. "I really need you to be inside of me, Luke", Lorelai said half begging, half demanding. Luke positioned his cock at her wet entrance, his tip moving in an inch, then going out again. He repeated it, going an inch deeper every time he did it. He looked down to where they both were connected and couldn't help feeling happy and complete.

Lorelai couldn't wait any longer and put her hands on his muscular ass to push him deeper in her. His cock was filling her out completely. "Wanna know why I never had my fingers in you when I licked your pussy?", he asked and answered right after, before she could even guess. "Because this is the greatest feeling of all, my cock being the first thing in you. God, you're so tight", Luke said moaning. "Jesus, Luke. This feels so good", she replied, being more turned on than ever.

He finally thrust up into her, fast and hard. Lorelai made a purring sound as her lips curved into a feline smile. Luke picked up the pace and leaned forward to suck her nipples. Her hands were roaming his back and she whispered "Luke, I'm close again." His hands went under her back and brought her up. They now were both in a sitting position, her legs loosely wrapped around his ass. He kissed her throat and felt her inner walls tightening around his cock. Thanks to her oral performance, his own orgasm was still miles away, though it turned him on a lot to know that she was close again. When she threw her head back and groaned his name, he knew he wouldn't catch her this time. Two thrusts later she came for the second time.

After a short breather, Lorelai moved her legs so that she now was straddling him, never letting his cock slide out of her completely. Luke leaned back and enjoyed himself as she started riding him. She didn't move much, just a few inches back and forth. It felt incredible. Her short yet very powerful movements brought him a lot closer to his climax. Luke distracted himself by rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She kept the slow pace, letting him concentrate on the tiniest friction. His moans became louder and louder, and he used his right hand to rub her clit. Lorelai knew what it meant and took her hand to put it on his to intensify the pressure he was already applying on her clit. "Lorelai, come for me", Luke groaned when he felt he wouldn't last any longer. That sentence pushed her over the edge and he could feel her walls tightening again. Luke finally allowed himself to climax. Lorelai came right after she felt the warm rush he sent into her.

She collapsed on top of him, then slid off to lie on her side, both panting heavily as they looked up to the stars. Luke broke the silence after a few minutes. "So, I guess that means I have to keep the mattress. It's definitely something I want to keep to remember this moment by. Finally I could sleep with the woman I'm in love with for years."

Swallowing hard, Lorelai played down how moved she was, and replied smugly "That was my plan all along."

"Well, at least I distracted you good enough and you didn't feel lonely tonight."

"Ok, I changed my mind about painting the bedroom. Let's just do this every night!"

"Deal!", Luke said and pulled her close to his chest.