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Chapter 1- New Bodies

~Cinderpelt's POV~

I wake in the medicine den and proceed to sit up and yawn, my paw rubbing against my face and catching on my whiskers due to my muddled morning haze. A strike of pain runs through my leg as I stand up. I wince slightly but shake it off, ignoring it as best as I can, like I had been doing since I first gained the injury.

I hear my stomach growl so, complying to its unspoken wishes, I dragged myself to the fresh-kill pile in the middle of camp, picking out a juicy-looking squirrel. I dig my teeth in, savouring the meat as it runs down my throat, slowly satisfying my hunger.

I turn to see Leafpaw padding up next to me, gaze focused onto the floor rather than me or the fresh-kill pile. I lick my paws of the remains of the squirrel and decide to cheer her up.

"Do you want to come and help me collect some catmint to restock in case of greencough?" I ask her, feeling satisfied with my attempt to encourage her to be more cheerful when she looks up, eager.

"Yeah! Let's go!" she meows, tail flicking excitedly. I purr at her enthusiasm and stand up the best I can, replying with a, "Wait for me, then."

She hasn't left camp for several days, so I can see why she's so anxious to come with me. She waits for me to limp to her side and begins to keep pace with me as we leave camp. I acknowledge her thoughtfulness with a grateful purr which she smiles at.

Soon we reach the patch of catnip we'd found a few moons ago when trying to find some cobwebs. I begin to claw at some of the stems when I hear pawsteps behind me.

I look up to see a Thunderclan patrol consisting of Firestar, Greystripe, Brambleclaw, Sandstorm and Squirrelpaw. My tail instinctively waves in greeting and Firestar dips his head in return.

Sandstorm is standing close net to Firestar, their pelts touching. I feel a pang of jealously shoot through my body which I try to ignore as best I can. I've had a crush of Firestar since he first became my mentor but, well, he has a mate, kits and I'm a medicine cat, so it can't be helped.

I watch as Squirrelpaw bounds over to greet her sister, a purr on her lips. I glance up at Brambleclaw to see him grumpily watching Squirrelpaw, an expression of annoyance plastered on his face. I'm honestly not surprised; the two of them are always having arguments and disagreements.

As Squirrelpaw walks back to the patrol, ready to continue it alongside the other cats that it consists of, I begin to feel dizzy. I stumble backwards, not noticing the concerned looks being thrown in my direction.

I begin to panic as darkness flickers in the corner of my vision, and before I can do anything else it overwhelms me and I fall completely to the ground.

~Leafpaw's POV~

After greeting my sister happily, I watch as she walks back to our mother. Just as I'm about to go back to collecting catmint I see Cinderpelt stumble backwards. She staggers and collapses to the floor with no warning, so I immediately run over to her and nuzzle her fur.

"Cinderpelt?" I ask in concern. When no answer is forthcoming, I say her name again, with more panic. "Cinderpelt!" The patrol approach us, clearly worried.

"What happened?" Firestar asks me, his head close to mine as he leans over next to me. I look at him, conveying with the expression in my eyes that I have no idea, and I am about to tell him we should take her back to camp when I hear a thud sound from just behind me.

My head whipping around, I see my mother collapsed on the floor, much like Cinderpelt was right next to me. Disbelief and fear both run through my body as I look from my mother to my mentor who are both laid out on the undergrowth like they're dead, even though they're still breathing.

Firestar is immediately at Sandstorm's side, licking her pelt in comfort, right paw hesitantly touching her side. Squirrelpaw is now standing next me, brushing our pelts together, trying to hide the fact she's scared as well.

I take in a deep breath, comforted by my sister, trying to calm down enough to think clearly and try and work out a solution to our current situation. My thoughts are rushing through my head and uncontrollable speeds, but are cut through when I feel Squirrelpaw tense against my body and fall to the ground, joining Cinderpelt and Sandstorm.

By now the remaining four of us are looking at each other in worry. "Oh, Starclan!" Greystripe chokes out, anxiously pawing the ground. I can tell Brambleclaw is thinking about the same thing as he stares at Squirrelpaw in disbelief. The next thing I see is him joining her, eyes flaring in panic moments before they unfocus.

Firestar licks the top of my head in an attempt of comfort. "…Leafpaw? D-Do you know what's going on?" All I can do is shake my head and try to extract as much comfort from my father's slightly trembling pelt as I can before Greystripe somehow gracefully topples over.

My eyes meet Firestar's sharp green ones. "Firestar…" I whisper. Before he can reply- or do anything at all, he joins the five unconscious cats on the floor.

I stand there, shaking and alone. I close my eyes, muscles tense and awaiting my inevitable fate, which eventually comes, merely seconds later.

I awake with a groan, feeling incredibly strange all over. And cold. My eyes focus and, as soon as they do, I yelp in shock and scramble backwards. Lying on the ground in front of me are six twolegs.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I begin to wander how they got there. Before I can run away, a rush of dysphoria claims my body. I look down at my paws, only to see that they aren't paws but twoleg hands.

(What in Starclan? Where did that word come from?)

I stand up, expecting to stand on four legs; but instead I find myself stumbling on two instead. The realisation hits me like a brick.

(A what? I've never used that expression before in my life. How do I know what that is?)

I am a twoleg.

I have absolutely no idea how this has happened, and that's what's scaring me the most right now. I push the thought to the back of my mind and begin to properly observe the six other twolegs.

('Humans,' my mind supplies. Twolegs are called 'Humans')

They must be my Clanmates, I realise. I recognise Firestar first. He's a tall human with short ginger hair.

(I guess I should just accept these new words that are coming to me naturally. It's probably easier than questioning it every time it happens, no matter how strange it is.)

I suddenly realise I have no tail. It feels… wrong. And weird. My ears are on the side of my head too- which is disorientating to say the least. How do twole-humans deal with it?

Shaking my head to get myself back on track. I identify my sister next. She looks like a shorter, female version of Firestar. She has longer and slightly darker ginger hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her hair is straight- albeit quite thick and messy.

There's a white strand that runs through the left side of her hair, which I presume comes from her white paw. Come to think of it, her hair colour is the same as her main pelt as well. Interesting.

The male human next to her is presumably Greystipe, then. He is slightly shorter than Firestar, but with broader shoulders. His hair is shoulder length and messy, but not in a bad way.

I locate Brambleclaw next. He's the tallest, I think. His body is muscular and his short brown locks frame his face, which is actually quite good-looking. I catch myself blushing at the comment and scold myself, but then argue that I'm not looking at him in that way. I was just simply stating a fact!

Whatever. I'm moving on now.

To Sandstorm. She's lying on her side, drool pooling from her mouth. I laugh fondly. She's about a head shorter than Firestar, and is accompanied with an asymmetric haircut.

(Wow. That was a surprisingly cool word to say.)

The last cat must be Cinderpelt. I examine my mentor. She's slightly shorter than Sandstorm, and her hair is covering most of her face. It's black- and from what I can tell it reaches about her shoulders. Her body is slim and graceful, which makes me happy.

She deserves to look beautiful, at least.

By now, everyone is beginning to wake up and reaching the same conclusion I reached when I first awoke and is surveying each other. I'm just about to walk closer to them when I hear a gruff, but kind voice sound from behind me.

"Well, well," It says, as me and my Clanmates turn to face it. "What do we have here?"

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