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Jack awoke to the crack of a whip and intense pain on her back. She screamed out as Pitch continued to whip her. Then he got out a needle. He had the nightmare-sand restrain her arm so it couldn't be moved. He injected whatever was in that needle into her. Jack cried as she was unable to anything.

"I injected a drug," Pitch told her slyly. "Heroin.

Jack's mind became clouded because the effects were starting. Pitch saw this and smirked. He picked her up and brought her over to the chair. He made his sand restrain her again as he went and got a wrench.

"This may hurt a bit," Pitch sneered.

He put the wrench in her mouth and started pulling on a tooth with it. Pitch ignored Jack's screams as he pulled out one of her molars. Once it was out he brought Jack over to the bathtub and put her head under the water. Jack screamed as she felt emerged in water.


After hours of torture Jack was put in a small room, alone, naked. The room was so small she couldn't even stand up. Her knees were to her chest, making her wounds hurt more. Her hair was soaking wet. Jack was sobbing in the small room, no, it was more like a permanent box built so solid she couldn't kick it to break down.

She could feel the walls getting tighter, she couldn't be in there any longer. It scared her. She was so scared.

"Let me out!" Jack screamed desperately. "Just let me out! I can't stand it in here! I'll do anything!" Then, she started sobbing. "I'll do anything, please, just let me out."

Pitch was on the other side of the door smirking. He waited a few minutes before opening the door. Jack has tears down her face.

"Anything?" Pitch asked.

Jack didn't do anything, only stared at Pitch, but then she slowly nodded.


Mother Nature strolled into the Pole like she owned the place. She was holding Hiccup's hand, practically dragging him along. She needed to talk to the Guardians. She stormed over to where they were and glared at them.

"What have you been doing?" She was beyond upset.

"Mother Nature," North said in surprise. "I believe you are helping look for Jack?"

"Yes, we will find her. I will find my Little Winter and my father. He has gone too far this time."

Hiccup looked at her in shock. "Pitch is your father?"

"Sadly, yes. He was once a good man, but now he is evil."

"So," Bunny piped up. "Who is this lad?"

"Oh," Hiccup noticed that they didn't know who he was. "I'm Hiccup, I control fall."

"You forgot something," Mother Nature said with a smirk, making Hiccup blush. "Jack is actually Hiccup's girlfriend."


Jack cried as she was whipped. She wanted to just die. Everything was hurting. She just wanted to fly out of Pitch's lair and hide away from the world. Jack felt the pain stop suddenly. Pitch was gone. Jack pulled herself over to the bed and laid down, pulling the covers over her head.

"Please," She thought to herself as she closed her eyes. "Just let me die. I'm tired of all of this pain."

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