The brunette breathed - "Oh Gods, oh yes!" - almost in tune with the easy motions of the wiry appendage. She could feel a vaguely-uncomfortable-but-mostly-very-pleasant warmth once again build in her nerves and all over her skin, one that she wanted more of.

"I am a actively-worshipped deity, so that manner of address is pretty appropriate," responded the sea-monster, tone light. She responded with an unsteady snort. The tentacle around her thigh began to tighten and loosen its grip, over and over and over, eliciting dry rasps and moans from the woman. Soon, she exhaled breathily, eyes tightly shut.

Taking it to mean that she had reached climax, the Perfect slowed his movements a bit. Moments later, the session had come to an end.

The eighteen-year-old tossed herself down on the bed, head landing not quite squarely on the pillow. She turned around, adjusting her position, burying her head's backside in it.

"Okay, I think it's enough now," murmured the brunette. Her voice was nothing short of fuzzy, "wanna say, I'm really developing a taste for tentacles," she was almost surprised to hear herself say it. Before, she wouldn't ever have.

For starters, she couldn't get pregnant, which was good enough in itself, but they also didn't have a refractory period. As the cherry on top of all that, they could reach places that Kari hadn't known she liked being touched in. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed all positives.

"I am pleased that you're pleased," returned the blue-skinned monstrosity, from his part of the room. "Anyway, I'm kinda curious, what's happening in your life these days?"

She exhaled, heart-beat settling on a quiet pace. "Not much, we're mostly just wandering the dimensions."

It didn't surprise him - adventure and wonder was part and parcel of her every life. Given her bad habit of repressing herself, however, he found himself a bit uneasy about her reticence to share.

"Just last week," she elaborated, "me and Gatomon Bio-Merged into Magnadramon and kicked DarkKnightmon's butt, over in Witchelny."

"Such adventures you have," marveled the unearthly thing, without a hint of irony.

"So, what's going on with you?" inquired the brunette.

"The same as is always," responded Dagomon. "Sleeping and ruminating in the depths, the occasional outing with Hikari, dropping by whenever one of you was in a situation she or Gatomon couldn't get her out of. It's been about two years since last time I did that song and dance."

Kari hmmed in acknowledgement.

"Before I forget, your mother's asked to see me," he related.

She looked unabashedly surprised. "Really?" her brain, and every single instinct she had, agreed. The meeting of her mundane and surreal lives was not gonna go well.

"Yeah, Yuuko from when the Ophanimon-verse Kari is thirteen," elaborated the Perfect. "Would you accede to tagging along? I expect that this will be awkward."

A cringing frown formed on Kari's face. "No, I'm sorry," she couldn't go back, not after everything she had lost, not after everything she and Gatomon had seen. She just couldn't.

As Yuuko watched, a humanoid figure in yellow robes popped into reality. For a moment, the yellow-robed brunette flickered with muted reds and greens and blues, that reminded her of static on an old TV set. The queen of the Deep Ones turned to face her.

"To pre-emptively answer what you no doubt are about to ask, Dagomon agreed that I should be the one to attend this little meeting rather than him. If this vexes you, I can bring him here in little time," voiced Hikari, voice perfectly. "I have heard that you wish to confer."

Yuuko looked, almost befuddled by her. She looked so much like Kari, the spitting image of an older her, but spoke completely unlike her daughter.

The woman swallowed, willing her unease down.

"Feel free to take a seat," she gestured to the couch. Giving a small smile, Hikari moved to sit down. Yuuko quickly joined her, on the other couch. "I want to know," voiced Yuuko, "what all this is about. Why did this Dagomon fella tell my daughter that she's some kind of dimension-making reincarnated goddess?"

Hikari simply looked at her, eyes unreadable. That bothered Yuuko.

She decided to begin the explanation lightly. "She was so informed, because it is true," it was the greatest understatement in all eternity that multi-dimensional matters were complicated.

Yuuko looked uncertainly at her. On one hand, it was absurd, but she had just teleported in.

"The matter is two-fold," continued Hikari. "Though my human self yet knows it not, she is an elemental of light and photon. From this, she gains power very near omnipotence. It is her energy that Gatomon draws upon in taking her higher states, and which manifested for your daughter during her conflict against the Dark Masters several years ago."

Comprehension dawned on her immediately of what she meant - that time where Kari began to spontaneously glow. She'd just explained that to herself as some weird Digital World thing. The laws of Faerie were not the laws of Earth. "So that's why that happened."

"Indeed," said the queen in yellow. "The other matter at play here, the matter of my reincarnations, is perhaps explained most simply as my soul being in an never-ending cycle between two universes. I am born in this world, and I relocate into our plane beyond this continuum. For lack of a better word, there I eventually die, and my soul returns to the one named Kari Kamiya."

Yuuko couldn't believe it. She didn't really want to, but her daughter sounded so sure of what she was saying, she was a bit hesitant to dismiss it as just a crazy woman's rambling.

"Did you want to know anything else?" Hikari added, after a moment's silence.

Yuuko sighed, and rubbed her temple. "Hhhh, it's just, this is a lot to take in."

"Indeed so," replied Hikari, neutrally, sitting motionless. Silence reigned for a short bit.

"So, tell me," requested the physically-older brunette. "What's your life like now, in your dimension?"

A smile formed on Hikari's face. "Much is well, there. I have had many millennia to meditate and ponder philosophy, love and be loved by Dagomon, and tour the myriad realms of both universes. You would not soon believe, I think, many of the wonders I have seen in my travels."

It pleased her to hear that. "That's good to hear, Kari," Hikari decided against correcting her about the nickname. This woman was, in some sense, her mother, and it was not unwelcome. "But, millennia? Really? You're immortal?"

"As I said," answered Hikari, "my current life has many things for me to take joy in."

Leaning back, Yuuko pondered what next to ask. Eventually, she said, "Look, Kari, I'm just going to address what I feel is a pretty big elephant in the living room here. Dagomon is a giant squid. How in the world did you ever hook up with him? How do you even kiss that face?"

The smile on her face dimmed into a frown. "I am aware that physically dissimilar romantic bonds are unusual among humankind, and ones forged between different species as well, but they are mundane among the Digimon races," she paused for a moment, before resuming. "To answer your second question, I no longer remember when he and I originally met. I do not believe it truly matters," she paused there.

Yuuko sighed lightly as she took that in. Kari remained outwardly stoic as she pondered the optimal phrasing of her next statement.

"The answer to your last question is that I do not," disclosed the brunette. "Only on rare occasions do I kiss his forehead, and do we partake in recreational intercourse."

Yuuko flushed. She hadn't quite wanted that much information. Her face then scrunched over with confusion. "Wait, I didn't think that Digimon had genitalia."

"In most worlds, they do not, and Dagomon is no exception to that," explained Hikari. "Consider, mother," a lopsided grin broke out, "what he does have."

She gasped, realizing what she was insinuating - bestiality, or xenophilia... digiphilia? Cyberphilia?

A glum mood then formed in her eyes. "You really aren't the girl I raised, anymore, are you?"

Hikari had expected that Yuuko would acknowledge that - a rare first, in all her life - but hearing it still displeased her. "I am afraid that I must say no. A person can change greatly in merely ten years, and I have had far more than ten millennia in our realm. Even the body I inhabit," she stopped.

The yellow-robed otherthing raised her hand, and her other hand to the wrist. The hand came off, like there wasn't anything holding it together. Shock flashed over Yuuko's face, shock that became surprise when she noticed that there weren't any blood to see. There was just dark water, glowing with lavender light, inside her forearm.

Absently, Hikari tucked her hand into her robe-sleeve again. "My human form and flesh was abandoned long ago, yet I am fond enough of its likeness to design my vessels after it."

Yuuko mentally brushed the oddity off, a mildly sour taste left in her mouth. "I see."

"I believe that we can agree, I have changed too much to pass for a human," voiced Hikari, sternly. "It is the reason I myself refrain from returning to earth more than passingly. I should leave."

Hikari stood up. Yuuko spoke.


The woman who appeared barely twenty looked quizzically at the thirty-something. "I am afraid that I do not entirely fathom your meaning."

She made a smile. "I mean that I don't want you to leave. You may be some extradimensional Lovecraftian power and queen now, but you're still my daughter in some sense of the term, and I want to understand you a little better."

Hikari returned her smile. "Thank you for the offer. I shall accept. It is assuredly more inviting than anything else I might spend today doing."