Venomous spies.

Chapter 1: Spider Spider on the wall.



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My name is Flash Thompson. You know me as the high school bully of Peter Parker or as he's better known as Spider-Man. my childhood hero was the same kid i picked on each and every day… yeah not my best decision, yet then again I was a kid. A stupid kid but still a kid. Just incase you don't know after high school i went to war and got my legs blown off. I am now a cripple in a wheel chair. But thats not all to my story. You see the government Somehow got there hands on certain symbiote thats been causing trouble since it's first appearance with Spider-Man. The government wanted to find some way to use the symbiote called Venom. So as a result i was picked from the bunch. When i bonded with it i knew from the start it was trying to gain control over my mind ,but i had help to keep it together in order to finish the mission. From Jack-o-Lantern to Captain America as a juiced up spider mutant. I had to fight them all. For the mission, my wife, and my own sanity. But enough about the past because the future is more interesting at the moment. while trying to infiltrate Stark tower for one his new inventions that could help the government i was seen by the big guy himself Iron-Man which wasn't good for me considering his armor packs a punch and has both electrical and sonic attacks i was kinda screwed from the very start.

"Tell me why you're here Agent Venom and I'll consider letting you leave and tell your bossed all about this." Tony screamed over the sonic blast that he hit Venom with. The agent was kneeling on the ground covering his ears in a vain attempt to stop the sound.

"Y-You know I can't do that S-Stark." He could feel it… the symbiote. It was trying to get in his head while he was weakened. Damn the thing was smart.

"Tell me or I'll be scraping black gunk from my clean floor." Tony was always the persistent one when it came down to it.

"Sorry Tony but my superiors classified info getting out." Flashes voice was slowly gaining a new echo. no.. it was coming… he had to stop it in its tracks!

"Well then tell your 'superiors' that they can't have whatever it is there looking for." turning off the sound Tony used his arc blaster to send Venom into the other room. however by a slight miscalculation Tony sent venom to the same room as his new project… a interdimensional traveler.

"oh crap you aren't supposed to see that!" with the sound gone Flash quickly gained control over his self once more. Looking at the device Venom knew it was the one they wanted. walking closer to it venom reached out to grab it.

"No! Don't touch it Venom!" Tony in an act of quick thinking aimed his arc blasters at Venoms hand which was now holding the small device. The blast connected with the I.T causing a small explosion forming smock.

"Sir i detect a small breach in reality." Said Jarvis. The A.I Tony built. When the smoke cleared there was no Venom… and no I.T anywhere not even a piece.

…...…..Another world….…

Alex, Clover, and Sam were in the middle of shopping at the new store that opened in the mall. that is until WHOOP decided to call on their assistants.

"Welcome back girls." Said Jerry. Director of WHOOP.

"What gives Jerry i was in the middle of shopping!" Screamed the blond spy. She had her eye's on a pretty red top. yet that wasn't all Mandy also had her eye's on it. this is Clover.

"Yeah i want to know to!" Shouted the Blacked haired girl. She was in the middle of buying a new case for her phone when she got WHOOPed in. This is Alex.

"I was in the middle of a conversation!" Complained the last one who had long red hair. she was trying to talk with this guy she deemed 'cute'. this is Sam.

"My apologies ladies but we have an urgent mission alert and need you three to investigate. We have very little information which is what disturbs us the most at the time. You see our detectors have spotted a large energie spike in New York sewer system. Since this is a simple investigative mission and nothing more than we will supply you with. Compowder, laser lipstick, scanning watch, jetpack backpack, and the hair dryer." The three got their cat suits on and quickly got the gadgets from the table a put them in their proper places. then they got WHOOPed to New York in seconds.

…New York Sewers…

Where am I? what happened? all I see is darkness. wait I smell something… it smells like… "The Sewers!?" Shouts flash as he raised up to his legs. Noticing that the symbiote is still on and that he is in what he knew was the New York sewer Venom had figured that Tony put him here after the little tussle in Stark tower.

"Come on girls lets get this done with!" Venom heard voices… this one was female.

"We aren't going to get done with it in a second so chill out!" Another female.

"Come on girls you're both acting a little immature." The last one was also female. They were coming on his position quick which meant they were looking for something… but what.

"Come on we were told to look around here for whatever it is so start looking."

Was possible that they want to find me? I better hide myself to eavesdrop and get the information. Venom Used his powers to stick to the wall. His black costume making it almost impossible for them to find him unless they shine a bright flashlight at him. Then he saw the light. not to bright so he couldn't hide but bright enough that it would make a bit more difficult.

I have an idea to scare them away! If i could get them to turn their backs on me then they will regret it! Venom knew how to scare people good. he had all he needed the costume, creepy settings, and the most important one… the element of surprise.

"Come on girls the signal says that whatever 'it' is will be somewhere around here." She was a redheaded caucasian female. reminds Venom of Mary Jane Watson.

"Let's just get this done with i have to be at the mall like… 3 hours ago!" This one was blond caucasian female… wait mall… they were teenagers!

"Yeah Sam we need to end this quick like what Clover says!" This one was a brunette indian girl. Each had they build of teenagers but there cloths are strange.

What is that spandex? Oh wait i get it… some little school girls want to be super heroes just like Spider-Man or the Young Avengers. Well seeing the Venom symbiote would change their minds. Sneaking up behind them on the ceiling Venom quietly jumped down and barely made any noise.

"Come on girls theres nothing down here so lets leave before the mall closes!" said blondie. she was flapping her arms trying to prove her point.

"Yeah Sam let leave this disgusting place and get back home." Said the brunette trying to budge what venom thinks is the leader. Now was the time to strike!

"I agree with the red and yellow one's" Venom's voice was… different yet the same. strange.

"Yeah see he agrees…" all three turned around and flash their lights on Agent Venom. All was silent for the time being.

"What the heck!" Screamed blondie. Her voice was very high pitch… made the symbiote squirm.

"Who are you!" that was something Venom didn't expect. The redhead took a fighting stance… a sloppy fighting stance but thats to be expected from a teenager.

"He looks so scary!" Well the Brunette knew how to be afraid. But the next moment the a red and yellow dressed girls took the same pose as what Venom deduced as the leader.

"Do you girls really think you can me? well then by all means try!" As if on cue all three ran to Venom. Red tried to sweep kick him but Venom saw it miles away. Blondie wanted to kick Venom in the gut but to her great surprise Venom caught her kick and tossed her at Red. Brunette tried a left hook which Venom caught without much effort.

"Please tell me you're not taking this seriously. I haven't even had to resort to my abilities." The Brunette seemed a bit shocked. Also to be expected. especially when someone finds someone else who they can't touch and learn he's not even trying. Blondie tried to sneak attack Venom by kicking my back however he slung the Brunette and hit Blondie sending them both back. What happens next shocked Venom. Red got something out of her suit.

Wait how? never mind the physics that were just broken did she get lipstick out? Yes Red was now holding some lipstick out. She rolled it out and aimed it at Venom. then the unthinkable happened the lipstick shot out a laser that was flying straight at Venom. To shocked to move the beam hit Venom on the head knocking him back.

"Yay we got him! Clover, Alex we got him!" Shouts Red at the now named Clover and Alex. Both girls run towards their teammate.

"Good work Sam. He was a good fighter but he couldn't handle our gadgets!" Clover walked to the now named Sam helping her up.

"I am a good fighter. if you think some small time blast like that will do me in then you're very much mistaken!" Agent Venom slowly got up looking unharmed by the attack.

"What! But you where down! I call cheat!" Screamed Alex. he face was one of confusion and slight fear.

"Cheat? Wow you girls are teenagers… why would someone send teenagers after me Agent Venom? doesn't make since. I'm sure that whoever you girls work for has his or hers reasons but I'm not sticking around for you guys to try anything else." And with that Agent Venom ran into the darkness while the girls stood there in shock.

"Girls?" Asked Sam.

"Yes." both asked.

"Did we just get ditched?"


"Jerry's not going to like it… is he?"



End chapter.

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