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When Jack woke up he noticed he was in a dark room, a bedroom. There were three other people in the room, kids, more like teenagers, like him. They were just sitting on their own beds and talking with one another. When they noticed Jack was awake they quickly ran over to him. Jack backed up on the bed till his back hit the headboard.

"Who are you?" He asked, frightened a bit.

"Oh, I forgot you're new," a girl with really short ginger hair said. "I'm Alex. I came here two weeks ago."

"I'm Ron," a boy with brown hair said.

"I'm Hope," a girl with long curly blonde hair said.

"I'm Jack," Jack introduced. "Why am I here?"

"You were called," Alex explained. "We were all called."

"Called by who?"

"The witch," Ron said. "She's lonely so she called us to play."


"Apparently," Hope piped in, "when she was a child she was shunned out by her village. I think she takes children who are lonely so they all can play together."

"W-what makes you think that?" Jack wasn't as frightened of them now.

"I've been bullied and alone most of my life, Ron is an orphan who nobody adopts because 'nobody wants a teenager.' Alex was kicked out of her own home because she likes girls. It just makes sense that the witch takes lonely children."

"By the way, how can you see me?"

"What do you mean?" Ron asked, getting a bit closer to Jack.

"I mean, I just gained believers two, almost three years ago. I don't have that many and teenagers aren't supposed to even believe in us."

"Who's 'us?'" Alex asked.

"The rest of the spirits in the world. I was alone for three-hundred years and you aren't supposed to see me."

"Maybe the witch didn't want you to be alone," Hoe said quietly. "Especially here."

Suddenly there was someone yelling at them through the door, telling the four that it was time to get up and get ready for the day, that breakfast was being served soon.

"Who was that?" Jack asked.

"That was the witch," Alex said.


Jack followed the trio out of the room and down a long hall. He noticed a lot of doors, probably to more rooms. The hallway made a right and then there was huge staircase. Once their descent was done they were in an entrance hall. Hope pulled on Jack's arm to make him stop staring. The trio lead Jack to a grand dining room full of teenagers, then they pulled him to one of the tables to sit.

"Eat," Alex told Jack, who was staring at everybody.

"Why are there only teens here?" Jack asked as he turned to the table.

"Because this is a dining room for teens only. The witch tries to keep the children in their own age group. Like we are between the ages of fourteen and sixteen."

Jack nodded and started eating without another word. Suddenly a hand came down on his shoulder. Jack was startled, of course, but when he looked up he was absolutely shocked.

"Ember?" He asked, unsure of who was in front of him.

"Jack," She said with a small smiled. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't know, I was on look out to catch whoever brought us here so. What about you?"

"I was spreading a small wild fire, Mother Nature told me to, and then I woke up in a bed room by myself. That was a week ago."

Ron cleared his throat so he could get the duo's attention. "Jack, who's this?"

"Sorry," Jack apologized. "This is Ember, we're friends."

Alex looked at Hope with a grin, who returned the grin.

"Just friends?" She asked.

Ember went red in the face as she looked to the ground. Jack turned purple and did the same thing.


At the pole the Guardians were freaking out. They had noticed the window was left open when they went back to Jack's room. His staff was, surprisingly, still there. They sent every available force necessary out to search.

"What if he's being tortured this very minute?" Tooth questioned.

"He strong boy," North told her. "Will be fine till we find him?"

"And if we don't?" Bunny asked, playing with his boomerangs.

Sandy tried to speak, but was ignored, sadly.

"Don't say such things!" Tooth yelled at Bunny, still very worried.

"All I'm saying is what if we don't," Bunny told her. "What will we do then?"

Sandy got fed up and grabbed and elf and shook it. Once the others were looking at him he made stereotypical sign for a witch.

"The witch?" North asked, receiving a nod from Sandy.

"We took care of her centuries ago," Tooth stated.

"We took care of Pitch too," Bunny told her. "He came back."

Sandy made a woman and then a baby above is head.

"What about the child?" Sandy nodded.

"We dropped her off in one of the villages," Bunny stated. "She never learned how to use her magic."

"What if she did?" Tooth asked.

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