Like the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presely, most of my fondest childhood memories were spent reading comics. I often imagined myself as a hero saving the girl, defeating the bad guy, and being crowned a hero. All in a day's work.

Welcome to a BTS Feature of The Spec-Ops Team. This is actually the first time I've really done a look back at my story to explain what I've did since my very first fanfic in late 2008, Freddy VS Jason VS Ash VS Sylar!

Now, how did THIS story that you have read come about? Well, being a Marvel fan that I am (can't say the same for most of the comics recently, though. Looking at you, Dan Slott. Your stories are garbage and I promise you this, I am coming for you. I will dethrone you as God of the Spider-Man Stories. I will be Liam Neeson with the power of Chuck Norris upon your dethroning. You will beg me for mercy which you will get none of, as I roundhouse kick you yesterday,) I LOVE the Movies and LOVE AoS despite some minor flaws. As such, my love for action movies that has grown in recent years inspired me to do my own OC story. The first task was coming up with what to do it on.

One of my favorite comics recently-turned-favorite film is Kingsman: The Secret Service (which most of this fic was also inspired by.) I loved the idea of taking a street-kid and making them tough and decided to try it out myself. Arthur Williams mainly came inspired by the character of Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz. In the process of writing this, I knew Arthur would be a hard-ass from the start, and would rise to the challenge by the end by learning to care for his team, and learning to be more light-hearted.

Katie was ironically based off of many of my thoughts on what spy movies were as a kid. She is basically the character that myself and the audience can relate to, and understand her pain when something doesn't go her way. We've all had that feeling in some way. Maybe you failed a test that was very important, or maybe you've broken up with a lover and wanted to do something very stupid. That is who Katie is. At the end of the day, she inspires people to be themselves, but at the same time, try to better themselves.

Now onto the other characters who made it into this story and what I thought of them.

Jessica Smith. Ah, Dear SweetPeaKalya's fine creation. This author was so nervous at first, but I playfully teased her with letting her know I accepted her character. Jessica served as the proper connection to the larger AoS Story at first, and then became part of that bigger universe Nick Fury talked about. I'll actually be honest, though, I had originally planned for Arthur to be the one who was almost killed and then injected with the same drug that saved Coulson's life. But I wanted to spice things up a bit and so I chose Jess to be the one to now be writing those strange carvings on anything. Why? Well, because again; it's the risk one would take by coming into a job as important as Jessica's and serves as a reminder that any slip-up could have negative consequences on a character. I'm sure you're wondering if Jess will be fine. You'll have to see the sequel story to find out!

Faye-Anne Carter. From AOSISMYLIFE. When I received the submission and accepted to put her in the story, I knew that I would have Faye be teased for her last name. I made it very clear like as AOSISMYLIFE described that Faye is in no mood for games. I have plans that I will be sending to AOSISMYLIFE to describe why Faye is the way she is, so keep an eye out for it. ;)

Next is our two science lovers; Awesomegirl's Sabrina Washionton, and NN010's Bruce Gordon. Originally, NN010 intended to introduce another character, but I believe he added the character of Bruce later, and thus this other character will be seen soon in the sequel story. I never fully intended to make Bruce and Sabrina lovers, but after the heartbreak of Fitz and Simmons relationship falling apart this season, I figured we all needed something to keep us occupied. I slowly planted the seeds when I had the chapter when Sabrina was forced to confront her past, and let it grow from there. Now I have two official shipping for the two now; Bruina (from me,) and Sabruce from AwesomeGirl! I had actually intended for this story to end with Bruce and Sabrina sneaking away when Arthur called them and when Arthur hacks into Bruce's two-way glasses left near a bed he and Sabrina are laying down in, he gets a shocked surprise (we don't see what he's looking at,) and he simply turns the thing off and passes by Katie who asks what's going on. His reply? "I'll tell you when you're older." I didn't add it because I thought we'd be going past that line that some people know to draw in cases like this. Will their challenges they face in the future undo their relationship? Check the sequel story!

And finally, our traitor. Tyler Boateng. Created by scrawlx1012. I admit, I was originally going to have the bad guy be the MCU Version of minor villain Boomerang (in fact, some other Marvel Characters made appearances in here. See if you can spot em all.) But scrawlx1012 came in with a request and I decided to take a look at it. Sure enough, I saw a good potential villain worthy of a final fight with Katie which would be much more fun to write. I promised scrawlx1012 that he would indeed play a bigger part as the right hand woman to Igraine, and indeed, he did. This is also why Tyler was the one to kill Victoria Hand. I know there are plenty of Ward/Skye or Ward/Kara lovers out there, but after the killing of one of my favorite Brian Michael Bendis-created characters, I can no longer trust Ward. That's just my opinion. Therefore, I had Tyler's betrayal be a sense of false hope for Victoria only to be stabbed in the throat by him before being beheaded. Then I gave him the tragic backstory that scrawlx1012 came up with, and although you understand why he does what he does, you can still hate him for the people he's murdered just to get even with Fury. The final fight scene was easily rewritten to fill Tyler in, and you can feel how much he's lost when Katie destroys the last remnant he has of his father and then literally scars him for life by slicing his arm off. Where does Tyler go from here? Check the sequel story!

What I'm getting at is that I've loved writing all these characters, and if you want to see where everyone goes from here, you should check my sequel story; The Spec-Ops Team 2. Plus, I'm open to more submissions now, and it won't just be limited to HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. this time around. Oh, no. This time, you get to pick if your character is an Inhuman, on Gonzalez's S.H.I.E.L.D. or just an independent person from the rest of the groups. How about that?

Anyways, before I wrap this up, I need to talk about the story design. As I stated, I always knew Arthur's Mom was going to be the one behind everything and I always knew Arthur and Katie would off her together. The culmination of the final chapter was foreshadowed back when Arthur took Katie to meet the team for the first time. Katie mentioned living her action movies in real life and after Arthur dismissed it as being ridiculous, he himself got caught up in that action. So in the end, they ended up playing it both their ways.

Now what does the second story have planned? Well there was that mysterious woman talking to Cal (and yes, the guy she was talking to in the final chapter was in fact Calvin Zabo, Skye's Father,) so we'll see what Katie's future is. But I should warn you, while the characters will be joined by faces old and new, there is a storm coming and it might be more than our team can handle.

So with that said, I hope you enjoyed the story and I look forward to seeing you for the sequel. As always, I own nothing but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes only, so PLEASE don't sue!