"It's coming. It's coming!" the mother screamed as a black lump of flesh was born. What... What is that!" the father cried out, horrified to see the creature beginning to move, exposing... wings! Its black body was covered in what looked like starlight. Suddenly, it started growing, and kept growing! Gasping, the father realized, "It's a duone! How could you mate with a dragon!" He cried out in disgust.

Terrified, baby Kylrm felt herself grow uncontrollably. She saw tiny fleshy things just before she crushed them! She didn't mean to, but she just kept on getting bigger and bigger! Finally, she stopped growing, but not before crushing dozens more squishes and brown snapping things. Fear growing, she unsteadily began to race toward a wide blue expanse beyond the strange creatures now far below her. Catapulting herself into the expanse, she finally felt at home. She was able to go much faster now, and the dark blue deep cleansed relatively small pools of red sticky liquid off her white foot scales. After a few days of gliding through the gradually colder water passed, an exhausted Kylrm reached a small island that she sensed was full of dragon-humans like her. They welcomed her into their midst and sheltered her there for 1 month, teaching her and showing her how to be the better woman/dragon. Then, everything changed when Drago's bewilderbeast attacked. He slaughtered the other duones and kidnapped Kylrm. He brought her to Drago's torture camp where she was held captive for 15 years.