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Jack was at the Pole for the monthly meeting with the Guardians. He was quite uncomfortable because the meeting coincided with somewhere else he had to be. He was there early, but not for the meeting. He had forgotten something and went back to get it, but then North wouldn't let him leave. When the others got there the meeting got started. It was taking forever in Jack's opinion.

"Are we done yet?" Jack asked, whining a bit. "I have somewhere to be."

"Where?" Bunny asked. "Where do you have to be?

"Uh..." Jack fumbled with his words.


"I-I have to go to the Spirit Hospital." Jack admitted.

Tooth gasped. "Why?"

"I'm fine. I just have to get a weekly shot."

"For what?" North asked at the same time as Sandy put up a question mark.

"It's nothing. I just have to go." Then he flew off, leaving the Guardians wondering what Jack was doing.


When Jack got there he was about five minutes late. He rushed to sign in, explaining he was late because of the Guardians. Cupid smiled at Jack, she was a nurse at the hospital. She understood Jack's reason and told him that he will be able to see Hiccup in a minute. Jack took a seat next to Mike, but didn't know he was the spirit of revenge.

"So," Jack said casually. "What brings you here today?"

"My sister got in a fight," He said. "It got a bit rough. You?"

"Getting my weekly T-shot, nothing else. How did the fight start?"

Mike looked at Jack, disgust on his face. "Actually the fight was with a storm, a blizzard to be exact."

Jack looked at the floor. He felt the hatred coming off Mike. "I'm sorry if I caused it."

"Jack," Hiccup called as he entered the waiting room. "Ready for your shot?"

Jack smiled and nodded, giving Hiccup a kiss on the lips as he came up to him. They went into Hiccup's office and sat down on the bed. Then he smirked at Hiccup.

"No," Hiccup said, not even looking at Jack. "It's not good for you right now. Plus, you could still get pregnant."

"I don't care," Jack said as he came up behind Hiccup and hugged him by the waist. "I really just want a quickie, that's it."

"That's because you have an increased sex drive right now."

"Doesn't matter, I want a quickie."

"No, are you even listening to me?"

"Listening, yes. Obeying, no."

Jack then proceeded to kiss Hiccup's neck, making the older spirit moan slightly.

"Fine, one quickie, that's it. I have patients to see."

"Uh, uh. Who else needs something changed?"

Hiccup rolled his eyes and kissed Jack. They quickly got onto the bed and started making out. This became into sex very quickly. Jack was lucky that Hiccup got a soundproof office. Once the couple was finished Hiccup got dressed while Jack laid there for a while, catching his breath.

"Do you want your shot or not?" Hiccup asked, smirking at Jack.

"Just inject it," Jack said, still on the bed.

Hiccup chuckled and injected the testosterone into Jack's thigh, wincing slightly as Jack breathed in sharply. Jack sat up and rubbed the sight of the injection. He quickly got up and kissed Hiccup. Then, he got dressed, first putting on his boxers, then his binder. He quickly put everything else on and hugged Hiccup.

"Thank you for still loving me," Jack said. "Most guys would've abandoned me by now because of this process."

Hiccup smiled and pulled Jack closer. "I will never leave you."

With that they left the office, locking it nicely before heading to the Pole. Hiccup didn't have anymore patients that day so he decided to stay with Jack. Once they landed they noticed that the others were still there, waiting for Jack.

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