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He shooed the elves out so they wouldn't get in the way. The yetis weren't any problem because they didn't need to cook/bake right that second.

Hiccup quickly got to work and made breakfast for him and Jack, it was almost like a buffet, but he knew Jack was going to eat most of he was finished he yelled for some help from the yetis to carry the food to a dining hall and set it up while he woke up Jack.

Jack was still asleep when Hiccup came back. Hiccup smirked at this and he went up to Jack and kissed him on the lips. Jack. though he was still asleep, smiled. Hiccup frowned and shook his partner up, which did the trick because Jack bolted up into a fighting stance.

"What?!" Jack said as he looked around, then he noticed it was Hiccup that had woken him. "Why did you do that?"

Hiccup couldn't contain his laughter. "I have a surprise. Get dressed before someone sees you naked."

Jack noticed this and blushed. He quickly got his clothes on. Hiccup looked around for a minute and saw what he was looking for. It was a scarf that Jack doesn't use anymore. Hiccup quickly grabbed it and put it over Jack's eyes. Then lead him to the dining room. It was set up perfectly. Hiccup took the scarf off Jack's eyes and the latter gasped at what he saw.

"This is amazing," Jack said.

"Of course," Hiccup said. "I prepared the food so you won't have a negative reaction. The yetis set up the room for us."

Jack hugged Hiccup. "So, no nuts?"

"Not that I put in."

"And no meat or seafood?"

"None," Hiccup pecked Jack on the lips.

Jack smirked and sat down. "So, what is there?"

Hiccup started filling up a plate for Jack and a plate for himself. "Well, there's scrambled eggs, hash browns, scrambled tofu, pancakes, toast, fried potatoes, biscuits, and more."

Jack rolled his eyes. "Let me guess, if I want more and find out what else there is I have to get up?"

"Yep," Hiccup said as he placed the food down.

Jack poked Hiccup in the cheek. "You're trying to make me do stuff when I'm tired."


Just then the other Guardians came in. They must have stayed over the Pole. When they saw what there was they looked at the two.

"There are plates if you want some," Hiccup told them. There's plenty for everyone."

The others smiled and got food, then they sat down at the table. Jack quickly finished his plate and got some food. He started eating when he took a bite into a muffin, but Hiccup saw that it wasn't one he made. Jack looked at the muffin in curiosity because it tasted different. What he saw made his eyes go wide. Inside the muffin was bacon.

Jack flung the muffin across the room and tried to clean his tongue with a napkin. Then he gripped his throat because it was extremely itchy. Hiccup noticed Jack was breaking out in hives.

"Jack!" Hiccup quickly dug into Jack's pockets. "Where is it?"

Hiccup was freaking out. Jack started coughing, trying to get air. Hiccup then got up and ran to Jack's bedroom really fast and got his epi-pen. When Hiccup got back to Jack he stabbed the needle into Jack's thigh and released the medicine. Hiccup breathed a sigh of relief that he got there in time, but it wasn't over yet.

"Jack," Hiccup was speaking directly to him. "I need you to stay awake. Bunny will watch over you."

Bunny looked at Hiccup. "What?! What just happened and why do I have to watch him?"

"He had an allergic reaction to something in that muffin," Hiccup looked at Bunny as he spoke. "You are going to keep him company because your fur is soft and will keep him at least somewhat in touch with reality while I go contact the hospital so they can help bring him there. You think that shot and do a lot? It'll help until we get him to there."

With that Hiccup waved his hand and made Bunny small, then walked off with a phone that just appeared. Bunny groaned at the fact he was small again, but hopped over to Jack. Bunny looked at Jack and frowned. The boy was having a hard time breathing and his throat was covered in hives.

Sandy went over to the muffin on the ground and looked at it. He was confused to how such a small thing can cause so much trouble. Hiccup can behind him and smiled softly.

"Hey," Hiccup said, startling Sandy. "Can you put that in a plastic bag so we can see what's in it?"

Sandy nodded and bound off to look for a bag. Hiccup went over to North.

"What do you think was in that muffin?" He asked.

"I do not know," North responded. "Elves like baking, but would not hurt Jack over it."

Hiccup just hoped that Jack would be okay.

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