Korra Appreciation Week

Day Two: Competition

Summary: Team Avatar v.s. Team Beifong, nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Korra wasn't too sure how this all happened (only that Bolin and Kai had started it). But she was pumped up. It was a well-known fact that the Avatar had a competitive streak, and the Beifongs were going down.

For the last three weeks, Korra, Bolin, and a select group of airbenders had been in the Earth Kingdom. They had been nonstop busy wrangling up the last of Kuvira's supporters, quelling riots, and reestablishing order. They had earned a small break at Zaofu, which was where the trouble began.

The twins had wanted to play a round of power disc. Feeling left out, Bolin let his feelings known. A game of rather, childish name calling ensued, Kai jumped in and a new game was invented (Bolin insisted on Super Awesome Ball, which was shot down by everyone).

They were using the twins' power disc arena. But instead of the metal disc, Korra had earthbent a medium sized ball. It was two on two, they couldn't use their hands, and the goal was to earthbend the ball to the opponent's goal. Kai and Opal were in charge of guarding the goals. They could only use airbending to catch the ball between their hands, but couldn't simply swat it away with a gust of wind.

"Woohoo! Team Avatar versus Team Beifong," Bolin enthusiastically yelled, as he obnoxiously continued to woot. He quickly wrangled up both Korra and Kai, wrapping an arm around both their necks.

Laughing along, Kai said, "But I'm not apart of Team Avatar."

"Of course you are lil' bro," Bolin replied and Korra agreed, ruffling the younger boy's hair. "Yeah, you saved the others at the Northern Air Temple and you've been with Bo and I every step of the way since we got here."

"Well then, let's show them what Team Avatar can do," Kai whooped.

Wing and Wei rolled their eyes in sync as Wing spoke, "Hey, we're still Beifongs after all."

"And you're going down," Wei continued.

"If you guys are the ones playing, why am I here," Huan coolly asked, arms crossed in annoyance.

"We need a referee," Opal simply answered, looping an arm around her older brother. "And you're more likely to be partial."

"Whatever," he sighed, letting his head droop. He desperately wanted to go back to his sculptures.

"Alright, so first team to ten wins," Korra reminded them as they all broke apart and settled into position.

Huan rolled his eyes at them, and apathetically called out, "Ready, set, go."

Korra had the fastest reaction. She quickly kicked the earthball past the twins, where Bolin was in position to intercept. Perfectly in sync with one another, Team Avatar bowled past Wing and Wei. Bolin faked a kick towards the goal, and Korra scored the first point of the game.

"Who's showing who," Korra taunted as she and Bolin shared a high five and a thumbs up from Kai.

Scowling, the twins nodded to Opal, who was frowning in concentration. She created a small cyclone around the ball and airbent it as far as she could.

The next goal wasn't as easy to make for either team. And everyone was surprised at just how competitive Opal got. Huan even had to actually do his job and call a few fouls on both sides and break up a fight between Opal and Korra (nobody had been eager to get between that).

The game was really heating up when Ikki appeared, waving Korra down. Calling a time out, she darted across the arena.

Looking up to the young airbender, she asked, "What's up, Ikki?"

Korra never got to hear her answer. The earthball collided with the back of her head, effectively knocking her out.

"I killed the Avatar! I killed the Avatar," Wei cried as he frantically paced back and forth in the background. Wing rolled his eyes at his brother's behavior, but didn't move from his spot besides Kai.

They were still in the middle of the arena. They had laid Korra on Opal's lap, hoping the older girl would wake up soon. Bolin hovered worriedly over his best friend; though he attempted to pacify everyone by stating she had taken harder hits to the head during Probending practice (there had been a rather nasty time when he had accidentally shot an earthbending disc at her head when she was busy glaring at Mako and Asami).

Ikki had been bawling her eyes out, but to everyone's surprise, Huan had managed to calm the girl down.

"I need to go far, far away. I know, I'll go to the South Pole, that place is pretty far."

"Bro, her dad's the Chief there," Wing scoffed as he turned around to slap his brother. It did little to calm him though. "Damn, I'll go to the swamp. Grandma will protect me, right?"

"Sure she will," Opal sarcastically muttered before adding, "And it's not her dad you have to worry about."

Bolin nodded his head in agreement as he started to ramble, "Yeah, Asami's like crazy protective of Korra. Weird, right? Always figured it'd be the other way around. But nope, she nearly ripped some guy's arm off just for touching Korra's shoulder."

"Right, well I better go pack then," Wei dramatically said, preparing to stalk off.

"Spirits! Will you shut up," Korra suddenly yelled as she metalbent the ground, causing Wei to faceplant. That moment of energy cost her and she let her head drop back onto Opal's lap. "Uhh, I feel worse than that time we went out after our win against the Eel Hounds."

"Aww, those were some good times," Bolin wistfully agreed, drawing curious gazes from all those present.

"Korra! You're okay," Ikki cried out, throwing herself down to the older girl's side. "I'm so glad. You got hurt and it's all my fault."

Korra gave her trademark crooked smile and comfortingly patted her hair. "It's not your fault, Ikki."

"Yeah it was Wei's," Huan deadpanned.

"So, I guess the game's over then," Kai commented, as he offered Korra a hand up. She took it but when she was back on her feet she started to sway, still disoriented. Bolin and Kai both reached out to steady, acting as her crutches.

"Team Avatar totally kicked Beifong butt," Korra cockily stated with a wince.

"Yeah right," Wing replied before Wei spoke, "We totally won."

"Right, Huan," Opal forcibly asked, her competitive nature flashing through as she glared at her brother.

Huan rolled his eyes but replied, "Final score, since someone tried to take out the Avatar, Team Beifong 6 and Team Avatar 8."

The three Beifongs groaned while Team Avatar happily celebrated.