Korra Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Tropes

Summary: Five tropes that encompasses Korra's character.

The Chosen One

She had never really thought about it much, what exactly being the Avatar meant. She knew what was expected of her. The White Lotus had grilled it into her since she was a child. She had to master all four elements, be the bridge between spirits and humans, and bring balance to the world.

But that wasn't all the Avatar was. And it certainly wasn't all who she was.

Though sometimes it felt that way.

It was hard for her, defining herself without her Avatar identity. And when she had lost her bending, her past lives, and Raava, everything that pretty much made her the Avatar, she had never felt so helpless.

After all that, she had truly believed that her power had limits.

And she wasn't sure what scared her more, believing she had limits or finding out that she truly didn't. It was a lot of power for just one person.

Action Girl

Let it never be said that Avatar Korra was not a woman of action. Often her shoot first, ask questions later philosophy got her in more trouble than she attempted to solve. Though she had noticeably calmed down some since she had defeated Kuvira. It was still, often than not, her go to method of operation.

And it drove her friends nuts, Mako especially.

But she couldn't help it. It was just who she was and it got results…usually.

"Don't you dare say anything," Korra snapped, glaring at the firebender. He glared right back.

The two were hanging upside down in an old warehouse. While Mako only had his arms chained up, they had forced a straight jacket on her and a crazy facemask (not unlike the Earth Kingdom guards who had captured her and Asami years ago).

"I know I said I would follow you anywhere, but would it kill you to stop and think once in a while," he angrily shot back.

Sleeves are for Wimps

It seemed wherever she went, trouble was sure to follow. It was a lesson anybody who knew her should have known by now.

Once the city was stabilized, President Reiko held a huge gala to raise money for repairs. As the Avatar, her presence was a given, that along with every other name worth knowing from the city's elite.

Unfortunately, the Triad saw this as an opportunity to attack. They must have figured that everyone was still mostly vulnerable.

She was at the buffet with Bolin when they decided to strike. Scowling in anger, she turned to the earthbender and they nodded their heads, ready to defend.

They positioned themselves back to back as they were quickly surrounded. In complete sync the duo flexed their arms, tearing their sleeves at the shoulder. Korra ripped the sleeves completely off of the fancy dress Asami had gifted her with, as Bolin did the same with his fancy suit.

They were ready for the action now.

Big Sister Instinct

Korra glared at Kai, who stared nervously but defiantly back.

Normally the two got on rather well. She was the first one to vouch for the young thief, and was the biggest supporter of his relationship with Jinora. Even going as far as to occasionally defend or distract Tenzin for him (mostly for Jinora's sake).

And usually she could handle his cocky attitude pretty well. They were both similar in that aspect.

But he had made Jinora cry.

She grabbed him by the collar and harshly pulled him closer to her. "Listen kid, you have ten seconds to go apologize to Jinora before I make you hurt."

"Y-yes ma'am," he stuttered out, quickly wriggling out of her grasp. He hastily shot off, putting as much distance between him as the Avatar as he could.

Badass Adorable

Korra still hated the press. She no longer gave much stock to their stupid poll numbers (although she was doing much better than President Reiko these days). But that didn't mean she enjoyed putting up with them.

And ever since they found out about her relationship with the CEO of Future Industries, they had been hounding her non-stop. Not a day went by that she didn't see some stupid article about the two of them.

Arms crossed and pouting, she glared at the group of reporters that were clogging up the entrance to Narook's. She was annoyed that they had somehow figured out their plans.

Asami couldn't help it, she giggled at her girlfriend's put-off expression. Korra raised an eyebrow, wordlessly expressing her confusion. In between giggles, the dark haired girl answered, "Has anyone ever told you how adorable you look when you pout like that."

"I'm badass, not adorable," Korra childishly retorted, continuing to pout. Asami smiled fondly at the other girl before pecking her on the cheek and grasping her arm. "C'mon, there are other places to eat."

"Not as good as Narook's," she grumpily mumbled, earning another laugh from her girlfriend.