Disclaimer not making any money out of this it's just an idea. Hp/twilight new time lines as well twilight is first then harry potter,


The house in the forest gave off a light glow it lay there quiet in the dead of night not bird stirred the forest as all was asleep, the house a master mind of a designer wet dream stood there in all its glory,

Sounds of lovers in the night did break some of the quiet that stilled in the night but one couple in their room was cuddle, an after sex glow in their eyes as the lovers spoke quietly to each other. A dark haired pixie like girl and a blonde haired god just laid together speaking and relaxing not knowing that their lives will be forever changed after today.

As the sunrise shone in to the room the house started to stir water was sounded thought out the house and music was played the telly was turned on and the house awoke to a brand new day here lived the Cullen's family and they had been here 10 years.

The cullens life had been good but they needed a break from the humans and the stress from the other vampires, so had been in isolation for past ten years only bella dad come to them for three weeks per year. they would be moving soon to restart there education, Carlise the father still worked at the hospital. (Many miles away,) it was family bonding time at the moment it was needed to reform and strengthen new and old bonds.

Alice and Jasper come into the room and sat down they had been hunting the day before and were both bored and wondered what the gang was up to. Emmett was playing a game on the xbox, Rose was painting her nails and bella was reading a book on Edwards lap the family was enjoying their selves.

Suddenly Alice had a vision Edward turned just in time to see Jasper and Alice disappear, the family was in uproar as Alice and jasper had vanished.