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Beryl/Helios (As Siblings)


Phobos/Deimos (As Siblings)

Amara/Serena (As Siblings)


Koneko-chan = Kitten

Fuku = Sailor Suit

Ginzuishou = Silver Crystal

Odango's = Dumplings (Usagi's hair-style)

Pegicorn = Magical creature resulting from a unicorn & pegasus mating. Or in the case of Helios, Magical Shape-shifting gift bestowed upon a virgin male gaurdian by the gods.

Mugen Gakuen = Infinity Academy

Minna = Everyone

Gender Morph = Magical ability to take the fully functioning form of the opposite sex

Pink Taco = Slang for female genitals

Tsuki no Hime = Princess of the Moon

Seppuku (Hara Kiri) = Ritual Suicide


The Past

Looking, for eight very specific people. Or more correctly, eight very specific bodies. Two young women cried silently as they walked through the devastation that surrounded them. Devastation, which only a few hours before, had been a thriving kingdom. Both young women stood at about six foot three, one having short navy hair while the other had long silver hair. The first body they found was that of King Manias of Uranus. A select few had also known him to be, Sailor Uranus. However, thanks to an oracle, only he had ever known, that he and one other, were to be the last true gender-morphs. That the one other, would also be a species morph. After saying a few words over the fallen king, the long-haired girl lifted his lifeless body into her arms saying, "He will be the first." Both girls turned toward a time vortex, taking the kings body to be prepared for what would come next. It was several hours before they found the next to the last body. Surprisingly this one was still breathing, but the short-haired girl could tell, she would not live but a minute or two more. Almost as if she knew why they were there, the woman spoke her final words while being lifted into the long-haired girls' arms. "Thank you." The silver-haired girl replied sadly. "You're welcome, Queen Serenity."

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