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Beryl/Helios (As Siblings)


Phobos/Deimos (As Siblings)

Amara/Serena (As Siblings)


Koneko-chan = Kitten

Fuku = Sailor Suit

Ginzuishou = Silver Crystal

Odango's = Dumplings (Usagi's hair-style)

Pegicorn = Magical creature resulting from a unicorn & pegasus mating. Or in the case of Helios, Magical Shape-shifting gift bestowed upon a virgin male gaurdian by the gods.

Mugen Gakuen = Infinity Academy

Minna = Everyone

Gender Morph = Magical ability to take the fully functioning form of the opposite sex

Pink Taco = Slang for female genitals

Tsuki no Hime = Princess of the Moon

Seppuku (Hara Kiri) = Ritual Suicide


The Present Prt. 4

When the two young women showed themselves the next day at the concert hall, they looked well rested and ready to pour their energy into summoning the Kibou no Hikari. Seiya being the person she was couldn't resist commenting. "It's about damn time you two showed up. The concert starts in twenty minutes. Did you have fun getting married by an Elvis impersonater?" Standing in front of a mirror working her hair into a French braid Haruka replied. "It was a Cher impersonater, and we had a blast." Haruka then pushed the other woman out of the dressing room. "Now out. I need to change clothes. I refuse to go on stage wearing yesterday's slacks." As they took their places on stage several minutes later and began to sing, since even her senses had a range limit. Taiki prayed the stars quickly carried their message to the golden senshi.

In the vast reaches of space about four galaxies away. The golden senshi and her two best friends were crying softly as literally ninety thousand star seeds floated around them. The home planets of the two queens had been desolate far too long for even Galaxia to restore. As they had been the first to fall all those centuries ago. "Crow, Siren, I am so sorry. This is my entire fault." Crow laid a hand to her arm. "Galaxia-sama, this is the fault of Chaos, not you." Removing her head-piece, letting her long locks spill free she replied. "Yes it is Lead Crow. If I had sought the help of Queen Selenity in the first place, instead of sealing Chaos within my body, none of this would have happened." Siren refused to let her friend castigate herself further. "Galaxia-sama. The Lunarian Queen had just given birth; and had her own problems at the time. You know this. It was only natural for you to try to solve this one on your own. I don't blame you, and neither would my people if they had a form and could speak."

Both women wondered what was wrong when their friend went stiff as a board and started cursing. "Fuck! Shit a brick, lick my ass and call me granny. Cosmos is active. That is going to mean big trouble for the Earth, and soon." Faster than the speed of light, the three women started streaking once again toward Earth. Each of them wondering what could possibly have happened to cause Sailor Cosmos to come out and play. Though none of the three had their full memories from before, they still knew it was a very bad idea for her to go active while on Earth. Although only a few minutes had passed for them, a night and half a day had gone by for the Earth when the three women stopped on the moon itself. When she knelt and slammed the tip of her sword into the ground both women questioned. "Galaxia-sama?" She replied. "Because she is connected body and soul to this place, the moon itself can tell me what happened." She then closed her eyes.

"It seems she had no choice. The inner guardians betrayed her to the point she was forced to take away their blessings and give them to others. There is also something about myself and the Ginzuishou, but the moon is afraid to hope, the why, it won't say." Standing she re-sheathed her weapon. "Put your game faces on ladies. They sense us, they'll be here soon." Less than two minutes later when the three started to go to one knee out of respect, Sailor Uranus said. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Not unless you wish for your heads to be bashed in that is." Since they couldn't bend knee the women did the alternative of stepping back two paces. "Why was I summoned, and what does the Ginzuishou have to do with it." Removing the crystal from its housing Cosmos replied. "Please take hold of this. Only if you can hold it without coming to harm can I answer. If you can, I have something very important to ask you."

Though she knew from first hand experience just what this crystal could do on its own. Galaxia still trusted the girl who saved her from Chaos. For just a moment when she first took into her hand its warmth seemed almost unbearable. Then something wondrous happened. While leaving behind a golden tiara on her forehead, the headdress shattered letting her locks spill free, and her fuku was replaced by a silver tinted green strap-less dress. Cosmos asked softly. "Can you tell me who you are?" She replied. "I am Sailor Galaxia, and Princess Galatea. First born child of the Moon Goddess Selene." She then released the jewel so it could return to its mistress. "The Ginzuishou has shown me why you have need of me. I will accept the power of Cosmos, but there will be conditions to my doing so."

"They are?"

"One, I wish never to be known as Sailor Cosmos Queen of the Stars. Nor do I wish to remain known as Sailor Galaxia. I wish to be known by what mother called me when I started my journey. The Kibou no Hikari, Guardian of the Galactic Cauldron. Like it or not, only you have earned the right to be ruler of the Moon and stars. Two, even with the power of Cosmos, my friends kingdoms have been desolate far too long to be restored. But the nine kingdoms of the alliance can be restored. I would like for you to allow my friends and I to do so. Then let them and their people be your first refuges, caring for your homes until you are ready to return." To show she was accepting the other woman's terms, Usagi/Cosmos placed her right hand palm up under the still free floating crystal. The Lunarians way of showing she was surrendering a portion of her power to another.

When Galatea was garbed as Cosmos, and Usagi once again was Eternal Sailor Moon, she looked past her friend, to the ruins of the kingdom the moons natural magic, kept hid from outsiders. As much as she wanted the return of her true home, Moon said. "A mass exodus will cause untold panic on Earth. Start with Pluto. When finished, find any Plutonian reincarnates or their descendents. Offer them a chance to return to their original home. Bring back any who wish to return. Make sure you forever wipe the memories of those who do not wish to do so. We can't have them remembering our offer and spreading the panic we wish to avoid. Once you are sure all that can be done for Pluto has been done, move on to Saturn and so forth. Following the same rules as for Pluto. Saving the Moon for last."

Moon then placed her right hand over her heart. "I am fully aware doing it like this will take several years. But I know in my heart when you are finished, I will be truly ready to return to my home. But there is one other thing you should know. My senshi will remain on the moon with me. It is their daughters who will take over the rule of the other planets. I have given up so much in life. I think it only fair that I never be parted from them again." The Kibou no Hikari nodded her head. "I feel that to be more than fair." Then she bowed slightly. "If that is all for now, My Queen, my friends and I have a mission to begin." For the longest time Uranus and Moon stared at the devastation a Metallia controlled Beryl had left behind. They didn't blame the Earth Queen. The one they blamed was her kidnapper, Queen Metalia. Unaware their friends had left them alone, with the exception of Pluto; Uranus took Moons hand into her own. "Let's go see what, if anything, can be salvaged Koneko."

Slowly they walked past many things. Destroyed columns, the Royal Fountains where water sprites used to play. The royal gardens, absent now of flowers. The chapels where weddings and funerals were held. However, what put a lump in their throats and caused tears to threaten was the armor that no longer even contained the bodies of fallen soldiers. What did surprise them about the palace itself, that while the main sections had been destroyed, the living quarters as well as the burial crypts a short distance from the castle, were still intact. So were many of their personal belongings. Taking one of her few ball gowns, that she had actually liked, from its place, Uranus murmured. "I don't understand. Why, why is this still intact when the armor holds not even their bones?" Keeping her voice barely above a whisper, out of respect for her fallen comrades, Pluto replied. "The moons natural magic is what protects what remains. While the dead and dying, willingly gave up everything they were to aid Her Majesties final push for freedom. When you are done gathering what you wish to take back with you. We will see if because of their sacrifice, if Queen Serenity's body still remains within the observation tower."

Spurred on by the hope they might actually get to properly entomb the greatest of the Lunarian Queens, Uranus and Moon quickly gathered the things they wished to take to Earth. After laying the few things they wanted at the top of what remained of the Palace steps, they once again entered it and made their way to the observation tower. They were midway up the 325 steps that lead to the upper floor of the tower when Moon suddenly stopped and turned. "Pluto. The one time mothers' spirit was able to call us to the moon, she showed us those final days. She died in the main courtyard. How would her body have gotten here, of all places?" Pluto shook her head. "It is not that I don't want to tell you, it's that I can't. There is a ten hour frame of time after the fall of the kingdom that has been shielded from even my eyes. I don't know who or what could have moved her here. The only thing I've ever been allowed to know is that if this day ever came, you were to look for her here."

When they neared the final few steps they became aware of two things. One, that even Pluto had left them, and that a hush had fallen on the area. A hush more felt than heard. A hush that signaled they was about to enter the holiest of all places. Not a church as some would think, but, a well loved and tended grave sight. They were so focused on what was in the absolute center of the room when they entered; they didn't notice the shimmering time vortex on the other side of the room. In the absolute center on a white dais, was the body of Queen Serenity, encased in a coffin of silver quartz. Furthermore, four to each side of her, were dais in the planetary colors of the senshi. Of the nine dais, only one did not yet contain the body of a senshi. The dais for Pluto.

They crossed to the Pluto dais, curious to see which name would be inscribed on the name plate. As they knew it couldn't possibly Setsuna's, as she was not just the guardian of time, but its goddess as well. Chronos having committed Seppuku, so that his granddaughter could have full access to the power that was her birthright. Uranus had serious doubts that Queen Susan's name would be the one inscribed, as Queen Susan, Setsuna's own mother, had died more than two thousand years before Queen Serenity had even been born. Setsuna had actually been the one to catch Serenity as she exited Queen Selenity's body. They became aware of the vortex just as they were about to look at the name plate. But only because its color changed, indicating someone was about to step through it. Hearing voices, Uranus quickly pulled Moon to a darkened area of the room where they could remain hidden yet still hear and see everything.

Two young women, each of equal height to Haruka, stepped through, each holding up their end of a quartz casket. The first girl, a near perfect carbon of Haruka in looks, had short boy-cut dark blue hair with eyes bluer than even the sky. And was wearing of all things, the fuku for the Royal house of the Moon. While the other girl had hip length silver hair, blue green eyes, was a near perfect copy of Usagi, and was wearing the fuku for Uranus. The first girl was cursing a blue streak. "God damn, son of a rock eating bitch shit. This is the heaviest one yet. What nimrod thought up this plan again?" Helping her two years younger sister properly set the quartz coffin in place the long haired girl chuckled. "If the parental units could hear you now Serena, mother would be silently applauding your vocabulary, while mom hunted down a bar a soap to wash out your mouth. And, the nimrod, that would be you."

"Bite me, Amara." Amara flicked the end of her sisters' nose with a fingernail. "Now, now Kitten, I have told you before not to make such suggestive comments. Especially since, you are not my type. Now, Samantha, if she had said it, I would have bitten her any time and anywhere. And as much as she wanted me too." Serena snorted. "Look at you trying to give me advice. You are the one that needs to stop flirting with and pinching the butt of any pretty woman in touching distance. Especially if you want Aunt Seiya and Zoiycite to believe you're sincere in your desire to marry their daughter." The younger Uranus looked offended. "I will have you know my ass pinching, and sleeping around days ended three months ago when Sam finally told me she loved me." Serena's and Amara's next comments had Uranus and Moon face faulting on the floor, bringing them out of hiding. "That's good. However, I am warning you now Amara, if you ever deliberately do anything to break my best friends heart. I will shove a lit stick of dynamite up your twat before sewing it shut with a pickaxe!" Amara half growled and half snorted. "At least I am not the one fucking a man! How fucking gross is that!"

Serena was the first to say something when the younger versions of her two mothers stood. "Oh fuck a duck and grab a nut, we're sunk." While Amara stood perfectly calm and still, Serena bent her knees as if getting ready to run. Knowing how chicken hearted her younger sister could be when caught cursing, Amara grabbed an arm before she could even move. Standing Usagi/Moon laughed. "Don't worry; you won't get in trouble this time. As it is clear even to me, we were not supposed to trip over each other. But I do have to ask, why do this and why place Chronos on the dais and not Queen Susan." Amara replied for her still stunned sister. "They had so much hope for your lives on Earth. Serena and I felt it only right, they should rest in a place, where if they still lived, they could see the Earth whenever they wanted. As far as the Pluto thing goes, we felt it only right that Chronos rest at her side, since Queen Susan hadn't been grandmothers senshi and he had given up his life for aunt Pluto's and the kingdoms sake."

Now it was Haruka's turn to question the girls. "I don't want to know when you girls were born, since that would ruin the surprise. However, how did you manage to do all this while keeping Setsuna mostly in the dark, as it would require more than a little time traveling for the two of you." Amara smirked. "We had help from Astrid and Helen. And no, I will not tell you which one belongs to Setsuna-sama and which one belongs to Hotaru." Serena had already stepped back through the gate when Amara winked at her parents. "In about sixteen years, you're going to come home and find Serena trying to clean your favorite sofa with bleach. Please do not be too hard on her for ruining it mother, as it will be my fault for having puked all over it. And no, I won't say what I did to cause her to try." With a cheeky salute to her parents' younger selves, Amara jumped back through the gate. Haruka groaned when the vortex closed. "Koneko-chan we better start hiding the key to the wine cabinet, because I have a feeling that girl gets a little too happy with its contents one night not so far down the road." Usagi just laughed at her mate.