Disclaimer: I dearly wish Sailor Moon was mine. But Sadly it is not. Just This Story is.






Beryl/Helios (As Siblings)


Phobos/Deimos (As Siblings)

Amara/Serena (As Siblings)


Koneko-chan = Kitten

Fuku = Sailor Suit

Ginzuishou = Silver Crystal

Odango's = Dumplings (Usagi's hair-style)

Pegicorn = Magical creature resulting from a unicorn & pegasus mating. Or in the case of Helios, Magical Shape-shifting gift bestowed upon a virgin male gaurdian by the gods.

Mugen Gakuen = Infinity Academy

Minna = Everyone

Gender Morph = Magical ability to take the fully functioning form of the opposite sex

Pink Taco = Slang for female genitals

Tsuki no Hime = Princess of the Moon

Seppuku (Hara Kiri) = Ritual Suicide


25 years later; Neo Crystal Tokyo

When the vortex closed behind the girls, they were met by a man who appeared to be in his late thirties. He had hip length chestnut hair; stormy grey eyes, multiple piercings in both ears, his left eyebrow was pierced and he was wearing a black tuxedo with a cape and top hat. Removing the demi-mask and top hat, he said. "Serena looks guilty as hell about something, and you Amara, you look like a cat at a canary picnic. This tells me they caught you guys. Now the real question is how much did you tell them?" Letting her senshi form go Amara replied. "I promise, they only thing they figured out was that we were their kids. They do not know that thanks to the Ginzuishou, mother is already pregnant for me. They do not even know yet that once the New Moon Kingdom is revealed there will not be a panic like mom fears. That the Earth is just thankful its outcasts at last have a place to call home. Nor do they know yet that Beryl names you as her replacement and that the leaders of this planet have named you its one true king."

Thinking of those early days as a senshi knight, the king of Earth laughed. "Damn I wish you girls had been old enough at the time to remember it. Haruka looked like she didn't know whether to shit gold bricks over it, or celebrate the fact I managed to get off drugs and turn my life around." He then proffered both arms to the girls. "Now that our vacation from royal duties has officially started, where would you girls like to go?" Taking one arm Serena replied. "Uncle Skye, you have been promising to take me to Walt Disney World in Florida since I was a kid. I think it is about damn time you did it." Laughing, the Earths King teleported himself and his nieces, to their chosen vacation spot.

The End