Welcome all, to my glorious Kid Icarus "one-word theme" challenge! Sometimes I have an idea floating around in my head, and absolutely need to write about it. It's probably been done before, but this book will be a collection of Kid Icarus-related one-shots based around a single word or phrase. For example, the theme word could be "Pit," and I'd write a one-shot about Pit. Fun, right? I have a decent list, but here's where you guys come in. When you review, you can give me some words or phrases to write about, too!

More details: at the start of each one-shot, I will put down the theme (obviously), which game(s) or book(s) it takes place during or between (that's right- this will feature some of my own characters and events!), and the characters used. That way, we can avoid confusion. Come expecting spoilers! This will give me character practice, a chance to use characters without major roles, and of course, a release for my ideas.

I should mention this will not be a frequently-updated book because I don't suddenly get ideas 24/7! And some chapters may contain characters not yet introduced yet in FoLaD, so, um...sorry about that. I do not own Kid Icarus!

Now, here is the first one-shot: Chaos!




It had been a victory for Skyworld. Actually, a victory for Skyworld, the Overworld AND the Underworld. Sky, nature and darkness had teamed together and taken down an unholy threat- the Aurum- from another world.

Now, Palutena, the goddess of light, was throwing a party for her men, all whom had served her faithfully through that incident. She walked into a room and smiled at what she saw.

Centurions were crowded around; some in seats, some at the food table, but all were merry. Palutena's commander, Pit, was also there, laughing and joking with them. At the sight of the goddess, though, his blue eyes lit up as he bounded to her. "Lady Palutena! It's good to see you!"

"Relax! I haven't gone anywhere," she laughed. "I came in to check on everyone."

Pit cocked his head. "Oh. Working?"

She nodded. "Yes. The Underworld is still a threat." After a hesitation, she smiled again. "But please, Pit. Take this time to enjoy yourself! You don't often get a break."

"Right, Lady Palutena!" Pit saluted, then returned to the action. A Centurion offered her something on a plate, which she gratefully accepted. After one last gaze around the room, she left once more.

Palutena walked down the halls. Every so often, she'd take a peek over her shoulder. Why was she so uneasy? It was strange. After all, the rambunctious clatter of her warriors could still be heard a few rooms over.

Well, they had just taken down a shipfull of aliens. Surely anyone would still be a bit overwhelmed!

Deciding she was suffering from a bit of leftover stress, she made her way to the castle balcony. Palutena took a breath of fresh air and watched the moon. It was a perfect crescent, the stars twinkling here and there. Why couldn't the Underworld, Overworld and Skyworld always be this serene? Was it too much to ask for just peace?

Of course it was. The green-haired goddess rested against the railing, emerald eyes distant. The gods had always been around, and though there were rare moments where they got along, there had never been major trouble. When there was, the humans often paid the price.

That was why Palutena hated war. She was the goddess of light. It wasn't her job to watch the humans, but she'd enjoyed the task for so long that it was expected of her. Humans, to Palutena, were a unique group. They had more knowledge and "heart" than any other being. Besides divine ones, of course. But one does not see a beaver go and pray to the gods. It is the humans who have this understanding of those that reign above.

Her thoughts were distracted by a clatter in another room. Palutena jumped, then breathed a sigh. Nothing.

Palutena decided to get back to work. So she turned away from the night sky and retreated back into her temple.

As soon as she did, she narrowed her eyes and froze. A sound, like a tapping, was coming her way from the walls. Slowly, she turned her head to find the source.

A single, yellow eye blinked and disappeared.

She was being watched.

Fears confirmed, Palutena withdrew her staff, a jingle of magic erupting from the tip. She didn't know what she'd seen, but she knew a threat. This thing was definitely a threat.

The creature seemed to sense it had been found too, so it uncloaked itself. It was a black being with green, fluttering wings and a single, cycloptic eye. It resembled an insect of some sort: its three pairs of feet were sharp, back and red, and its tail was wickedly pointed.

"Who are you?" the goddess asked it, assuming a defensive position.

The insect did not respond but rushed forward instead. Its feet pattered across the walls and the floors. It was quick, Palutena would give it that.

The green-haired goddess frowned. But she could prove she was no slouch. Spinning her staff, she rigidly brought it forth and blocked the insect's lunge. It skidded across the floor and got up almost immediately.

So. Not any ordinary pest, it seemed. It scrambled forward again, knocking things over. Palutena could worry about that later. She leaped back and shot a blast of magic. The one-eyed creature ducked and swung its tail forward. Palutena landed and used her staff to block.

The creature's tail seemed to be its primary weapon. Why could that be? "Warp!" Palutena commanded, holding up a power. Powers and weapons could be used by all divine beings, not just angels!

She managed to teleport past a particularly dangerous-looking attack and reappeared behind the insect. With force she brought the staff down on it.

The strange thing was that the creature was soundless, besides the clacking of its feet. Though Palutena was forced to take breath, grunt and pant with excertion, the creature remained quiet, even when she hit it.

As her staff connected, it buzzed upward, opening its wings. The goddess stumbled backwards as the insect swung around and shot a laser of dark energy. So it did have other abilities after all!

She winced as she realized the cost of fighting in such close corners. The little insect (which, she was soon learning, had to be something more than that) could speed around faster than she could. Not to mention the furniture was a bit of an obstacle.

Palutena attempted another blast of magic, which went awry as the creature dodged and spat a fireball.


The fireball, instead of hitting her, touched down on a couch, which then went up in flames. Palutena sighed. Making up her mind, she turned tail and left the hall, hoping to lead it to a safer battlefield.

The tap-tap of the creature's small feet followed her down the hall. Palutena smiled a bit, exhilarated by the chase. It was as if she was being chased by a murderer or something. But it would not end that way, she was sure.

Aha! The balcony. She took a sharp turn to return to the broader space. She could hop down to the ground if necessary, but Palutena wondered if the creature would see the open sky and prefer to fly off, free, instead.

She turned to face it, and was surprised by how close it was. She nearly got pierced by the tip of its tail. But she took a good swing with her staff, aiming to swipe it off the balcony.

It was swept by her motion but instead opened its wings again. In the air it took a more upright pose. Something about that pose struck Palutena. A flash of a creature like that in her mind's eye. A vision? She'd foreseen Orcos before. Was this truly a new threat?

However, the brief flash revealed nothing but one word.


"Lady Palutena? Are you okay? I heard signs of a struggle!"

Pit! Palutena turned to call back to him, and that would be her undoing. The creature swung its tail forward, hooking its tail in her chest. She lurched forward and attempted to scream, but the chaos being's talons hooked around her face and blocked out the sound. Rapid images started appearing in her face, showing nothing but destruction. Palutena's staff fell to the floor with a clatter as she scrabbled in front of her face to remove the beast who was...oh no...tapping into her soul!


Pit rushed down the hallway, trying to find his goddess. He hadn't thought to bring a weapon, but a sinking feeling in his chest made him wonder if he should go back for one.

He stopped in front of the doorway to another lounge. His eyes widened at the sight. Almost everything in the entire room was disheveled and aflame. The Centurions tailing him murmured amongst themselves. "Boys, can you take care of this? I need to find Lady Palutena!" Pit exclaimed. The loyal servants nodded as Pit whirled around and began looking in another direction.

He almost ran past the balcony in his rush. Why would Lady Palutena do something like this? Destruction wasn't like her. Unless...

Pit's hands tightened into fists. The Underworld must have invaded! And she had fought them off. He knew his goddess was a fighter when pressed. But all the while, he felt bad. He should've been there to protect her.

He peered into the balcony to see...phew. Lady Palutena was hunched over. Was that something in the corner of his eye? No, must've been a shadow. His goddess was here! Smiling, Pit ran up to her. "Lady Palutena!"

She didn't respond right away, so Pit cocked his head. "Lady Palutena?" Perhaps everything wasn't alright after all. She must've been injured. "I-I can help you. Hang on." He kneeled to pick her up.

In a motion faster than his eye could detect she was up, staff in hand and aimed at him. "Don't touch me."

Pit had been knocked back and his head had made contact with the hard marble wall. So when Palutena had spoke, his mind was so fuzzy he couldn't tell it was her. "Wh-what?" he muttered confusedly.

Palutena mumbled something under her breath, then bright magic was emitted from her staff. Pit didn't even move as it surrounded him, and after a bright flash there was not an angel, but a ring. Palutena moved to pick the Ring of Chaos up. "Perfect," she smiled, eyes aglow with madness. "He will be no threat like this." She peered at the ring more closely, then looked down at the clouds below. As if the heavens themselves were aware of the change, the clouds parted as the sky darkened. For she was the goddess of light, and light is not light when it is tinted with chaos. With a mad laugh she tossed the ring down. It gleamed in the last remaining sunlight as it fell down, down to the Overworld. Palutena's reign of chaos had begun.