I'd love to say I have no idea where this came from, but it's Valentine's Day so yeah, lol. ShadméXDarkPit in this story. I've never written anything romancey, but eh. Enjoy?


Shadmé, Dark Pit

Post AoLaD

I don't understand. Why am I like this, all of a sudden? I've never felt this way before. Not with Pit, not with Silver...why you?

I remember when we met. It had been a whirlwind, a puff of sand, the crashing waves. I'd turned, and I saw...you. Your black hair, gently tousled by the wind. Your brilliant red eyes, the color not of blood, I thought, but the late sunset. There was that tough-guy demeanor, and all... but I just remember the awe. Pit's looked at me like that before, when I'd save him by the feather of his wing, but for some reason...the look on your face made my heart shift to life and flutter.

I know you're eager to push me away. I know you'd refuse to affiliate with me alone. But unfortunately, I want the opposite. I want to follow you, to the ends of the earth, hold your hand, and never let you go. And I want you to smile- genuinely, not the smirk you wear to hide your feelings. Alas, that's too much to ask of you, isn't it. I'm selfish.

These thoughts and more run through my head every time you go by. I ought to have the courage to ask you...maybe for a moment, to hop up to the roof with me. Not to talk- who knows what nonsense I'd blabber- but just to...sit, you know?

"Hey. Shadmé."

I jolted out of my thoughts and looked up. Dark Pit was staring at me, his eyes scanning me. For weakness, maybe. Or to check I was conscious? Sometimes, I know what the guy is thinking. Other times, I have to guess. He's funny like that.

"Y-yeah, Dark Pit?" I asked, getting to my feet and swallowing. He shrugged. "Just making sure you're alive."

And there was that smirk again. Usually, I'd match it with one of my own and give a snappy comeback, but today was not usual. I just smiled weakly and sliding back down to a sitting position. His smirk wavered. "You are, right?"

Well, just you being here makes my heart beat faster. Do you think you're giving me a heart attack? "I am," I confirmed lamely. His gaze flicked around, to see if anyone was watching, then settled on me again. "Come on." He spun and walked out of the training room.

I wondered for a moment if he'd come to use it, and wanted me out. I'd seen his staff against the back wall. It certainly would be like him. But he didn't stop, he just kept moving. And I followed, trying to hide the tremor in my legs.

We were outside. Dark Pit was perched on a boulder, and then words exited my mouth that I'd been thinking but not planning to say. "Up...there?" I pointed to the roof. He raised his head to look, then shrugged. "Why not."

He had ventured up the ladder first. I watched, of course, as he smoothly moved, like a cat. When he was up he stared me down. I nodded and gripped the first beam. Settling my foot down I proceeded to climb, a bit slower than he had. Now would be a perfect time for him to extend an arm, help me. I could see it now- we'd lock gazes, brown on red, and he'd smile reassuringly. I'd smile back.

Of course that didn't happen. This wasn't a fairy tale. He just watched, waiting for me to fail. But I didn't give him that satisfaction. I made it up, then sat down. Beside him, but not close. That would come later. If at all.

"Why'd you bring me out here?" I asked.

He turned to look at me. "There's something wrong with you."

I swallowed down a glimmer of hurt. "What d-do you mean? Is it my wings? Or something else? I mean, I got over my fear of Reapers a long time ago-"

He shook his head no. "Not that, feather-brain! I mean lately." His gaze drifted away from my face, then back to me. "You're distant."

I just stared at him blankly, jaw slightly agape. Here. Now. I could tell him how I felt!

"I-" Hmm. Let's try that again. "Well, you see..."

"I can't see until you tell me," he snorted. His tone wasn't chastising, he wasn't that impatient, I could tell that much. It was just his tough-guy personality. I hadn't strained him. Yet.

"There's been something I've been meaning to tell you." Here we go! Now's the chance!

Dark Pit watched intently.

Gods, why was this so hard? What if he didn't like me back? What if he avoided me, like after he tried to conquer my fear of Reapers so long ago?

No. He wouldn't do that. Right? All our adventures, we'd fought side-by-side with Pit. Through thick and thin...a couple words couldn't do much damage. But still...

Stop being silly, I told myself. Aloud I said, "Um, it's just the, er...way that I feel."

"About what?" Dark Pit replied.

About you! It's about the way I feel when you help me up. It's the way you feel when you look at me, and I look back. It's about the way I feel, heck, even when we're together!

"About...my feelings."

Dark Pit smiled, more amused than annoyed at my flustering. "No duh."

"I mean, it's the way I feel about...y-" I dropped my head, suddenly afraid of looking him in the eye.

"Y? The way you feel about...yarn? Yellow?"

He was toying with me now. "No! I mean you."

That seemed to put him off for a second. I felt miserable, and I hadn't even gotten to the confession yet!

"What do you mean by that?" the dark angel asked carefully. He didn't seem angry, so I took a chance and looked up. His eyes widened the slightest bit, as if he hadn't expected me to be serious and have that pain in my eyes.

"I mean, Dark Pit, that even though you don't seem to care for this kind of thing, I mean that I like you."

I didn't stop to correct my grammar. I just looked up to him, eyes wide and scared for what he was going to say next.

I could almost see the confusion whirling in his brain. WHAT?! Likes ME? But...she's closer to Pit! Isn't she? And how could she like me at all?

I waited for what seemed to be an eternity, as the sun dropped lower in the sky and painted the skies streaks of red and purple. The color of desperation. I was desperate for him to accept me, even though I was fairly positive that he did not feel the same way.

"I don't know what to say, Shadmé," he whispered. I nodded sadly.

So I was utterly and completely baffled when he leaned in close, covering the gap, and kissed my cheek.

My heart pounded like an angry Clubberskull as it happened. Except I wasn't angry, oh no...

I closed my eyes and just barely tilted my head to him, so we bumped foreheads. My breathing slowed as I took it in. I didn't have time to think, I just felt. And as I opened my eyes, I saw him then- his were closed, which opened as we separated.

"Is that enough?" he asked, lips barely moving. Though I was sure my face was red (his was too!), no words could convey my happiness.

"Yes...thank you." I smiled, very cheery, but had to contain myself. He was trying to remain impassive, but despite the darkening surroundings, there was light in his eyes. We were now so close that our wings were touching, black-navy next to black and red.

It wasn't even close to how I'd imagined this meeting would go. But I wouldn't change a thing. After...that, we'd turned our gazes to the sky, and watched the sun set. In the autumn atmosphere, leaves swirled around as winds brushed our feathers. I hate to be cliche, but that's the truth. None of us spoke a word, but my hand was over his, his wing wrapped around mine. I was sure that I was never going to leave.

Despite that, I was still confused. I wanted to say that Dark Pit felt the same way, but I doubt that. I think he saw it as "a little closer than siblings but not lovers or crushes or dates." I think he did it just to tolerate me. I, of course, wanted to see it as something more, but hey. This was a guy who'd been a lone wolf for most of his life. It certainly wasn't easy for him. And if that's all he felt, then I still felt honored to share that trust, that bond.

"Shadmé? What're you doing up there?"

I jolted awake and immediately flinched as the blinding sun reached my vision. Scrambling to my feet, I almost tripped and slid. I grappled onto the scorching marble roof and-

Wait. The roof? I slowly raised my head and looked around.

A couple of leaves blew across, as if mocking me. There was nobody here.

Had it been a dream combined with sleepwalking? I had a Voice in my head for the longest time- that didn't seem too far fetched.

I looked down, and tried to see who was calling. It was Pit, curiosity etched with concern. "Uh...Shadmé? You okay?"

"Ye...yeah..." I said slowly, trying to piece everything together. It was morning. I was on the roof. Dark Pit wasn't.

I made my way down the ladder and hopped down. Pit's face relaxed as I showed I wasn't dumbfounded. "Sure?"

I nodded once. "By the way...have you seen Dark Pit?"

"He's at the training grounds! Like he is every morning." Pit shrugged. "Jeez, what's wrong? Don't tell me you have amnesia again…"

I scuffed a shoe along the ground. "It's not that," I mumbled. "I, er...was I up there all night?"

He shrugged. "I dunno. We couldn't find you. Maybe?"

Huh. My delusional brain was still clinging to the hope that last night's events could be real. But it couldn't be. Wouldn't the dark angel have stayed? "Okay," I replied, smiling a bit to hide my thoughts and stretching. "Jeez. Remind me to never sleep on a roof again. I'm so stiff!"

Pit laughed. "Wanna go for some training? That should bring you back to normal!" I nodded firmly, the detail that Dark Pit could be there temporarily slipping my mind...

...In fact, the realization only hit my mind as we were making our way over there. I had a set of Reptile Claws, and I almost slashed my face open when, almost automatically, my arm moved to the back of my head in horror. Oh no. I couldn't face Dark Pit! That'd be more embarrassing than last night! Or last night's dream! Whatever. Because if it was a dream, I'd totally be shunned for bringing up the fact that he'd kissed me. And if it wasn't a dream, he might think I would be avoiding the subject. Curse you, fuzzy memory!

"Here we are!" Pit chirped, blissfully unaware of my predicament as he kicked the door open. We'd "borrowed" a Sandbag from the Smash Brothers tournament, and Dark Pit himself was inside, working on his combos.

He turned when he heard Pit, and he and I faced each other. Quite awkward, but he broke the stare as his gaze moved to Pit. "Hey."

Perhaps I was safe, yet. It had just been a dream. As heartbreaking as that thought was, I could only imagine how awkward it'd be to explain to Pit. So I tried to reassure myself as we positioned ourselves, Pit and I, for combat. Pit was using an EZ Cannon. It would be a matter of Can I get close enough to strike past his defenses? or Can I move fast enough to dodge his blasts?

And we set off. He launched a good round or two that barely missed my face. I was forced to bend at an angle, wincing at the pain in my back. But I forced myself to think quickly, dodging diagonally so I could get closer. He was forced to wait for the cannon to charge again, so I spat out some mini-projectiles from my weapon. Pit blocked most of them with his cannon. As I tried to get closer, I was forced back by a charged explosion. Stopping short emphasized the pain in my joints, so it had only been a few minutes worth of battle before I doubled over, trying to get my breath back.

Then there was a shot, and a cry from Pit. I looked up. It wasn't a cry of pain, but of surprise.

Dark Pit joined the fray, toting his signature staff. Its range ensured that he could cover me.

Cover me? Why? He usually wasn't one to fight on the losing side. But I straightened up anyway, hearing the click of the charged Reptile Claws. I strove forward as Pit was distracted, and he turned too late, before I slashed out. He blocked it, but in real combat it would've been a deadly blow.

I backed up a few steps, darting around a cannon punch. As I moved, shots from behind me halted Pit's advance. So I lunged forward, and suddenly Pit was playing the dancing-dodging game.

After a bit of that, I found that Dark Pit had moved up- his staff had more powerful shots when it was closer. I backed up beside him as we bared our weapons. Pit's blue eyes showed everything. "I give," he chuckled. "Nice one, Pittoo! Didn't see you come in, there!"

He nodded swiftly, acknowledging Pit's compliment. I smiled. "Good news, Pit. I'm not sore anymore!"

"I should hope not," he replied good-heartedly. "That's all I came for, anyhow. I'm gonna get some breakfast. See ya!" He set his cannon down, waved, and sprinted out of the training room.

As soon as the patter of his sandals disappeared down the hall, Dark Pit and I turned on each other. He was a bit taller than me, so I was forced to look up.

"What is it?" he asked, his heart not in the seemingly accusatory question.

I glanced around, making sure nobody was watching. "Was that...real?"

"Huh." He set the Dark Pit Staff down. I at first thought he was going to go "What, the battle? Uh, yeah. I kicked butt."

Instead, he reached for something inside a pocket. After a bit of fumbling, he made a motion for me to hold out my hands. I removed the Reptile Claws first, then did as he instructed.

Gently, with more care than I thought he had, he placed a fragile, small object in my hand.

A leaf.

*barfs* Well that happened. Obviously it takes place past where my story is now, but it might not even be canon, anyway...

Or will it?

Thanks for suggestions! I think the Medusa one would be cool. For being a villain, she is indeed underrated!