And now for something completely different. This is a companion piece with the recently published chapter of Feathers of Light and Dark, so if you'd like, go check it out! If not, it isn't too difficult to piece together the setting of this one.


Dark Pit, Pit, Shadmé


Dark Pit's heavy footsteps echoed hollowly through the empty halls. All was still in Palutena's temple. It wasn't early morning, nor late at night, however. Which make this quiet all the more unsettling.

It had been a couple days since the angel brigade had returned home. Though the mission had been completed, it wasn't without a price. Shadmé had been injured, her arm taken straight out of her socket due to a bad fall. Her screams as they had set it back into place still remained in the dark angel's mind.

But give her some rest, and she'd be ready again. The biggest price had been the death of Magnus, the greatest human warrior the Overworld had ever known.

All angels had felt a united guilt for Magnus' death. But none could feel more self-loathing than Pit. He'd moved straight to his room and locked himself away from the others. Dark Pit had heard from bits of news that he barely spoke to Palutena, and only emerged for a quick bite of food.

Though the peace away from Pit's normal chatter would have been a comfort to Dark Pit at first, he did not enjoy it at all. He kicked at the floor. How could he be happy when Pit was like this? And through their bond, Dark Pit felt the constant tug of sorrow and regret. It was like a dark cloud, the clouds that now seemed to be perpetually hanging outside of Skyworld.

Dark Pit soon found himself outside Pit's door. He stared at the painted wood, slowly becoming worn on the edges due to the ever constant open and shutting cycle Pit was using it for. Raising a hand, he rapped on it with his knuckles. "Pit?"

Silence, at first. Dark Pit continued to stand, hand up, before his face grew determined and he knocked on it again. "Pit, I know you're in there."

"Go away." Dark Pit stopped his racket immediately at the sound of his lighter twin's voice. Sighing, he said, "You can't stay in there forever. Why don't you come and do some battle training with me?"

"All you ever think about is fighting."

Dark Pit backed away from the door. That stung. But it made him more persistent, rather than angry. "Fair enough. Why don't you do something else then, huh? Like walk around with me? You're gonna get out of shape, sitting in there like a lump."

"I'm fine, Pittoo."

Dark Pit ruffled a hand through his wild raven-black hair. "I'm not joking, you know! You really will become a pile of feathers. I'll have to stuff you inside of a pillow and sleep on you."

Dark Pit's humor was lost on the light angel, as there was no response. So Dark Pit tried the last tactic he could think of. "And Shadmé? She was in critical condition when we returned. Are you going to let her suffer on her own? I couldn't care less if you never wanted to see my face again, but you should at least visit her." He crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for Pit's reply.

For a long time, Pit didn't speak. But when he did, his response surprised the dark doppelgänger. "Why don't you visit her?"

"I-" Dark Pit stopped. As if sensing his hesitation, Pit continued. "Tell her to get well soon. From me."

Annoyance bubbled up in Dark Pit's chest. "Tell her yourself, you featherbrain!" But he understood deep within himself that this might be all Pit wanted to do right now. Dark Pit reluctantly drew away from the door, deciding that was all he'd get out of Pit for now, and walked away. Sorrow was filling up his heart. Aching sorrow, not only a reflection of Pit's despair, but also his own. How would they get Pit back to his normal, cheery self? There was only room for one grumpy angel in this temple, and that was him.

That was the most Dark Pit had gotten out of Pit since they'd returned to this temple. He was thoroughly disappointed, but had to admit his "brother" had a point. There was nothing stopping him from visiting Shadmé...

He soon noticed he was approaching the room where Shadmé was resting. He lightly tapped on her door, hoping her reaction would be different.

"Who's there?" her voice sounded tired and groggy. "Palutena?"

The goddess had likely been providing her with treatments. "No, it's Dark Pit," he responded.

"Oh, hi! Please come in." Dark Pit was shocked with how different she sounded, all of a sudden. Had she been this eager for someone to talk to all along?

Shaking it off, he pushed open the door. Shadmé's bed was pushed against the wall, on the far side. Her wings, formerly drooping, perked up at the sight of him. She was wearing her plain red shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

"Of course, it's not like you wouldn't be allowed in," she said, after a moment of thought. "It's not like I'm hiding anything." An eyebrow twitched, and Dark Pit wondered momentarily if her words weren't all true. But he dismissed it. "Right, right." He sat down on a chair near the door.

Both angels sat in silent contemplation for a few minutes, trying to get used to the company of the other. But finally, he spoke. "Doing okay? Pit's...worried about you. He says to get well soon."

"That's nice of him," Shadmé smiled, shifting slightly to face him. "I'm still sore, of course. It's more comfortable, though, this way. Instead of, y'know, having my arm hang out of its socket."

"Don't remind me," Dark Pit groaned, and Shadmé laughed. "Come on! Don't tell me the big bad dark angel is afraid of a bit of dangling skin and bone."

"That's enough!" Dark Pit exclaimed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

"Alright, alright, I'll quit." Shadmé tilted her head to watch him. "So what's up? Just here on Pit's orders, or-"

"Pit does NOT boss me around," Dark Pit huffed. Shadmé cracked another small smile. "Yeah? Okay then. Here on Pit's request?"

"He doesn't request me either," Dark Pit replied with less resistance. Shadmé shrugged with one arm. "You know what I mean!"

"Depends," Dark Pit said.

"You just like to be annoying, don't you?" Shadmé asked, tossing her black-and-red hair.

"I just like to talk to people who know what they're talking about," Dark Pit explained.

"It's a good thing I'm not a person, then, but an angel," Shadmé corrected. She leaned back in the bed, smiling at her small victory.

"That's just fine and dandy," Dark Pit sighed.

"But back to the question, though," Shadmé continued. "Why are you here? I've been alone these last few days."

Dark Pit carefully exhaled, drifting away from her eyes. "Pit, first, wanted me to tell you that he hopes you get well soon."

"You've told me this," Shadmé pointed out mildly.

"I'm getting to it!"

Shadmé nodded and let him continue.

"So I came up here, and I decided he inadvertently helped me." Shadmé raised an eyebrow. "I needed to talk to someone. It's been a long couple of days."

Shadmé seemed to be a bit more serious. "I see. Well, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon! Tell me as much or little that you need. Pit's worrying me a bit as well, if that means anything."

Dark Pit closed his eyes for a moment. He wouldn't say the t-word, the one that would show he was grateful for her, but Shadmé seemed to understand all the same. "All right, Dark Pit, you'd better scoot. Palutena might make you deliver me the soup, and Skyworld forbid you be in my debt!"

"Skyworld forbid indeed," he snorted, opening his maroon eyes and rising from the chair. "See you around, I guess."

"See you, Dark Pit," Shadmé responded fondly. He cracked open the door and left, shutting it behind him.

As soon as he was out, he walked over to the wall, leaning against it idly. The meeting with Shadmé had given him something to do, but even the dark female angel could not extinguish his worry for Pit. Pit's sorrow burned brightly in their connected souls.

But something new had happened. It was as if Pit had sensed that Shadmé had been fairly entertaining him. Because that sadness within him, though present, had formed into a lighter, warmer feeling.

More satisfied, Dark Pit turned down the hallway, sandals tapping about the dull marble floor. He passed Pit's door and stood by it a moment. Placing a hand on it, his head softly tilted and bumped against the door. The crash of lightning outside echoed throughout the temple.

"One thing at a time," he whispered to himself. "Pit, you'll be yourself in no time."

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