I usually don't do fics like this, but this is a special present to my friend Voltaradragoness. It's her birthday! Happy birthday, Christmas and New Year! Whee!

This one-shot continues off a one-shot she wrote about Morgan and Shadmé called The Meeting of Two Dark Angels. Go check it out! I based some stuff off the headcanon she made for Shadmé's phoenix medallion, so just be aware it's just for this one-shot!


Shadmé, Morgan (Voltaradragoness' OC)


After listening to some good music, Shadmé and Morgan relaxed together in the purple-winged angel's room.

"So now what?" Shadmé sighed, gaze regretfully flicking towards the computer screen.

"Enough of that, Shadmé," Morgan teased, nudging her.

"Fine!" Shadmé pouted, getting up and stretching her black-and-red wings. "That battle from earlier made me feel all cramped and stuff. And sitting on my butt just made it worse."

"Quit complaining! One would think you were forced to bend your wings backwards."

Shadmé rolled her eyes. "Right, right. Well, I've still got some time to kill- not literally, Morgan!" The other angel frowned, as she'd been sharpening her bright green claws. "That is, I've got some time to kill before I've gotta go."

"Go where?" Morgan asked her. Shadmé shrugged. "I've been investigating into my past, of course! Did you know I used to have a little black pup named Scruffy?"

"I'm more of a cat person," Morgan yawned.

Shadmé nodded, then continued. "I have a kitten, too. He was named Kuro."

Morgan glanced at her oddly. "Kuro?"

"Yes," Shadmé nodded. "I figured you'd be familiar with the name."

"Japanese for black..." Morgan realized.

"Just like how Dark's new name, Kasai, is Japanese for fire," Shadmé added.

"You used to call Kasai 'Dark?'" Morgan asked amusedly.

"He asked for that name," Shadmé said softly. "It was proof that he'd never be a clone of Pit, or as light as Pit, or Pit in general. Dark Pit was the name given to him, but he only wanted the 'Dark' part."

"I see," Morgan murmured.

"B-but Kasai is a cool name as well," Shadmé commented quickly. "You can see it. The fire, in his eyes."

The two female angels looked at each other, then blushed as they realized they were talking about the dark angel in such detail. I don't have a crush on him!

"What should we do in the meantime?" Morgan asked, trying to eliminate the awkwardness.

Shadmé tapped her phoenix medallion with her knuckle and it lit up. "Flying race? You don't know how awesome it is to fly after not having that ability."

"Sounds cool," Morgan agreed. "Meet you outside!"

A few minutes later, the two angels met outside Palutena's gleaming marble temple.

"...shoot," Shadmé snorted. "Where are we even flying to?"

"Good question." Morgan tapped her fingernails against her chin thoughtfully as she tried to figure out some landmarks that were nearby.

"Wait. If I'm recalling this place's geography correctly…" Shadmé's amber eyes lit up excitedly. "We should fly to Viridi's Sanctuary!"

"I don't know about that…" Morgan mumbled. She wasn't the biggest fan of the loud-mouthed golden-haired goddess.

"No, no, it'll be great!" Shadmé paced in a small circle. "It was just out of my flight range when I had to depend on the Power of Flight. It'll be so cool to actually get there."

"But we'd have to ask Viridi's permission or something like that," Morgan tried to dissuade her. "And Viridi's not the best at letting us randomly mess around at her place…"

"Eh, nonsense!" The black-and-red-haired angel waved a hand. "I've done her favors in the past. She'll be fine with a bit of fun. Say, speaking of. What's Dark doing over here now instead of hanging with her? I recall him making a big deal about his roots or whatever being over there."

Morgan didn't bother correcting Kasai's name. "Things have changed, Shadmé," she said bluntly. "They've gotten closer over the years...like brothers. Kasai wanted to stay here to be with his brother."

Shadmé's eyes closed, wings drooping slightly. "And what of the other angels? Fyto, Silver? Skeep?"

"Don't know who you're talking about," Morgan shrugged. "Sorry."

Shadmé took a few breaths. It was as if she'd lost some good friends. "Guess that spring was no good after all…"

"Shadmé. Shadmé, wake up." Morgan snapped her fingers in front of Shadmé's face. "We have a race to do. We can go to Viridi's if you want, I guess."

Shadmé seemed to come back to earth, and after her eyes opened she nodded. "R-right. Let's do it."

"Now would be a great time for you to invade my head, wouldn't it, Viridi?" Morgan growled to herself.

"Eh, she'll just get a lovely surprise," Shadmé grinned. She aligned her feet with Morgan's and spread her wings, the dark feathers alight with golden sparks.

"I didn't notice that before," Morgan said, marveling at the former's wings. "Wish mine turned pretty colors."

"Gold's not really my color," Shadmé admitted. She tapped at her silver laurels to prove her point. "But it's pretty cool anyway. And besides, you can fly on your own! What do you have to complain about?"

Morgan "playfully" shoved Shadmé, nearly knocking her over the edge. The angel's panicked reaction made Morgan laugh despite herself. "Why so scared? You can fly, too!"

"Very funny," Shadmé snorted. "On the count of three." The two lined up at the edge of the temple. "Three...two...one! First one to touch Viridi's land wins!"

They surged ahead, neck and neck for the first couple moments.

"I heard that!"

"And now you choose to interfere," Morgan shouted at Viridi's voice. The wind whipping past at their faces deafened the sound.

"Aw c'mon, Viridi! You remember your old pal Shadres, right?"

"Shadres? Really?" Morgan laughed at the name.

"Kasai came up with it," Shadmé explained. "I was the third angel at the time."

"It is you, Shadmé!" Viridi realized. "Alright, whatever. Do what you want. On one condition."

"Which is..?" Shadmé and Morgan asked at the same time.

"Spice it up. Make it an aerial gladiator fight or something!" Viridi's voice brimmed with enthusiasm. "Don't just fly here like boring people would. Fight someone! Fight each other!"

"We already did that, you sadistic bi-"

"Ssh, it's okay, Morgan," Shadmé cut her off. "Pit and Kasai should be here any moment."

"What do you mean?" Morgan growled. "You mean, fighting us? Fighting me? Were you planning on telling me this?"

Shadmé shrugged casually. Due to her age, her wings were slightly longer and, therefore, she was a small bit ahead of Morgan. "I told them, 'Have Lady Palutena pop you out of a heavenly gate somewhere and start making obstacles. Friendly fire off.' Literally, it's completely random. They could appear any second in front of-"

"Surprise!" Pit appeared at that second right in front of them.

After the initial shock, Shadmé and Morgan swerved around him. Shadmé withdrew her precious Asimi Bow and deflected an incoming shot from a cannon he was holding by spinning her blades into an Angel Ring. Morgan was mildly impressed. Shadmé had gained even more ground. Or…sky. Whatever.

"Stealing my tricks from the Brawl days, eh?" Pit joked with her as he zipped behind them.

"It's not stealing if you taught me! ...Involuntarily," Shadmé replied cheekily.

Morgan watched Shadmé's cape swirl in the wind, and came up with a plan so simple she was surprised she hadn't thought of it sooner. She blasted a dark laser straight forward at the leading angel.

Shadmé took the hit and fell back, Morgan surging ahead. Surprisingly enough, she was laughing. "Glad you figured out the strategy, Morgan!"

Her good humor made Morgan even more annoyed for some reason. She didn't know why she was upset in the first place, but she was determined to win this race.

Kasai appeared before Morgan could get any farther, and she felt the stinging blow of Stealth Claws before she saw them. "Kasai! Knock it off!"

He smirked. "Sorry not sorry."

"So irritating!" She whirled and blasted fire in his face. Her moment of anger allowed Shadmé to lead once more, dodging Pit's erratic cannon fire.

"Gods above, Pit! Your aim is as great as a Skuttler's! That is to say, not very great!" Shadmé chuckled.

"What reason do I have to use a cannon when I have Palutena's Bow?" he complained. "Incoming, Morgan!" She just barely moved around a charged cannon shot. Kasai had switched to assaulting Shadmé rather than her.

"I'll make you wish you'd never decided to follow Shadmé's orders!" she growled, lashing out with all she had.

"Jeez!" Pit's blue eyes swelled with slight panic as he was forced to backtrack wingbeat by wingbeat.

"And stay there, why don't you?" She turned her back on Pit in order to focus on getting farther ahead. Shadmé gracefully swung around Kasai's rapid-fire while maintaining a straight velocity. Morgan beat her wings furiously to catch up. Is this what you wanted, Viridi? she seethed bitterly. She added her fire to Kasai's, and suddenly she'd made direct contact with one of Shadmé's dark wings. Her flight became lopsided and slow as one wing tried to make up for the absence of the other. Kasai miscalculated, his shots accidentally buffeting Shadmé back in huge amounts.

Morgan swooped around, noting the strain on Shadmé's face as she fought to keep up. Feeling hollow satisfaction, she looked ahead and noticed the silhouette of Viridi's Sanctuary in the distance. She could make it.

Something struck her side, sending her spiraling off-course. With a hiss, she spun on Kasai, and their eyes met with ferocious intensity. Her claws met his artificial ones, and they struck and battled in the sky, exchanging no words. It became her and him, the sky swirling around her vision like smoke. It was just another thing to fight through.

Morgan rammed into Kasai unexpectedly, then pulled away quickly as she smirked. In her hands dangled his dark scarf, and she dropped it as he gaped. The cloth was yanked away by the wind, dragged earthbound as if Hades himself craved it. Kasai's eye twitched, and Morgan stifled a laugh at his expression. He gave up facing her to dive after his scarf, so she turned and flew towards the Sanctuary growing ever-closer.

"Pit? Shady? Where are you two?" Though their clash must have only been for a few moments, it was as if an eternity had passed. The sky was blank, as if it had sucked up the two angels and left not a trace.

Had Shadmé reached the border already? For some reason, Morgan didn't think that was it. There was Kasai, fetching his scarf. She ought to go before he went after her again. Summoning new strength, she surged ahead. And then a trick of the light caught her eye.

Pit materialized, Shadmé laying across his back piggyback-style.

"Hey!" Morgan protested, darting towards them.

"Shoot! She found us, Shadres!" Pit yelped, zipping away from her despite Shadmé's weight.

She laughed with delight. "Guess that Invisibility power doesn't last forever, huh? I'm surprised we managed to hide from her that long!"

"Real funny, you two," Morgan grumbled, chasing them down. She heard Kasai's wing-beats behind her, and the four angels flew in a line all the way to Viridi's. Pit spun and chucked Shadmé off his back, the dark angel landing first in the dust on the ground. Morgan followed soon after, and as she did, Shadmé's coughs dissolved into laughs. Morgan joined in, despite herself, and the male angels settled in their own area a few paces away from them.

"Good game, Morgan!" Shadmé giggled, not rising from her position on her side. "That was fun!"

"I don't think that should count!" Morgan argued. "That was cheating!"

"Well, I couldn't really fly..."

Morgan took a deep intake of breath as guilt surged into her. "Are… are you alright?" She eyed Shadmé's slightly-smoking wing, the one Morgan herself had targeted.

"Ehhh… I'll be alright. I've gone through worse." Shadmé made a hand motion to prove her point, but it finally fell limp. "Are you alright?"

Morgan thought back to the beginning of their competition. Shadmé had flown so easily, got along with Pit and Kasai so easily- it was like an inside joke that Morgan had not yet grasped. She didn't like it.

But perhaps she had just acted on an emotional whim. Shadmé was the older angel- of course she'd have her own mindset, her own style, her own secrets. Morgan did too, after all. Shadmé hadn't probed. In fact, she wanted to start new friendships. And as Morgan realized this, she decided she wanted to help as well.

"Yeah… it's fine." Morgan shook herself out of her musings, eyes flicking to Pit and Kasai. Their glances were interested, but not searching. They were her angel friends too, and she hoped they'd never forget that.


Before Shadmé could add more, Viridi poked her head out from the door of the Sanctuary. "Oh wonderful, you broke Shadmé! Thanks." Her hazel gaze flicked to each angel in turn.

Shadmé seemed to be able to tell that she wasn't really angry. Morgan was ready to fire out a retort, but Shadmé comically stretched out an arm towards the goddess instead. "Carry me to the hot spring! Pleeeeaaaasseee?"

Viridi tossed her long blonde hair out of her face. "Ask your friend to do it. I'll get the hot spring ready." She left silently, and Shadmé mock-pathetically flailed her limbs. "Help, Morgan! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

"Fine, fine." Morgan grabbed her new friend by the arm and dragged her through the Sanctuary, hearing Shadmé's cries of "Wheeee!" behind her. Eventually, Pit and Kasai helped by lifting Shadmé's back half and wings.

"I guess this means you'll be staying a bit longer," Morgan said with a trace of happiness.