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Chapter One

"Ugh," Stella said, flopping onto her bed. "That was tiring. Shopping has never been so energy costing before!"

"Says the girl who bought thirty dresses," Aisha said, rolling her eyes. "Seriously. It's only one ball, Stella. At least I had the sense to buy one dress, and one dress only."

Bloom smiled and couldn't help but let a giggle escape. Her friends always bickered over the most ridiculous things.

"On the bright side, she will definitely be prepared for the end-of-the-year-ball," Flora said, always the peacemaker.

"True," Musa said, "but now she's going to take hours to get ready."

The others cracked up laughing at her comment, except Stella, who was clearly miffed.

"Well," she said, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder. "You girls are going to be totally jealous when I'm the most beautiful girl at the ball!" She sighed slightly, imagining dancing with her perfect boyfriend in a gorgeous, flowing –

Tecna interrupted her fantasy and the others' playful banter. Bloom looked at Tecna's face. Something serious was going on. "Girls you had better come see this," she said, hardly looking up from her computer.

Bloom hurriedly complied, worried that it was something really bad. "Is something happening in Magix?" she asked her technological friend, who was typing something in.

"Not in Magix," Tecna replied darkly. She pushed one last key. A hologram popped up from a tiny projector. The rest of the Winx noticed and joined their friends. The hologram showed a giant being of darkness – held together by ice – that was shooting bolts of lightning at innocent pedestrians.

"Where is this happening?" Musa asked, a note of horror ringing in her voice. "We have to stop it!"

Tecna whipped out a handheld computer as her friends continued to watch the monster attack the city. "Jump City, California," she said after a minute.

"That's on Earth!" Bloom exclaimed. "My parents took me there one time to see my uncle Bruce and my cousin Richard. Of course, they're not really related to me, but at the time I thought I was."

"So, what's so important about this monster?" Stella said impatiently. "I mean, as Bloom said, it's on Earth. What does it have to do with us?"

"This," Tecna said, completely serious. She zoomed in on the corner of the hologram. A close up view of three teenage girls, one with white-blue hair in a high ponytail, another with frizzy purple-gray hair, and the last with long brown-green hair.

"That had better not be who I think it is," Aisha growled.

"I'm pretty sure it is," Flora said, trying to calm Aisha down.

"Oh, it's the Trix all right," Bloom said, the anger in her voice evident. "What do they think they're doing, trashing my family's city?!"

"I don't know," Musa said with a shrug. "They normally wreak havoc here, in the Magic Dimension."

"We have to go after them!" Bloom exclaimed, slamming her fist down on the tabletop. "They must be stopped."

"Calm down, Bloom," Stella said, unconcerned. "I mean, we don't have to. I still need to try my dresses on."

Her friends glared at her.

"Oh come on," Aisha said, clearly exasperated. "What is truly more important? In your heart and soul, which means more to you: dealing with fashion, or saving the lives of thousands of unprotected, blameless people who don't deserve to have their city destroyed?"

The girls waited for Stella's answer.

She sighed, then said, "I guess saving lives. But you guys owe me for this BIG time."

Musa snickered, then said, "I guess that's that. Should we get moving?"

Tecna nodded and grabbed her teleportal. "Let's go." She pushed a button and placed it on the floor.

WHERE DO YOU WISH TO GO? an electronic voice asked.

"Jump City," Bloom ordered. A glowing green portal of lasers and numbers appeared.

"No turning back," Flora said, jumping in.

Stella stared longingly at her dresses as the others jumped through. "Maybe there's a nice clothing shop on Earth…"

Sorry this chapter is pretty short. The Titans will be in the next chapter, so don't worry about that. I hope you like this story so far, and are looking forward to the next chapter! :)