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Chapter Ten

The dark-skinned girl gave Robin a suspicious stare. The leader of the Titans suddenly became extremely aware of his surroundings, picking up on every little detail. That was why he noticed all of the girls dressed as fairies - or that were fairies - slowly move towards him.

"I think," the girl finally said, "the better question right now is, who are you?"

Robin heard the underlying challenge of authority in her tone. A smirk appeared on his lips for a brief second before it disappeared. The masked teen had never been one to back down from a challenge. "I'll answer that later," he said, resisting the urge to cross his arms childishly over his chest. "First, why are you girls messing with my team?"

The girl snorted, clearly skeptical. "Messing with your team? Some leader you are. Anyone else would agree that they wouldn't stop provoking us."

The spiky-haired teen wasn't entirely sure if she was being truthful. But because he lacked evidence otherwise, he decided to go with what Starfire had reported to him. "I have my doubts about that."

A blonde girl stepped forward, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she did so. "It's true. Miss Goth Girl over here," she said, gesturing towards Raven, "wouldn't stop insulting us. And we didn't even do anything wrong!"

Raven felt a sudden desire to strangle the irritating fairy, but pushed it aside. Now was not the time to let anger take over. If anything, she had to be twice as patient as usual in order to make sure they and the Winx could cease their arguing.

"That is not the truth!" Starfire protested, her fists clenched in frustration at her sides. "These girls would not stop doing the insulting to us!" She gave a Robin a pleading look, do her best to silently tell him to believe her.

Robin noticed her gaze, but forced him to remain impartial and not be swayed.

Starfire sighed but understood. She looked away as the short-haired fairy began speaking.

"Actually," the girl said, shaking her head slightly - Most likely to get her hair out of her face, Robin reasoned -, "I recorded the entire conversation, and according to my analyzer, 73.2% of the inciting was performed by all of you."

Though Cyborg wasn't necessarily fond of this Tecna girl, he respected her abilities and precision. He'd never believed someone could have better tech than him, but this girl was constantly surprising him.

"The Titans, correct?" she added, as if to make sure she was addressing them properly.

Robin nodded, not surprised she knew that. They were in their hometown, of course. A wry smile lingered on his lips. "Yes. Have you heard of - ?"

The magenta-haired girl interrupted him, practically brandishing the little device she held in her hand. "If those are the rest of your team, then you are Robin, correct?"

She gestured towards him, and he turned, slightly shocked to see that all of the Titans had crowded around him.

He nodded again. "How did you - ?"

She ignored his reply. The leader of the Titans wasn't sure whether to be offended or mildly impressed by her confidence.

"Your skills include the expert performance of martial arts as well as an advanced knowledge of weapons. Although, Robin is merely your alias."

What's an alias? Beast Boy wondered to himself. Sounds a bit like 'aliens'. But she's nothing like Star. Huh.

Robin froze at the fairy's words. How did she...? No one was supposed to know anything about his real identity. Calm down, he told himself. It's not necessarily a secret that 'Robin' isn't your real name.

"But it says here that you wish to remain incognito," she continued, "so I won't reveal your true identity."

He felt his shoulders relax upon her saying that, though he still paid attention as she whispered something to the other girls. Based on their not-so-subtle glances back at him, he had the feeling it was about his real identity. Not wanting their discussion about him to last any longer than necessary, he swung his leg over the side of the R-Cycle and got off. "Well, now that you know who I am, mind introducing yourselves to me?"

The dark-skinned girl nodded. "Of course. I'm Aisha."

"Tecna," the magenta-haired girl said, snapping the device she was holding shut with a small click.

"Musa." The raven-haired girl was the one who spoke.

"Flora," the brown-haired one said somewhat timidly, giving him a shy wave.

The only girl remaining was the blonde. "Stella," she said, lifting her chin slightly, as if showing some sort of superiority.

Once again, Raven resisted the urge to strangle her.

Beast Boy silently thanked, well, no one in particular, for them reintroducing themselves. I'm so bad with names.

You aren't the only one, Raven admitted grudgingly.

The shapeshifter jumped slightly, startled by her sudden entrance into his thoughts. Geez, Rae! A little warning would be nice.

I thought you'd be used to it by now.

Ugh, he groaned in his head. I hate it when you're right. He swore he heard her laugh before her presence faded from his mind.

Robin bit his lip, trying to make sure he'd understood all five names. Aisha was the first one, and then... Technology? he wondered to himself. Something similar. After her was the girl named Music? Musical? Ah, well. Trying to remember was futile.

Cyborg tapped a few keys on his arm, entering the girls' names in the mainframe, as well as what he recalled their powers to be. It was always good to have information.

"We're the Winx," Aisha - or the one Robin thought was Aisha - concluded. "Fairies from the Magic Dimension. It's a dimension parallel to Earth, in a way."

Robin raised an eyebrow at the sudden proclamation. "Fairies? I didn't think - "

"Dude, they're real fairies," Beast Boy interrupted, eagerly nodding his head, trying to silently tell the spiky-haired teen not to question it. He saw no reason for Robin to get on the girls' bad side, as he figured the rest of them were already. Not to mention he was certain they were actually fairies. "We saw them fly and they showed us their magic and everything! It was so cool!"

Robin sighed at the green teenager's enthusiasm. It wasn't that he didn't trust him, but sometimes he had a tendency to misinterpret things because of his excitement. It was similar to how Starfire could be fooled more easily due to her naïvety of Earth. He turned to face Cyborg. "Cyborg, are they actually - ?"

"Yes," Cyborg said, not waiting for him to finish. He knew he was smirking, but he didn't care. "Beast Boy's not lying to you. For once," he added under his breath. Beast Boy stuck his tongue out at him. The robotic teen ignored it.

"And neither were we!" the Stella girl whined. "Honestly, is it so hard for Earth people to believe in magic? Surely it exists here, somewhere."

Despite how much Stella acted like an airhead, Raven figured she had a point. Most people, if not all, wold consider the powers she'd received from her father to be magic. Though, if anything, she thought bitterly, it's a curse.

"Unfortunately, magic isn't a thing here," Cyborg said, almost disappointed as spoke. It made Earth seem... Bland. "It's just part of a fairy tale."

The brunette fairy gave him a pitying look. "That must be horrible. I can't imagine living without magic. It's ingrained into our existence, from daily routine to our very souls. It sustains us, in a way. Much like plants give us oxygen to breathe so we can live."

"Flora's right," the musically inclined fairy agreed. "Magic is incredibly important where we're from."

Cyborg shrugged. For him, being as connected to technology as he was, the lack of magic from Earth - though disappointing - didn't have any effect on his life. "Well, we aren't as lucky as you guys. We have to survive on our own wits and instincts."

The Tecna girl gave him an icy stare. "Magic is incredibly useful to our well-being, but it can be harnessed by many, including those we deem to be enemies."

The blonde - Stella? Robin wondered vaguely - nodded stubbornly in agreement. "You know those girls earlier? With the horribly Gothic fashion sense? Witches."

Witches, huh... Raven mused to herself. That would explain why the one that had powers similar to her own was able to get inside her head so easily. The idea that she herself might be a witch disgusted and almost frightened her, so she pushed it out of her mind.

I was certain they were the witches! Starfire cheered silently. Perhaps she was foolish for being excited, but if they somehow knew about... It was unlikely. Perhaps it is foolish to hope, she thought glumly.

"Not all witches are bad," Flora added after a pause. "Those three are the bad apples of the bunch."

"They're called the Trix, to be specific," the Aisha girl said after nodding in agreement. "They hate us, to put it bluntly."

The complete flatness of her tone made the corners of Raven's mouth twitch upwards for a brief second. To cover up her momentary break of the emotionless persona she had developed, she hastily asked, "But why were they here? Did they follow you?"

Aisha shrugged in response. "We don't know. But I doubt that. They were here before we arrived."

"They're actually the reason we came here," Flora added softly. "Because Tecna picked up their presence on her scanners back at Alfea."

"So not for sightseeing," Beast Boy muttered to himself, pouting. "Dude, Jump City -" He stopped upon noticing Robin shooting him a dark look.

"We couldn't just leave your city to be destroyed," Musa said, sending fiery glares to all of the Titans. "So Tecna opened a portal and teleported us here."

"Don't forget Bloom wanted us to come!" The Stella girl jumped back into the conversation. "Something about having a cousin here...?"

"That too," Musa agreed.

Bloom... For some reason, the name was vaguely familiar to Robin. But he couldn't figure out why it was. Probably shouldn't stress over it, he decided. There are bigger things to worry about.

"Do you girls have any of the ideas why the Trix would come to Jump City?" Starfire pleaded innocently, hoping her curiosity wasn't obvious in such a manner that the girls would choose not to give her a straight answer.

Tecna shook her head in reply. "I went over hundreds of possibilities, but nothing created a logical explanation for the attack."

"And now they're gone," Raven muttered darkly. "Terrific."

Beast Boy nodded, sharing the opinion.

Flora tentatively spoke. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid that they will mostly likely return -"

"97.36% chance," Tecna added.

"- and attack again."

"But the Trix don't matter right now!" Stella announced in what Robin figured had to be a normal manner to her.

In other words, viewed as flamboyant by everyone else, he chuckled to himself.

"They're gone, and we've got a much more pressing matter on our hands!"

That was where he agreed with her. "That's true. I still want to know why a fight was about to break out between everyone." Probably the clashing personalities, based on what I've seen so far.

The blonde sighed dramatically. "Look, that's in the past, so can we just -"

"We had a minor disagreement," the raven-haired fairy said with a shrug. "We didn't exactly hit it off that well during the fight."

"What fight?" Robin asked, slightly alarmed. He'd been under the impression there hadn't been a fight between them.

"Between us and the Trix," Flora hastily said, seeming to have noticed his change in demeanor. "We haven't had a fight between each other."

"Not physically, anyway," the magenta-haired fairy corrected. "There were a few verbal confrontations."

Cyborg snorted quietly, though in no means was it a mocking manner. If they were all being honest, there had been far more than a few verbal confrontations.

"C'mon, guys," Stella said, evidently trying to maintain control of the conversation. "What matters is that the fight didn't happen, so can we please move our attention to the fact that -"

Robin was focused more on Technology's - Tecna's, he corrected himself - previous statement than the words that left Stella's mouth. He turned to face the purple-haired girl on his right. "Raven?"

Raven rolled her eyes. Robin was always hesitant to believe people he didn't know, which she understood and sympathized with, but she by no means wanted to be brought into the ongoing conversation. "They're telling the truth." I'd have told you earlier if it were otherwise, she added telepathically.

Right, he replied, tone apologetic. I was just being cautious.

'Cautious' is your middle name.

Guess I can't argue with that.

Raven broke off the connection as Aisha spoke. "If we'd had physical conflict, there wouldn't be much left of your team."

Robin resisted the urge to reply with a rude retort. He knew his team - they'd all been through hell and back - and he hated it when people immediately looked down upon them, no matter the reason. "I trust them. They could take you on if it was necessary."

Beast Boy wasn't so sure about that. Not that he didn't think he was strong - because he was totally the strongest of everyone there - but the fairy girls we probably at their level of skill, based on how well they'd fought together. If they did fight, it would probably end in a draw.

"Well, they couldn't beat the Trix, so how could they beat us?" Musa retorted.

"If we could all just stop arguing and focus on -"

Cyborg interrupted the blonde fairy. "Losing to the witches was a fluke. We didn't expect them to have so much power."

"Really?" the magenta-haired fairy said, the biting criticism in her tone hard to miss. "I was certain you'd have some sort of mechanism that scanned and calculated the approximate power levels of your opponents."

"We do, but for some reason, the levels were acting completely crazy!" he protested, offended that she'd accuse him of not having the most basic of equipment.

"Well, despite this, it cannot be denied that you lost," she said simply, closing the analyzer he hadn't even noticed she'd taken out again with a quiet snap.

"But you did give it your all," the Flora girl added in what seemed like another attempt to degrade the Titans. "The Trix just weren't like any opponents you'd faced before, correct?"

Raven was tired of the subtle accusations being sent from team to team, so she nodded in agreement, hoping to end it there.

"Dude, how were we supposed to know that they had weird powers?!" Beast Boy said, flailing his limbs in a pathetic attempt to imitate the dark magic of the Trix.

You look like an octopus, Raven told him before focusing her attention back on the Winx.

He stopped flailing his arms after that.

"Besides, it only got worse when you girls joined in on the fight," Cyborg added, crossing his arms over his chest. If they thought they were going to get away with pinning the blame on the Titans, they were dead wrong.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Musa challenged, putting her hands on her hips.

The half-robot quickly raised his hands as an attempt to calm her down. He didn't want trouble. "Whoa, whoa. I just meant that we had no idea that you girls were trying to help us." It wasn't as if you gave us a sign, anyways.

"Well, surely that became obvious when we defended you from the Trix's attacks," Aisha said in a tone that implied she felt they were being incredibly stupid. "It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together in that scenario!"

"I feel that this matter is a thing of the past," Starfire said, hoping to calm everyone down. Though she was skilled in the field of battle, it was not her favorite thing and she didn't want to fight unless it was necessary. "We should put it aside and work together, no?"

Robin breathed a small sigh of relief, thankful someone had spoken up and put forward the idea to talk things out peacefully. But he couldn't let what Beast Boy nicknamed his 'tough guy' facade fade. "Star's right. As much as I'd like to further this discussion, we need to learn how to cooperate."

"Not to mention there's something even more important than this silly debate!" The Titans watched Stella as the Winx too turned to look at her. She sighed, clearly exasperated. "We don't know where Bloom is, obviously!"

Immediately, Beast Boy's curiosity was piqued. He loved a good mystery! Even if he wasn't very good at solving them. "Bloom? Who's that? A flower?" An idea suddenly came to him. He spun slightly on hi heel to face Flora. "Dude, did you create a flower that could speak?"

Flora gave him a look of disappointment. "Of course not. I take excellent care of my flowers. Creating one that could speak English would not only shorten its lifespan but also cause it extreme displeasure. I would never be able to do that." She shuddered. "To inflict such pain on an innocent plant."

Beast Boy pouted. Another theory down the drain, he thought sadly.

The dark-skinned fairy rolled her eyes at him.

He stuck his tongue childishly out at her the moment she turned away.

"Bloom is the leader of the Winx, not a flower," the Fairy of Waves corrected. "We last saw her when she went to help the pedestrians escape from the monster."

Cyborg glanced the clock on his arm for a brief second before tapping it, causing it to disappear. That was around twenty minutes or so ago... I understand why they might be worried, but if she's anything like the rest of them, then surely they're being overly cautious.

"She doesn't normally take so long," Flora said anxiously, tucking a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear. "I hope she's okay."

The robotic teen tried to analyze the message behind her words. But all he could figure out was that this 'Bloom' person had to be extremely powerful if she could complete what most would consider a challenging task in only twenty-ish minutes.

"I bet she's fine, Flora," Musa said, obviously doing her best to reassure her friend.

Stella nodded in half-hearted enthusiasm. "I mean, she's Bloom. She's got the power of the Dragon Flame. I seriously doubt anyone could hurt her even if they tried."

The brunette bit her lip. "I know, but... I'm still worried about her."

Starfire was moved immensely watching the interaction between the three of them. After becoming a Titan, she had been certain no one out there could even come close to reaching the amount of trust and friendship they had with each other, but these fairy girls had just proven her wrong. She pulled Flora into one of her signature bone-crushing hugs.

Raven winced at the sound of the poor girl's bones cracking.

"I truly understand your concern," Starfire said sympathetically. "If any of us did the disappearing, I would be in a true state of panic!"

Raven noticed the girl's face was turning slightly blue, almost certainly from a lack of oxygen. "Starfire," she muttered, "please put her down. She can't breathe."

The pinkette blushed a shade that matched her hair, quickly releasing Flora. The alien often underestimated her own strength. "I am deeply sorry!" She really did have to work on controlling how much power she put into hugs.

Thankfully, Flora gave her a warm - though strained - smile. "It's fine. I've dealt with worse."

Starfire sighed in relief, glad the fairy wouldn't suffer any permanent harm.

"Did any of you see Bloom, by any chance?" Aisha asked, drawing the Titans' attention to her. "There's a chance she crossed paths with one of you guys."

Beast Boy felt as if a light bulb had appeared over his head. "Robin, you probably would have seen her!" he exclaimed. "Right, dude?"

Cyborg was overwhelmed with pride. Beast Boy's finally using his brain. "That's true," he agreed. "Rob, you went to clear out the citizens, just like the Bloom girl. Did you see her?"

Robin frowned, but not because of Cyborg's question. The leader of the Titans still couldn't figure where he'd heard the name 'Bloom' before. But the memory stubbornly refused to surface. Once again, he brushed it off. "I mean, I might have," he said slowly. "But do you guys not have some way to communicate when you're far away from each other?"

Starfire nodded enthusiastically, pulling out the communicator she kept with her at all times. "Indeed! We have these communicators! If we are at great distances away from each other, we use these devices to speak to one another!"

"Of course we do," Tecna sniffed. "However, it seems the signal has been jammed, meaning Bloom either cannot answer or it is purposely being blocked."

Robin nodded. "Understandable, seeing as you're from another dimension and all." He paused before adding, "So what does this 'Bloom' look like?"

Stella smirked. "Well," she said dramatically, "she's quite pretty, but not as pretty as me. She's also got a nice figure, but mine is much - mmph!"

Beast Boy snickered as Aisha quickly put her hand over the blonde's mouth. Even Raven cracked a small smile.

"Ignore her," the dark-skinned fairy said. "Bloom is about my height, though I think a bit shorter. She's got long red hair - "

"Slightly orange," Tecna corrected. "Perhaps scarlet?"

Aisha sighed. "Fine, scarlet hair. She's got fair skin and blue eyes."

"Her hair is her most distinguishing feature," Flora agreed softly. "It stands out in a crowd."

"Definitely," Musa said. "So, did you see anyone like that?"

Scarlet hair, Robin thought to himself. Blue eyes... Fair skin... Around average height... Bloom... It was if he had all the pieces to the puzzle but didn't know what the puzzle would like in the end. He couldn't piece it together. But it was all so familiar, somehow.

Two fingers being snapped in front of his face jolted him back to reality.

"Hey!" Stella shouted. "Pay attention! Right now, you're the only one who can help us."

The leader of the Titans blinked in surprise. "Oh. Sorry." He coughed awkwardly, realizing it had seemed like he'd been ignoring them. "I don't think I saw your friend. Wish I could be of more help."

"Well, thanks," Aisha said, her disappointment obvious.

There was an awkward silence.

After a while, Beast Boy couldn't take it. He'd never been good with silence, especially with one like this where tension kept growing. "So, what now?"

"Well, I feel like we need to find Bloom, but..." Flora trailed off.

"But we can't let our guards down and allow the Trix to run rampant in the city," Aisha finished.

Tecna tapped a few keys on a different device .

Probably her Data Analyzer, or something along those lines, Cyborg concluded.

"There is a 13% chance Bloom is in danger as of right now," Tecna said after a moment. "It will grow to 17% if we don't find her. However, with the 94% likelihood that the Trix will return, the city's danger percentage moves from 26 at this moment to 85."

Raven inhaled sharply at this statement. Assuming the magenta-haired fairy's calculations were right, then the Winx could easily be divided by whether to defend Jump City or search for the Bloom girl. Perhaps we should offer them help... "Robin," she murmured. "Do you think we should offer to look for 'Bloom' while they hunt down the Trix, or vice versa?"

Robin bit his lip. "I was thinking that, too, but I don't think they'd appreciate it."

"Well, we'll never know unless we ask," Cyborg said, shrugging.

Beast Boy nodded in agreement. "Personally, dudes, I think that if we were in their position, they'd do the same for us."

"I reached the same conclusion as Friend Beast Boy," Starfire announced. "I believe we should offer our assistance!"

"Okay," Robin said, "but how are we going to do it? I'm still not completely certain we can trust them, just as I'm sure they're not certain if they can trust us."

"Easy," Cyborg said with a shrug. "We split into teams. Five of us and five of them, right? One fairy and one Titan are assigned a street and do their thing."

The masked teen considered the idea in his head. It wasn't all that bad, if he was being honest. There was just one problem... "How do we decide partners?" He'd paid close attention to how the Winx interacted with his team, and while there were positives, there had also been a lot of disagreements amongst them.

"I think we should assign it based on powers," Raven said, her voice its usual monotone. "People whose powers complement each other have a better chance of succeeding in whatever they're assigned to do."

Robin gave the empath a wary stare. "Raven, you know who you'll be partnered with if we do it that way, right?"

Raven sighed. "Yes, I do know. And while I'm not pleased, Knowledge is insisting it's the best way to go."

It is, Raven.

Fine. Just get out of my head.

"Perfect!" Cyborg exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "Now we've got a plan."

The Winx's voices slowly floated into their conversation, distracting them.

"Flora." It was Aisha's voice. "You have to decide."

"Um..." Flora's voice, timid and quiet as it was, was practically screaming for help. "I really don't know what to choose..."

"How about you don't choose?" Cyborg interrupted with a smirk. "We've got another idea."

"And what's that?" Aisha asked curiously.

"Well," Cyborg began, "you guys are clearly torn between helping defend Jump City and finding your friend, so why don't you work with us?"

"Are you sure?" Musa asked, raising an eyebrow at his statement.

Beast Boy nodded. "Yup!"

"I deeply sympathize with your plight," Starfire said seriously, clasping her hands together. "I wish to help find your friend, but I am also deeply attached to our city." The Tamaranean princess had been in a similar situation perhaps a year ago, when Terra had first betrayed the Titans.

"Basically," Raven said flatly, "we've come up with a compromise. Although I was forced into it." By Knowledge, at least.

Stella glared at her. "If you're going to act like that, we don't want your help, much less need it."

"Stella," Aisha said, warning her.

"Fine, fine," the blonde sighed. "I accept your help."

Robin allowed a smirk to form on his lips. "That's good. Because you two are partners."

Stella gaped at him. "Um, what?"

He nodded, trying to show he was serious and that she had no room to negotiate. "Your powers complement each other. Light and darkness. You'll make for a powerful team." If they manage to get along.

Raven gave a grudging nod. "Believe me, I'm as happy about this as you are. But I understand how you must feel. That's why I'm helping you look for your friend." Though the purple-haired teen sometimes - Most of the time, she admitted to herself - gave off unfriendly and cold vibes, she'd never not help someone in need.

"That's Team One," Robin stated, gesturing towards them. "Get it?"

The Fairy of Waves nodded. "We'll split up into teams of two with either the goal of finding Bloom or defending the city, right?"

Robin was slightly taken aback by how quickly she'd figured out his plan. He'd underestimated her. A small smile tugged at his lips. This was going to be fun. "Exactly. Team Two is going to be Cyborg and..." He pointed in frustration at the magenta-haired girl, her name on the tip of his tongue.

"Tecna," she said for him. "Because of our advanced technological skills, I take it?"


Cyborg gave the girl a wide grin and cheesy wink. "You're paired up with me, little lady."

She offered him a small smile. "I look forward to it. It will be interesting to see how our technologies compare."

Cyborg's grin faltered for a brief second. He wasn't sure whether to interpret her statement as matter-of-fact, a challenge, or simply a sentence with no ulterior motives. After a minute of thinking, he decided not to dwell on it.

"You will be defending the city," Robin concluded.

"Good choices," Aisha said thoughtfully. "Am I allowed to create some teams?"

"Why not?" he said with a shrug. Best to let her have a say in things if I have to work with her.

She smirked. "Good, I wouldn't have taken 'no' for an answer, anyway." She pointed at the brunette - Flora, right? Robin asked himself - standing beside Beast Boy. "Flora, you're with Animal Boy or whatever his name is."

"Plants and animals," Flora agreed, unknowing that she had voiced Robin's thoughts perfectly.

Beast Boy pouted at how she'd gotten his name wrong. "The name's Beast Boy," he corrected. 'Animal Boy' was just... Not cool. And not his name, anyways!

"The nature team," Aisha continued, ignoring him, making his pout deepen.

Don't be childish, Raven chided him.

Gah! he mentally exclaimed. You can't keep surprising me like that!

It's entertaining.


Pay attention. She's talking about what you're going to be doing.

The green shapeshifter sighed but returned his attention to the self-proclaimed leader of the Winx.

"You'll be defending the city as well. Defensive magic is one of your specialties, after all." She turned to face Beast Boy. "That okay with you?"

He grinned, waggling his eyebrows at the Fairy of Nature, who turned a bright shade of crimson. "But of course. I get to hang out with this cute chick."

Raven rolled her eyes at his foolishness.

"I'd back off if I were you," Musa said, sounding as if she was holding back laughter. "Flora's got a boyfriend. He's a pacifist, but he doesn't appreciate people flirting with his - "

Beast Boy watched as a clearly mortified Flora practically slammed her hand over the raven-haired fairy's mouth.

"I-I look forward to working with you, Beast Boy," she stuttered.

He was slightly disappointed by the fact that Flora had a boyfriend. The cute ones are always taken, he thought glumly. "Yeah." An idea struck, causing a goofy grin to appear on his face. "Dude, we're gonna have the best combo attacks!"

Robin was glad the green shapeshifter wasn't going to complain about his partner. There was no way he'd have been able to handle a whiny Beast Boy and a certain blonde with an attitude problem. He shook himself out of his thoughts just as Aisha was turning to face him.

"I'd like to work with you," she stated simply.

"Okay?" he said, unsure of how to reply.

"Do you have a problem with that?"

He heard the challenge in her voice loud and clear. "Should I?"

She smirked. "I like you. We're gonna get along just fine. We're looking for Bloom, got it?"

His jaw unintentionally clenched at the mention of the lost fairy's name. The spiky-haired teen was still frustrated that he couldn't remember where he'd heard her name and why her appearance seemed so familiar to him. "Sounds good to me."


After another awkward silence, Musa spoke. "Looks like it's you and me," she said with a half-hearted laugh after turning to face the Tamaranean princess.

Starfire beamed at her, excited that she was partnered with the girl who had power over music. "This shall be a most joyous thing!" Perhaps now I will have some of the time to speak with her about the music of Tamaran! "Do you wish to do the defending of the city or the journeying to find your friend?"

The Fairy of Music bit her lip, seemingly troubled about something. "I don't want to unbalance things."

Stella shrugged. "Well, it's obvious, isn't it?"

"Stella, I'm not just going to do what you tell me."

"That's not what I meant!" the blonde said with a pout. "Am I really that bossy?"

The Titans snickered to themselves as all four fairies nodded.

Stella glared at her fellow members of the Winx. "How rude. I'll have you know that I was referring to the idea that they could look for Bloom while defending the city. That's different from doing one or the other because they're going to have to be able to split their focuses. Or one looks while the other defends, but that's harder, if you ask me."

"I must agree with Stella on this," Tecna said. "Doing both balances out any sort of disagreement."

Yes, Raven thought sarcastically, rolling her eyes, because that is how a compromise works.

"Well, why can't we all just do that?" Musa reasoned. "If it's that easy."

Robin tilted his head to the side, acknowledging her statement. Fair question.

"Specialization," was Tecna's response.

Um, what now? Beast Boy thought incredulously. That word has too many syllables for me to understand.

"We're more likely to accomplish our goals faster if we have people specializing in something," Cyborg explained, gesturing vaguely at nothing in particular.

Ah, the green shapeshifter thought. Makes sense.

Musa nodded. "Okay."

"See, Tecna?" Stella said pointedly. "You don't always have to use big words!"

Tecna rolled her eyes. "Stella, I do not always use big words."

"Sure, sure."

"So what are our assigned locations?" Aisha asked, reminding the Titans of the topic at hand. "I don't know this city, so it's up to you. Or Tecna, since she has a map, I guess."

Robin frowned. Now that he was thinking about it, he wasn't entirely sure where to send the teams. He needed more information. "Well, what direction did Bloom head off in?" Upon noticing the dark-skinned fairy's nonverbal question of "why", he added, "That way I can send the teams to locations accordingly."

"Not sure," Aisha said, frowning. "She kind of just... Ran off."

"I remember!" Stella said cheerily. "She went left."

"Not helpful, Stella."

"Actually," Tecna said slowly, rejoining the conversation, "Stella may have just helped quite a lot." She pulled another device out of her virtual pocket.

How many does she have? Cyborg wondered. And what do they do? He was determined to ask her all about them whenever he got the chance.

"If I see what the most recent location we were teleported to was," Tecna continued, "I can put it into my map and then determine where Bloom was headed."

"Ha!" Stella shouted victoriously. "Told you I was useful."

"We still have our doubts about that," Aisha muttered.

Raven noticed the smirk dancing on the dark-skinned fairy's lips. So she doesn't mean it. Of course she didn't. It was obvious even to the half-demoness that those girls were incredibly close.

"Okay," Tecna said after a moment of fiddling with her device. "We arrived in Jump City on the corner of Marion Drive and Government Avenue. We all ran down Marion after that, and if Stella is correct that Bloom went left, then Bloom went in the opposite direction down Marion. The only streets branching off of it after that are Palm Boulevard, Jefferson Lane, and Clermont Street." She looked up at them expectantly. "Is that of any help?"

Robin nodded. "Yes." That had been exactly what he'd needed to know.

Cyborg winked at her as she put away her device, hoping that'd earn him points.

Robin cracked his knuckles, breaking down where he was going to send each team in his mind. "Okay. Starfire and M... Musa, was it?"

The raven-haired fairy rolled her eyes. "Yes. Musa, like music? Fairy of Music?"

The masked teen wasn't entire sure what she was referring to. "Yes... Sorry. Star, you and Musa will take Palm Boulevard because it's a much more populated street, so you'll easily be able to defend and look for Bloom at the same time." He was slightly guilty about handing the hardest street off to the alien princess, but he of all people knew how strong she was.

Starfire squealed in excitement. "Oh, Friend Robin, you truly are the genius!" She eagerly flew towards Musa and pulled her into a giant hug. "We shall have the most wonderful time kicking the butt together!"

"Eheh..." The fairy somehow managed to choke out words despite being in one of Starfire's famous hugs of death. "That's lovely, but could you - you know - release me before I'm forced to go to the hospital for broken bones?"

Starfire quickly put her down, flushing a brilliant crimson. "Oh, I am sorry! I feel my excitement got the best of me."

Musa waved her hand dismissively. "It's fine. I'm excited to work with you, too."

Robin decided to stop the pleasantries there. "Okay, next I want Raven and Stella to take Jefferson Lane."

Raven chose not to show any sort of reaction, simply nodding.

"Are you sure I can't switch partners?" Stella complained. "Or go by myself?"

"Stella," Aisha said, "it's not a choice."

Raven sighed quietly to herself. She had no idea how she was going to manage to put up with the egotistical blonde without punching her at least once. She was startled when Stella stuck out a hand for her to shake.

"Let's try to get along, shall we?"

Raven slowly extended her hand, clasping the blonde's in her own. Guess that's a good start, she thought, smiling slightly. "Of course."

Beast Boy was impressed that Raven hadn't tried to kill the Fairy of the Shining Sun yet. Rae's really trying here!

Don't make me hurt you.

RAEEEEEEEEEE! I told you to stop doing that!

If you keep reacting like this, I won't.

Beast Boy muttered something unintelligible to himself as Raven withdrew from his mind.

"I take it you and I get Clermont Street?" Aisha asked Robin, who nodded.


She laughed. "Okay. Not much to say about that, I guess."

Robin resisted the urge to laugh with her, instead just smirking. "I guess you're right." He cleared his throat and turned slightly to face Cyborg. "Cyborg, I want you and Technology - "

"Tecna," the magenta-haired fairy corrected. "Though that is rather easy to confuse with technology, especially when my attire is taken into consideration."

Robin silently swore. He'd thought he'd had her name right. "My bad," he offered with a tight grin. "Our introductions earlier were so abrupt, so I didn't truly pick up all of your names." This time he'd get it right. "Cyborg, you and Tecna will take the downtown area."

Starfire giggled to herself. Robin could be so silly sometimes!

"It's a likely spot for an attack to happen because of the population density, right?" Cyborg asked, studying the results he'd just produced from the mainframe through the computer in his arm.

Robin nodded in response.

"That's perfect," Tecna stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "I look forward to our partnership."

Cyborg grinned, tilting his head slightly towards her in respectful manner. "As do I."

"That leaves Flora and Beast Boy. Where are you putting them?" Aisha inquired.

"Ooh!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Uptown, right Robin?"

Robin nodded, slightly impressed Beast Boy had come to that conclusion without assistance.

"I knew it!" the shapeshifter cheered, pumping his fist. Then again, he said to himself, it was mostly process of elimination, huh? Eh. He'd figured it out on his own, so he'd revel in the fact.

"I'm happy to be working with someone with a strong appreciation of nature," Flora said softly, smiling half-heartedly at him.

Beast Boy couldn't help but give her a cheesy grin. "Awesome, dude!" But his smile fell as a thought occurred to him. What if she hates me because I like animals more? "But I'm an animal guy. So I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum or whatever."

"At least you're still on the spectrum," Raven said dryly, unable to resist a sarcastic quip.

Cyborg burst out laughing at her comment, Starfire soon joining in with a fit of giggles. Even Robin cracked a small smile.

"You're going to have so much fun with Stella," Aisha said to Raven, who allowed herself to smile. Based on the way previous conversations with the Fairy of the Shining Sun had gone, the empath was certain she would have several opportunities for sarcastic remarks.

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean, Aisha?" Stella demanded.

Raven watched as the dark-skinned fairy simply zipped her lips before winking at the purple-haired demoness.

"It's incredibly rude not to answer my question, you know!" Stella said angrily.

"Don't stress over it, Stella," Flora said as she put her hand on the blonde's shoulder. "Aisha's just overdramatizing a matter that isn't of any importance. Isn't that right?"

Beast Boy snickered as the color drained from the Fairy of Waves' face, then stopped abruptly as he realized that in a few minutes he could be subject to the brunette's silent anger.

"R-Right," Aisha stuttered.

"See?" Flora proceeded to say to the blonde.

"Whatever," Stella muttered.

"And that's everyone," Robin said, clapping his hands together. The mission could finally start.

"If we don't find Bloom within an hour, let's meet up back here," Musa suggested.

"And we can communicate with these," Cyborg added, holding up his communicator. It's the only thing we can use if the ones they have aren't working, after all.

"Winx, make sure you have the communication devices I designed as a backup," Tecna instructed, pulling out what the robotic teen assumed to be the device she was speaking of.

"We'll see you in an hour, then," Aisha said.

Robin smirked as he cracked his knuckles. Though he was supposed to be the one to remain professional, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't slightly excited for this mission. "Titans, go!"


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