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"what just happened?!" Natsuno ran as fast as he could away from the clinic. The images flashed through his mind. First… his bindings, the screaming from the lower room. With a jinrou's hearing, even at that distance Natsuno could hear every part of that woman's voice. Every click, every drop, every tone, all rang in his head with perfect… haunting…clarity. Just thinking of the noise sent chills down his spine. Nothing could have prepared him for the sight of her though. Even with black soulless eyes, Natsuno could see the fear…the betrayal, she must have been feeling…and he could see the pure savage rage in the doctor's. he struggled to hold back tears. For as cold as Natsuno was, he was still human…. or he at least felt like one. As he ran forward a billion thoughts raced through his mind.

"what do I do?! Do I call the police? But…they wouldn't believe me...how would I explain escaping from my bindings to them? No…maybe I just need help…" Natsuno made a hard left, bolting into the forest. The speed of his step caused the air around him to blow the tree branches, rustling the leaves. "Seshin! He should know what to do." Natsuno thought as he turned course for the abandoned temple. "he'd be seeing Sunako right about now" Natsuno shuddered again as the sight of the bloodied stake forced its way into his mind. That memory was by far the worst. He only saw it for a brief moment, but it burnt a hole in his psyche. "lights…" he thought with relief as the cathedral's candles amber light popped into his line of sight. He stopped himself, it was difficult due to the inertia however and he had to press the door to slow his body down. He opened it with force, and strode into the room panting heavily.

"what's wrong Natsuno?" Seshin said as the haggard teen sat himself on a pew next to Sunako. She grabbed a cloth and started to dab the sweat from his forehead.

"ozaki! He… his wife. I-I can't" he said as he started to hyperventilate. Sunako looked at him knowingly, but Seshin was still confused.

"just slow down. Tell me from the beginning." He said with a warm smile.

"I…. *huff* wanted to see doctor ozaki to help me look for a peaceful solution to the vampire problem. Ii could hear machines running upstairs and saw his wife…or her corpse… the doctor said he wanted to study her after she rose. He lied to me, saying that he wanted to try and find a cure." Seshin took a deep breath.


"he hit me over the head with something…. I didn't see it in time and it knocked me out for a few hours. I woke up in a closet, bound and gagged. With my strength it was easy enough to escape, but as I walked down to confront him, I heard screaming." Natsuno shook his head again. "I opened the door…and…" Natsuno paused.

"and what?" Seshin asked, growing more concerned by the second.

"I saw…. I saw her tied to a table. The doctor had just finished hammering a stake into her heart." Natsuno and Sunako shivered at the same time.

"how many times did he swing the hammer." Sunako lamented. Natsuno locked eyes with her, he still harbored resentment towards the small vampiress, but couldn't help but pity her.

"at least twice…maybe three times." Natsuno stuttered. "why?"

"I was just thinking…if they did that to me would it go in in one swing? How badly would it hurt?" tears started to pool in her eyes. Natsuno scoffed.

"it always comes back to you doesn't it" he spat through gritted teeth. She shrank back a bit as Seshin calmly intervened.

"now, now. You two should stop getting in each other's throats, literally. Sunako is trying to get better. But it's not like it can happen instantly." Natsuno clicked his tongue derisively.

"the worst part of all of it…. I think he'd been experimenting on her, I saw lots of tools and chemicals on the racks by the operating table… I can't imagine how much she suffered." He rubbed his forehead.

"well…. I suppose I'm the best person you could have told." Seshin got up, staggered for a moment, and took a seat closer to Natsuno. "though I'm not sure what I can do about it" he took a deep breath.

"what's wrong Seshin? I can hear your heart pounding out of your chest. The monk whipped sweat from his forehead.

"I've had to feed on him tonight…. I wanted to go and hunt on my own, minus the killing this time, but…." her black eyes darted to Seshin.

"I told her that it wasn't safe. Tatsumi was probably looking for her." Natsuno whistled sarcastically.

"either way, I need to tell you something." The two nodded. "Tohru rose up…. we had an altercation but it ended on a good note…. but, I want you guys to try and help the others."

"the other shiki? But why?" Sunako prodded.

"I hate the village…. I truly do, and I'd be more than happy to forget I ever met the vampires…. but most don't deserve to die, and neither do the villagers. I couldn't live with myself if I ran like a coward. But honestly I just want to take megumi and Tohru and escape. I want you and Seshin to try and convince the other shiki to stop the killings. Maybe to even leave sotoba too. I think it would go a lot faster if you two helped, I could even get Tohru to go with you, he's living at my place for the moment.

"I'm feeling a bit weak...but take Sunako and go with Tohru. I'm sure two shiki can convince the others, just stick behind them in case anything goes wrong." Natsuno sighed.

"I suppose that would work… it's just" Natsuno looked away guiltily.


"this makes me feel inhuman…. but can I take a little blood? I have no strength without it… so I doubt I'd be much good to keep watch" Seshin sighed and produced an arm. Natsuno plunged his fangs in and took a small sip. The taste sent shivers of pleasure down his spine and he was tempted to drink his fill. But in the heat of ecstasy pulled away. He looked at Sunako. "just to prove we can control ourselves." He said, panting as he looked at one of seshin's veins longingly.


"Natsuno really did let me go?" the doctor thought as he sat in a pool of blood. He looked at kyoko's body, broken and bloodied. Not even for a second did he feel a shred of guilt for what he'd done. " she really is dead, gone permanently…. I suppose that would make her the 400th. Amazing that these vampires could take so many villagers in just a two short months. Its time I did something about them in earnest." The doctor slowly rose from the horrific scene. Without a second thought he tossed his blood soaked lab coat on kyoko's face and proceeded up the clinic floor. He went into the shower room, taking off his clothes, he turned the heat up as high as it would go. He sat there for a long time. Letting the boiling water wash away the caked blood and chemicals on his skin, unfazed by the extreme heat. He finally found the motivation to leave. After dawning a fresh set of clothes he walked over to the filing cabinet.

"I suppose I should call a government agency or something…. I'll take all of these death certificates to the records building as proof of our problem." He thought as he gathered countless documents into a crate. It was heavy, almost too heavy. He walked away from the blood soaked clinic into the red sedan. "locked…. damn." he set the files on the roof of the car and proceeded to walk back into the clinic operating room. Careful to avoid the blood, he yanked the lab coat away from kyoko and started to frisk her. "here we are." He said as he pulled the keys from her back pocket, leaving the body slumped halfway on the table and suspended in the air. He returned to the car, unlocked it, and placed the files in the passenger's seat.

"kyoko really had tacky taste." He said as he looked at the brown leather of the seats. The doctor set the gear in drive and peeled off into the night, moon at his back. After a few moments of reckless driving he finally staggered into the building with the files in hand. "I hope I don't need to bring the copies in as well" he thought irritably as he walked up to the clerk at the front desk.

"my my! How can I help you today" the man said with a friendly smile. The doctor looked at him closely.

"pale skin and dark eyes?" he lit a cigarette. "I need you to fax these files to the emergency response team in Tokyo. As I'm sure you know, the deaths have gotten out of hand. I've figured out what needs to be done, so we can finally call for aid." The man laughed politely.

Oh my, there haven't been any deaths in the village. That's a funny joke." The doctor was taken aback. He stood mouth agape for a moment. Letting the cigarette fall to the floor.

"what are you talking about? People have been dropping left and right, at least 400 in the last two months alone! I've personally signed every single one!" he shouted. The man's eyes turned red and he grabbed the doctor's wrist. He clenched down with an icy grip so cold the doctor thought he might get frostbite.

"no. there were no deaths in the village. Those files you have are obvious forgeries." The man spat through gritted teeth.

"you, you're one of them." The doctor grabbed a pencil from the cup on the desk and was about to plunge it in the man's heart.

"stop right there, doctor." The doctor heard a seductive voice, and seconds later a curvaceous woman with honey blonde hair in a revealing outfit came waltzing into the room, hips shaking with every step. "mhhmm." She giggled as she put her hand over her mouth. "what the man holding your wrist said is true. No deaths, nothing wrong. This village is perfectly fine." Ozaki struggled in the grip, turning his sights on the woman.

"I'll kill you, bitch!" he spat as he swung the pencil in her direction. She laughed coyly.

'take a look around. Take a close look at all of the people in this office." The doctor started to sweat as he scanned the office. First he saw only the normal things, the flickering fluorescent tubes used as lights. The cubicles adorned in cream colored wallpaper. But when it came to the people. All of them, down to the last man. All had sickly pale skin and black eyes. Without even a second thought the doctor knew he was outmatched. He looked at her defiantly.

"so what? You're all vampires? I'll still find a way." He spat defiantly to no one in particular. she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a sensual way. She whispered sweetly in his ear.

"now doctor. There is no need to make such a fuss. If you can't behave yourself then we can just have a feeding frenzy right here, just like at the clinic with Tohru. But truth be told, we don't need you dead yet. You still have to keep the village under control. So be a good boy and keep everyone calm and you can be the last one to feed us. We won't even make it painful. But if you keep raising a fuss I'll have them rip you to pieces." He looked at the other vampires, staring reluctantly at the woman.

"we just have to feed on him right? Why tear him up?" one of the timid ones asked. She glared at him.

"because I said so. And anyone who doesn't participate gets to rot in the sun." they all gulped and nodded in agreement. "alright then, let me into your little clinic." She heeled his foot as she sank her fangs into his neck.

"only do things according to your own will" Natsuno's words echoes in his mind. The doctor was tempted to defy her and jam the pencil into her chest right there, but a thought crept into his mind.

"yes" he said without emotion "alright, I'll play your game."

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