Sorry for not updating in so long but I have decided to rewrite this story because I felt before my OC was a little flat so I hope to give him some depth this time. I also realized I never updated the cover image with the new runes so I fixed that.

Ingólfr Pendragon's POV

I woke up, I was in unfamiliar surroundings, looking around I appeared to be in some sort of medieval cottage. That and my eyes burned. When suddenly I saw movement in the corner of my vision that is when I saw her, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, with light blonde hair that flowed down her back, soul piercing sapphire eyes that radiated a level of kindness that seemed unrealistic, and a complexion as beautiful and impossible as her form that seemed to defy the laws of nature, I could not imagine something of such beauty before meeting her. I got up still unnoticed by this goddess who seemed untouched by the elements. That was when I noticed the air felt wrong it was clean… way too clean, nowhere could possibly be this clean. Suddenly the girl began to sing while she cooked over by the fireplace. I was mesmerized by it and slowly began to approach the girl. She glanced behind her as though to check on my condition only to find me about three feet from her, frightened she made an adorable squeaking noise. "You're awake." She said as graced me with a heart melting smile. "I am sorry for scaring you, I was drawn by the beautiful singing of an equally beautiful girl, I also apologize for worrying you and taking care of me while I was unconscious" I said feeling guilty about worrying the goddess before me. "My name is Tiffania, and I am so happy to meet you" She said with a giddy smile that was reminiscent of a child who had just gotten a new toy. She pulled me onto her lap with strength not fathomable for her appearance. "My very own familiar, and he's a human too… I won't have to be alone anymore" She squealed hugging him tighter, his head being pushed into her magnificent chest. "Don't worry it is my duty to take care of my familiar." She said sweetly. (Why does she keep calling me her Familiar… as in a medieval mage's servant? … not that serving her would be bad… ) "W-w-wait what did you say before" she asked, her face flushing, turning pink. "Do you mean that I was drawn to your beautiful singing" I asked She became even more flushed turning a light red and began to fidget, causing her hat to fall off, she yelped attempting to cover her long elven ears looking away from me in embarrassment, both from my words and her ears. "Or are you talking about the fact that the only thing comparable to the beauty of your voice is the beauty of you" I said causing her to turn crimson from ear to ear as she began to stutter "E-e-even th-though I-I have these y-you still th-think I a-am b-b-b-beau-ti-ful?" She stammered gesturing to her ears. "These?" I asked my finger lightly caressed one of her ears near the tip causing her to shudder. "S-sensitive" she said turning away bashfully. "Tiffania I think you are the most beautiful thing I have seen in my entire life (even if you are a little crazy)" I said thinking the last part. "Am not!" Tiffania pouted defensively. "Tiffania you most certainly are beautiful, and that includes your ears" I said. Tiffania still pouting had now turned light pink, puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms all of which made her look absolutely adorable "Not crazy." she said. My jaw audibly dropped "H-h-h-h-how d-d-d-did y-you…" I tried to ask.

"You told me." she said. "I never said…" I was at a loss. (The bond allows us to communicate telepathically)

(WHAT BOND?) I panicked so Tiffania put me in her lap again and held me until I calmed down. "The Familiar Bond my sweet… …(…) … …(?) … …(!) …I'm a terrible master." Tiffania suddenly looked like she was going to cry. "What's wrong Tiffania" I asked. "I… I… I'm supposed to be… your master, but I (sniffle) I don't even (sniffle) even know your name" Tiffania started sobbing "I am Ingólfr of the house of Pendragon" I said wiping the tears from her beautiful cheeks. "Iy-an-g-gaul-fear" she tried huffing out puffing her cheeks out in frustration. "E-Ing-goal-fire" she tried again. "Ing-golfer" she said her ears drooping as though they were crestfallen at their owner's apparent inability to successfully pronounce my name. "You can just call me Ing, but only you my beautiful, sweet, master." I said.