Sorry this chapter took so long but my researcher took his sweet time doing barrel pressure calculations to make sure the barrel would hold… ok it wasn't completely his fault it also took longer because of the length of this chapterThe Soul of God Chapter 4(Tristain Academy of Magic)(The next morning)Ingólfr Pendragon's POV

When we arrived at the academy it turns out to apologize for the rudeness of her guards the princess had bought my master a maid named Siesta. I met with the headmaster who had been informed of my master's secret and told he would face grave consequences if anything happened to her. However I think the old man was more interested however in my master's chest than her ears, a spike of ice up the old man's ass insured the headmaster will think twice before trying to peek on the master again. After escorting my master to her quarters that had been constructed for her at the request of Prince Wales, she decided to take a nap and I left the maid Siesta to guard her while I went back to speak to the headmaster again. "Quite the temper she has on her doesn't she?" He said "If you are referring to your rather intimate encounter with a sharp piece that occured from you while ogling my master that was my doing not her's." I said refering to him be railed by that spike of ice when he was ogling my master. "But you're a human familiar like Saito and he shows no ability to use magic." the headmaster said more to himself than to me. "It is not my affinity that's used, but the affinity of my master being used when I use magic." I said. "Interesting, do you have any other abilities?" he asked. "My abilities are not why I am here, the princess of this land should have told you that I needed to speak with two students who have connections in other countries." I say annoyed by the old man's tangent. "Ah yes to get Gallian Ice Crystals you will need the help of Tabitha and for the other thing you will need to ask Kirche von Zerbst." Osmond said. "How do I find them?" I ask. "You're actually in luck while Kirche is all over the place she is never hard to find and will eventually always lead to Tabitha if the giant blue dragon wasn't a good enough indicator that is." Osmond said "How will I know what Kirche looks like?" "Tan skinned, Dark red hair, large bust, although not nearly as large as your mas…" I cut off the old man with a glare causing him to visibly clench.

After leaving the headmaster's office I passed a fountain where a blonde haired boy was hitting on a girl that was obviously younger than him. "I don't have time for this" I groaned. "You, yeah you dude that is eating a rose, I am in a rush and the headmaster's description of who I am looking for was not all that helpful... " I started. "Are you new here peasant, the only reason I will humor you is because I am interested in who the headmaster would be sending a message to." Guiche said. "The business is my own not his and I am seeking the child of a specific family…" I tried again but was cut off again. "What business could you have with the child of any noble family" Guiche scoffed. "Listen here you little shit I don't have time for this I need to find Kirche von Zerbst and you are going to help me now." I said my eyes glowing as the runes shone brightly from the magic I was using to shake the ground. Getting up after falling ass first into a fountain he pointed "Zerbst is over there, go be her problem" Guiche said pointing off behind me, clearly unhappy that his cloak was soaking wet from his unplanned bath.

I turned to see two girls one with red hair and tan skin the other was short had blue hair glasses and a staff behind them was a giant red flame tailed lizard and a blue dragon that made the lizard next to it seem not all that impressive. "I'm assuming you are Kirche von Zerbst, would that be correct?" I asked. "That depends why you're asking, cutie." she purred winking at me and leaning forward to expose a large amount of cleavage. "Are you familiar with something called Wolf Rahm…" "Are you offering to give me your cream? You beast!" Kirche said sensually while folding her arms under her bust to make her breasts appear more prominent. "I will take that as a no, Wolframite is a mineral that gets its name from the extraordinary amount of tin required to extract it. It is a greyish to brownish black crystal that is opaque and leaves a reddish brown mark when used to mark stone." I said with no reaction to her advancements. Drawing in close to her ear I whispered. "If you help me I might just do something for you." making sure she could feel my breath on her ear and emphasizing the last word making her tanned complexion go as dark as her hair.

Turning to the diminutive bluenette next to her with the seemingly disproportionately large staff, I have heard you have connections in Gallia and would be able obtain some Gallian Ice Crystals. Looking up from her book with an amazing poker face which I found later must have been concealing what I can only imagine was the world's largest shit eating grin "I will need you to watch Slyphid and I need something else… …" I was back on earth trying to survive Equalist Assassins, the equalists were originally a powerful soviet funded force formed by Stalin to completely eradicate every single member of every royal family whether their family was still in power or not, the rational was if he could get rid of all royalty, thus destroying all claims to every throne the soviets would be able to in one foul swoop (yes that play on words was intentional) prevent future rebellions in converted countries, be able to demoralize democratic countries that had constitutional monarchies, and swoop in and convert countries that were currently monarchies. The Equalists started with making members of deposed families appear to suffer horrible accidents: such as descendants of the House of Osman and House of Habsburg. They moved on to families ruling over small countries like the Bhutanese Royal House of Wangchuck, and House of Liechtenstein.

Even after the Soviet Union fell the attacks on the world's noble houses by these Equalist scum continued and as a member of the House of Pendragon, I had to live a paranoid and secluded life,

materials back home were provided by the Seraphim of the Earth, who were created to protect any remaining royalty and eventually restore them to their thrones, they were created after the monarch of spain was publically murdered. (Whack) "Ouch! What hit me?" I said scanning for the culprit behind the bruise on my head. Turns out I had started to flashback and Tabitha hit me with her staff. "What was the other thing you needed?" I asked wondering what could have caused me to flashback. "I need an audience with this master of your's." The ground below me began to shake as the memory of Lizzy's death replayed in my mind, I was originally the third of five children our oldest brother James Pendragon was ambushed at a market but managed to kill an entire ten assassin's after disarming one with a ceremonial foil and using his excellent shooting skills to dispose of his attackers however in the exchange of shots that occured James was mortally wounded and lived only long enough to enjoy the satisfaction of having dispatched his attackers before succumbing to his wounds. Lizzy died in an attack on the palace. It was later found out to that the "palace messenger" was actually an Equalist who escorted my sister to the palace so he could gain access to the palace, he then blew up the palace in a terrorist attack that was felt around the world. In a fit of rage I took Excalibur the sword given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake and after tracking down the Equalist scum I ran him through with the Second Sword of England (Caliburn aka the Sword in the Stone broke and Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake to replace it as the new sword of the royal family). The youngest my brother Benjamin was poisoned a few weeks before the spanish monarch was killed leaving me and my younger sister Alice whom I gave Excalibur to as I had planned to make an online anti-equalist presence in an attempt to draw attention to myself and away from other remaining Royals around the world my goal was simple make them waste as much time, money and, lives of their members trying to find and kill me. I had managed to kill countless of their best men and sent all supplies, information and money I got from my would be assassins to a high ranking Seraph. It was getting harder to fool them and when I was worried I might die before managing destabilize the Equalists as my death was their top priority at that point I was summoned here, which is perfect because the Equalists will spend a significant amount of money trying in vain to find me. I fight down my instinct to reject her request. "If you want an audience with my master I must be present and physically between you at all times." I say defensively. "Why would I harm one of the only people that both can and might be willing to help me?" Tabitha says with derision in her otherwise emotionless voice. "I will take your staff for the duration of the meeting." I said she then offered the staff to me as if to say "let's go now." "Fine, follow me, but I expect you to be cordial and keep any information regarding my master to yourself." I say in a tone that leaves no room for discussion.

(a few minutes later)

I stood before the door and knocked once normally followed by two softer knocks in quick succession, "Master, a young mage has requested an audience with you, will you gift her by gracing her with your presence or shall I turn her away?" I said drawing out the time between her being notified of the unexpected guest and us entering trying to make sure she had enough time to cover her ears as she hid them whenever she was in public as well as climb up to climb the ladder and enter the decoy room.

After a minute or two the door opened a crack and revealed my master wearing a hooded dark wood brown cloak with glossy amber trim made of an extremely luxurious type of linen the hood however was two separate pieces consisting of a total of 3 layers the first was linen like the robe it was attached to however on top of this was a layer made of firmer leather pieces that were sewn onto the linen and the outer edge had what would appear to be a thick fur edge but was actually just a very fluffy thin layer of white ermine fur on top of a leather lip the purpose of the fur was actually to help the hood hide my masters ears. A separate violet hooded velvet cape worn above the cloak hid the stiff leather plates and completed her attire. The cape was held on with a gold clasp with a large emerald surrounded by a circle of small pearls.

We enter the room I turn towards Tabitha, "I have taken her staff, but am uncertain as to whether she possesses any other arms therefore I shall remain to act as your guard, master." I say to my master who is behind me as I have now placed myself between the girl and my master. "That won't be…" my master started "Master I must insist, as always, your wish is second only to your safety." I cut her off with my statement displaying my unmoving resolve.

"I need your help." Tabitha stated. "Why do you need my master's help specifically." I said, still ever wary of the diminutive girl with blue hair. "Let her finish Ing" Tiffania stated patting my head softly. "It is fine, the answer is because she's an elf." Tabitha stated causing my master to pale and me to to pull a nearby switch which locked us all in. "Who told you this?" I demanded ready to dispose of any and all threats to my master with the utmost prejudice. "My familiar Sylphid is a Rhyme Dragon so she was able to sense another user of nature magic the moment you arrived.

"Why have you come here, and who have you told." I demanded. "I have told no one. Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans niece of the usurper King Joseph the Mad, I hold the title of Chevalier de Norfatul, a Gallian knight, but only so I am firmly under my uncle's thumb. I have come to you in search of an antidote to the curse brought on by the elven potion known as The Potion of Lost Heart." Tabitha says. "Tell me something only a noble of Gallia would know something like who is the current void mage of Gallia." I say staring into the blue haired girl's eyes trying to find any hint of deceit. "Joseph is the Void mage of Gallia and his familiar is the vile Sheffield." Tabitha said. The deal so long as my master agrees to it is that as long as you can supply me with the Gallian Ice crystals I need and tell no one of my master's secret, we shall keep your secret and we will have the books of my lady's mother sent here so that my master may try to find a cure for this potion." "Once mother is cured I will finally be free of my wretched uncle." Tabitha muttered.