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Chapter 6: Gohan's Final act

Three years after Gohan's second fight…

On the road, Trunks and Bulma decided to take a trip out of town, trying their best to unwind from the nightmare they've had to endure for so long. After a few days of relaxing at the country side, the time had come for them to return home, or whatever was left of it. On the lonely, barren, and worn down street, they steadily rode in their yellow, hovering two-seater. They often wondered where the hero of earth had vanished too. Now Fourteen years old, Trunks possessed greater power than ever before, and his saiyan inheritance proved that he was growing further and deeper into becoming the warrior his father once was. As he grew older, so did that urge to fight the androids, and at times, it drove him mad to take at the thought of taking his shot against them. Constantly restless, Trunks sat uncomfortably and anxiously on the passenger seat as they listened to the radio. It was always something going on in a city throughout the world. Nobody was safe, and by then over eighty percent of the world's population had succumbed to their wrath. The only good news however, was the constant talk about the golden hero who will bring peace to all of humanity. On that day, King Furry, the old demi human whom resembled a bluish, gray cat started his annual global address. Though only a few were still alive to listen to him.

"People of earth," he scratched his throat, though sounding fatigued, he tried his best to contain his composure of being the world's leader. "Thirteen years have come and gone, and these desolate times have been terrible because of the twisted and wicked monsters that have reined havoc over our world…" he couldn't help but sigh, grieving over the massive losses. "But we shall never lose hope. I recall a long time ago when the evil King Piccolo tried to devour the world with his evil ambitions. Then a young boy named Goku stood against him and his minions. He bravely defeated this hated enemy and saved us all from certain doom. For so long I have prayed that either he or someone just like him would appear, but then it was three years ago at Hope City, where one man shined like the sun just as mightily as Goku. He took his stand and danced against the devils. He saved thousands of lives whom on this day have shared their stories of witness many times. He has given us encouragement that someone has the power to deliver us from their tyranny."

King Furry took another moment to pause, and for those who saw him on camera, he removed the hat from the crown of his head, lowering it as he paced to and fro. Trunks and Bulma kept listening, as they too longed for the return of their old friend.

"Unfortunately, no one has seen him since, and those two fiends have continued their senseless terror on our civilizations. Despite all of this, I must urge all of you to stay strong, and have faith. For I believe that he is still watching over us." The old king couldn't hold his feelings anymore, and he stumbled to his knees crying out desperately, "Oh Golden Warrior, if you can hear us, where are you? We need you, for we are in your debt! Rescue us just as Goku had saved us from the wrath of Piccolo… so this ends my global address." With the help of two representatives, the elderly ruler managed to return to his feet, placing his old hat back atop his fuzzy head. "Goodbye, my people, and God bless us all."

The address ended, as Bulma and Trunks knew exactly who he was speaking of. "That must have happened when we buried Chi Chi… I can't believe that he's been trying to fight the androids on his own. We haven't even seen Gohan since that then either." She took a deep sigh, while keeping one of her hands on the wheel. "He sure has a bad habit of just dropping off the face of the earth. He could at least swing by and say hello!" Bulma ranted, almost forgetting about all the sacrifices he'd made all that time.

"He's been training mom, just as I have been. I know it!" Trunks sounded focused. "He's just waiting for the right time to fight them, but if he doesn't… then I'm going to! They've killed too many people, it has to stop." Trunks showed pure determination.

"No Trunks!" his mother snapped furiously at him. "I've told you a thousand times already that you are not fighting them. I can't risk losing my only son." Though she said it harshly, it was out of love.

"I'm so tired of sitting around doing nothing mom. People are dying, and I just can't take it anymore!" Trunks yelled angrily.

"Trunks, I know this. I feel the same way but we can't do anything about it except try our best to survive." She replied, saddened by that thought.

"I refuse to spend the rest of our lives in fear… wondering if each day will be our last! I've had eno…"

But then the radio kicked back on cutting Trunks off saying, "Breaking news! After taking another six month ceasefire, the two killer androids have just attacked the recently repopulated Pepper City. After spending millions on the restoration project, everyone is now doomed as they're seeing their beloved city go up in flames." The news reporter stated bluntly, driving the young half saiyan into rage.

"AHHHH! That's it! I can't take it! I'm stopping them for good. I'd rather die than just sit here and watch more helpless people die!" he yelled out.

"Trunks wait!" as she tried her best to stop him, he refused to listen, and he leaped from the hover car, leaving his mother behind. All she could do was pray that he made it back alive… somehow.

Entering into the devil's playground formerly known as Pepper City, it was already too late. They left as soon as they burned the city down to its foundation. All alone, Trunks stood in the ruins, seeing the deaths of all the innocence, the young, the women and the old. He witnessed all the horror that Gohan had to carry on his back for all those years. He slowly strolled through the broken pavement. It was once a four lane road where buildings and scorched cars and trucks covered all that remained of the street. The city in ruins was not what hurt him the most. It was seeing all the children, younger than him, fallen, lifeless by their parent's side who all in vain tried to protect them. Not even the local militia stood a chance, and they fell without knowing what hit them. Not one survived, and witnessing all the losses made him sick to his stomach. He couldn't take the pressure anymore.

"No! Is this what Gohan had to carry on his shoulders? This is just wrong. None of them deserved this. Damn those androids!" he slammed his fist against the ruined pavement, forming a small crater that surrounded his hand. All he managed to do was stir up the dirt and dust in the air. Not far off though, was someone else who stood in the road, slowly approaching him saying,

"It's not fair, isn't it Trunks?" the other figure in the ruins uttered.

Trunks turned quickly to face him, not sure whether to feel excited or upset at the same time. "Gohan, this can't continue. We've got to stop them!" Trunks burst into tears, and the elder warrior knew exactly how he felt.

"This is what I've had to see every day for thirteen years kid. I know what you're feeling. There are so many that I wish I could have saved." Gohan reached for Trunks, giving him assurance that he's not carrying the weight of the world alone. It gave his apprentice, a little bit of hope.

"I want to help you this time, please. I've been training nonstop, but it's not the same when I don't have you to help me." Trunks begged him to resume their training, and Gohan kept a steady, serious look, only to shift from anguish to sharing a peaceful innocent smirk.

"Trunks… let's get back to work!" He quickly gave a thumb up.

"Yeah! I can't wait!" he jumped in joy for the first time in years.

A few days later

At the coast far away from society, they continued their practice in fighting. Unlike the previous rounds of fighting, Gohan focused solely on his apprentice reaching the goal of transforming into the legend. At the edge of the country side, the young Trunks concentrated his power, recalling all the events that drove him mad. Feeling the power radiate from Trunks, Gohan was impressed at how much progress he had made during his time of exile. Keeping his crossed arms against his chest, he watched him carefully, still bearing the colors of his fallen father. Then the young trainee pushed himself even further. His aura expanded, releasing bolts of what appeared like emeralds striking the ground all around him. His fury manifested outwardly, causing the earth to tremble wildly. The waves outside the coast became violent because of this power, demonstrating that Trunks had come far in his work.

'Wow, he's going to become stronger than me at this rate. I can feel it. It's only a matter of time before he reaches his transformation, 'he said in thought, noticing that the aura finally shifted into the golden glow. He knew very well that he was one step away so he tried to motivate Trunks. "That's it Trunks! Get furious! Think about everyone they've killed. How they slaughtered all of our friends, family and they'll take my life and your mothers without thinking twice about it!" the teacher raised his voice "Turn your anger into energy! Let it go! Let everything go!" for that moment, the kid transformed, but after a couple of seconds, the super saiyan form faded away, and he fell over, consumed with fatigue, but he refused to give up.

"Ugh, I almost had it." Trunks stumbled back to his feet, soaked in sweat and looking pale as a ghost. "I felt it Gohan! I have to become one. Why is it so hard?" he asked in discouragement, digging both his hands into the wet sand, kneeling down on both knees.

"It's okay Trunks. You're doing a lot better than I did. It took me several years to transform, and it took a lot of work to control it." Gohan said kindly, giving his apprentice some more motivation.

Gazing into the vastness of the sea, the two fighters took a break as the youthful Trunks broke the silence. "So Gohan, when you become a super saiyan, how are you able to stay as one?"

"Well Trunks, at first, I had a tough time controlling it. I couldn't transform at will, something had to trigger me to reach it. I had problems keeping that form for more than a few minutes because it sapped my energy so quickly, but if all I do is think about what those androids did to my friends and family, then that power just explodes out of me. I learned to balance out my energy as a super saiyan but it took a lot of discipline. Give it time bud, you'll get it, I promise." He showed a kind grin, but that empty smile still exposed the gashing scar to the left side of his cheek bone, narrowing upward until it reached the same side of his forehead. Speaking of, when he turned to stare at his reflection against the current, he recalled the first confrontation against Android Eighteen. For a moment, he relived that brutal fight, and how he narrowly defeated the android, only leading to more battles that he had to endure.

"Gohan, what is it? Is something wrong?" Trunks asked in concern, noticing the distant look upon his eyes. Returning to reality, he glanced back at him, saying,

"Oh nothing's wrong, but anyway, let's head back to your moms. I'm sure she's worried sick about you. Plus I'm getting hungry too!" Gohan uttered.

Trunks actually got a little nervous at the thought of another dose from his overprotective mother chewing him out for up and leaving on her. "I'm getting a bit on the hungry side too, but I'm sure dreading having to hear from mom again about leaving her like I did. She always worries about me, but geez, I'm old enough to take care of myself." Trunks ranted.

"At least you still have your mom Trunks…" the teacher sounded a little serious to him. Though he was a bit harsh, Trunks knew that it was the truth. He was there to bury her three years ago, and then he finally summed up the courage to head back to the capsule house.

"You're right, sorry Gohan." he faced toward the dirt and sighed. "Let's get going then."

"Don't stress it kid, we need to get out of here." The son of the legend replied, eager to move on.

Venturing back to the capsule house, they were relieved to get through another day of hard work, but they also wondered if the training was enough. Once they made it home, the two starving heroes feasted on some good cooking, and rested up for the night to train again, for tomorrow was another day, and those who lived were thankful to see that sun rise once again. During the late afternoon , they great duo ventured into some rocky terrain near the outskirts of another restored city, watching its people thrive in the apocalyptic world.

"So Gohan, why are you still wearing your dad's gi? Just wondering." Trunks asked curiously.

"I've always worn his colors after he died. I believed that someday, it would help me be strong like him. He always wanted to protect us and defend this life with all of his heart, and I want to live by his example. I want to make dad proud, and that motivation has kept me going and pushing ever since." But then he looked over at Trunks. "Your dad would have also been proud to see what you've become Trunks."

"You really think so?" he asked.

"Well of course. Though he's not the type to admit it, I'm sure he's looking down right now, knowing that his son lives on." Gohan said encouragingly.

"I hope so… I've worked so hard to get where I am now." Trunks sighed, observing the city ahead.

But then… "BOOM!" arose another round of flames, devouring all the helpless lives with it.

"Gohan, the city, they're back!" Trunks yelled in shock, as multiple clouds of smoke and fire smothered everything in sight.

"No time to sit and watch, let's get em Trunks! Stay close!" Gohan commanded.

"Right!" Trunks nodded, taking off in to the blazing storm ahead. In the middle of the hellfire, the doomsday twins stood together, sending blasts from their hands that brought down the towering achievements to their foundations, taking many lives with it.

"Bringing down the tall buildings never get old. Since it's is broad daylight, I wonder how many people we've killed this time?" Seventeen said in amusement.

"Hah! Who cares, as long as they all suffer then I'm happy with that." She laughed wickedly.

"Cmon sis, we don't want to drive them to extinction. Then we won't have any fun anymore. It'll get lonely on this planet." The male cyborg clarified.

"You have a good point, I guess." She shrugged, rolling her at eyes at him, but then noticed two fighters arriving to stand in their way.

"Hey look, it's Batman and Robin, coming back to save the day." Seventeen snickered, making a stop from his slow stroll on the road, as Gohan edged closer to them with Trunks by his side.

"It stops here androids! We're settling this now!" Gohan declared honorably, transforming into his super saiyan.

"You're sounding like a broken record, Gohan. Maybe you're just butt hurt that we destroyed another one of your Gotham cities. Hahahahah!" the dark haired cyborg mocked him, and then his "sis" had to step in, throwing more insults out.

"What happened to never letting us take any more lives? It's a real bummer that they're all letdown over their "golden angel" who's failed to protect his people." She said mockingly, stretching her left arm out, releasing a ki blast towards the dynamic duo.

Evading the explosion they dashed towards the skies. "Trunks, stay back!" Gohan hollered.

Keeping a distance, Trunks listened to his master, remaining behind and watching the warrior with the shining aura as he hit the frontlines. Slamming a fist against Eighteen, his attack threw her into the crumbled towers. Then Seventeen jumped in, and they danced together, swinging blows back and forth with neither side backing down, until the enraged blonde returned to gang up on the hero. In the distance, Trunks grew infuriated at how they played the game.

"So, they just like to gang up on everybody, how heartless!" He watched them batter Gohan, seeing firsthand how merciless and cold the androids were, by making an example out of his only best friend. No matter how hard Gohan tried to hold his own, they threw him around like a ping pong ball on a table, but instead of falling to the floor, the super saiyan got smashed into rubble constantly. Trunks felt the agony from his master. It fueled his rage even further. His emotions began to slip away slowly.

"Why can't I be a super saiyan? It's the only way I can help him. I can't just sit here and watch my friend die! I won't them get away with this." His sight blurred, and then turned dark, going completely black, as if time itself ceased. Entering into a different realm beyond space and time, he heard an echo from someone in the past.

"Trunks, my son…" he echoed.

"Dad?" Trunks asked all puzzled; appearing in what resembled a large open grass plain, where sunflowers danced in the gentle breeze over the land. Looking directly into the distance, he noticed a figure before him. Though at first he couldn't make out who it was, it gradually came together. The light shining over the realm revealed it to him. Did his spirit enter in the other world?

"Yes son, it's me. You don't remember me, but before I died, I have held you in my arms when you were a little child." The one who was once the prince of all saiyans spoke, standing in the grass before him, wearing his blue saiyan armor. "You have become a true warrior, just like myself. You carry the blood of royalty, and that power of the super elite also surges through your veins." He said calmly.

"Dad, I've tried. I want to be strong. I need to help Gohan, but I don't know how. I'm just too weak." Trunks said discouragingly, but the spirit of his father assured him otherwise.

"You are far more powerful than you believe. If Kakarrot's son can become a super saiyan, so can you. You have the power within! It's the only way to stop them. Trunks, you and Gohan must avenge us! Only then will we find true rest!" Vegeta said.

"Dad… thank you. I'm so glad I finally got to meet you." Trunks felt very assured, as he approached him quickly.

"I've always been watching over you, just as Kakarrot has watched over Gohan. The power of the legends that's in me, I pass on to you. Now use it, and don't hold back." The prince said before the vision started to slip away.

"Now I know what to do… father, I'll make you proud." Soon Trunks returned to reality, and it was as if a switch had flipped on in his mind. He understood what he must do in order to transform. "Gohan, I won't let you fight this alone!" And in that moment, his hair matched that of his teacher. His eyes shifted from purple to like that of a shining emerald, as a shining aura whirled around him, emitting brightly as the sun itself. Without a second to lose, he dashed towards them with great speed.

"I don't care if you kill me! I'll die defending this world. It's not for your taking!" He speared Android Seventeen, as Eighteen backed off, giving Gohan a chance to catch his breath. Finally the hero of legend stood again, wiping the blood off his cuts while his amber gi suffered small rips all over. But he didn't pay attention to that since he was surprised and happy at the same time, seeing his apprentice earning the title of Super Saiyan.

"Trunks, you did it!" Gohan exclaimed.

"We can party later, that guys coming back and he looks pissed!" he spoke too soon, because the twins regrouped.

"Hey bro, we got two walking lightbulbs now. How about we go full power and shut their lights off for good." She said, powering into her full strength, glowing with a white wave of energy, as Seventeen did the same.

"Sounds like a plan, we've let these guys live too long." Seventeen sneered.

Together, the machines charged up into the fullest extent of their strength; power given to them by the mad scientist known as Gero. A blinding wave of energy encircled them, nearly outshining the good force while Trunks and Gohan frantically stepped back in fear, and anger. Guarding against the force of wind that they released.

"They've been holding back all this time? Darn it! How strong are they?" Trunks panicked, trembling in absolute terror.

"We aren't giving up! We can't turn back, Trunks. We have to make our stand here. Goku would have kept fighting, even if he had no chance of winning." With no time to think after Gohan's reassurance, they all collided like a thousand bolts of lightning. Trunks decided to take his shot with Eighteen, swinging his shining fists like wild man, but he couldn't make contact, she easily evaded him despite his new found power. Finding an opening, she head butted the kid and then spin kicked him in the face, followed by an energy blast that dropped him like a bird shot in midair. That gave the twins of death the advantage, double teaming Gohan like two rabid wolves. Managing to evade their rapid fire blasts, he leaped above them, screaming out,

"Mosenko Han!" the massive wave blinded everything, overwhelming the androids in a mushroom cloud of death. Giving Gohan a chance to regroup with Trunks, they immediately took cover in a pile of ruins away from the downtown area, but the machines appeared unharmed from the attack. Back to their normal states, they concealed their power levels, cautiously trying not to blow their cover. Several yards ahead of them, they overheard Seventeen grumbling out…

"Ugh, they went into hiding again. This is getting so old." He was obviously aggravated.

"Let's bomb them out then. They couldn't have gone too far." Eighteen suggested, and her brother agreed. Sending their beams of destruction in every direction, the two heroes remained hidden, as they tried to come up with a way out of their sour pickle.

"Gohan, what do we do?" Trunks asked, afraid.

"We stay here," Gohan quietly replied. 'If dad were here, he'd know what to do. All my life I've wanted to be just like him. If only he didn't die from that heart virus. Not even the sensu beans gave him any relief.'

They continued to lean against the broken rubble, as Gohan remained in thought. 'Dad, I won't let you down, but how can we defeat those androids?' he looked over at Trunks, as if he saw himself when was a kid. Then he heard his father, as if he still survived and was reaching out to him again from far away.

"You've become so strong son. I can't believe how much progress you've made. I wasn't even close to your Strength when I was growing up." Gohan remembered their days of training after the fight with Frieza. "Soon Gohan, you'll be tougher than me, and I won't know what to do then." After hearing this, he noticed Trunks, being nine years younger than him, and then it occurred to him.

'Trunks… he's already a super saiyan, and he's at least twice as strong as I was when I was a kid, and even when I unleashed my power on that island, he's still superior to me. He's the one who will stop them. I can't let them kill Trunks. I know what dad would do… it was great spending all of this time with you Trunks, and I'm sorry that it has to end this way, but someday, I know that you'll understand.'

Making his decision, he glanced at Trunks who said nervously, "Well, what are we going to do?"

Gohan kept a calm look. "Trunks, I'm going to attack them head on, and when I do, I want you to get as far away from here as possible." He ordered firmly, but the kid had to question him.

"But I can't. I'm not leaving your side! We're in this together." Though he insisted, the teacher refused to tolerate his questioning.

"I'm not going to tell you again. If I don't survive, then it's better than both of us getting killed." He harshly stated, as Trunks had water drops pour down his face, knowing what Gohan was about to do.

"You can't. How am I supposed to stop them if you're killed?" he choked out.

"Then you'll destroy them, I know you can if I fail. Now go, little brother." He ordered calmly as Trunks wiped his tears.

"Okay big brother, I understand." At that last minute, Gohan charged forward for the final act, and Trunks retreated into the distant rocky hills and beyond, trying all he could not to look back. However, in the battle field, the determined warrior took his last stand, knowing that he wouldn't make it out of there alive.

"So, you pop out of hiding… good boy. " The cyborg uttered, scanning the area, realizing that someone else was missing. "Where's your little friend?" Seventeen asked mockingly.

"You're fight is with me, so don't worry about him." The super saiyan said bravely.

"Well, it doesn't' matter. This city is your grave. Rest in pieces, little punk." She laughed demonically.

Positioning to fight, the androids approached him, but Gohan, fully powered into this golden form firmly stood his ground. "Even if you destroy this body, someone else will come and take my place, better and stronger than I ever could have been. Not one death will go unaccounted for, not one!" then he powered into his maximum strength, shattering the ground like glass, forcing both cyborgs into defensive stances. While they guarded, their sensors went wild, scanning his power level.

"What?" Seventeen screamed out. "One hundred fifty million? That is not possible!"

"That's what my sensors are saying too!" Eighteen exclaimed.

"He gets stronger every time he comes back. His power now surpasses mine when I'm at the max!" Seventeen flipped out, and had a reason too, since his maximum power level was one hundred twenty five million, and Eighteen's was one hundred fifteen million.

"Sis, we can't let him get away this time. If he keeps this up, we may not be able to stop him next time." Seventeen gave a quick warning.

"Agreed, let's go for the kill!" She uttered.

"Rahhhhhh!" Gohan in his blazing fury rode the lightning straight into the offensive. Into the storming and raining skies, they exchanged countless punches, kicks, and slams, but the heroic son of Goku found an opening, grabbing Seventeen by the collar, head butting him viciously, then he fought Eighteen on her own, as the other artificial human got thrown away. "You can't stop what I've become, and I won't give up until I breathe my last." He strongly shouted, hurling a fist into the blonde's gut, then double handed slamming her into a red and brown dome building, swallowing the android alive as it buried her in ruins. Sadly, his blows were not enough, and they escaped only to see Gohan ready to conclude the act with his father's signature move.

Hovering midair, he cried out, "This is for everyone you've destroyed… they cry out to me every second, begging me to avenge their deaths! KameHameHA!" Gohan had no time to lose, releasing an ocean blue meteor which made hot pursuit towards the machines who shot their beams, trying to divert it back, but it wasn't enough, and they suffered the power from the move of legends.

"GAHHHHHHH!" they both screamed in peril, and then "BOOOOOOOOMMMMM!" it obliterated most of the city, leaving behind nothing but mud, concrete, and stone. Totally exhausted, he landed on his feet, trying desperately to keep his transformation going. Feeling the raindrops beat down against his dirty face, he heard the roaring of thunder, reverberating from one end, traveling to the opposite side of the ruins. After catching his breath, he sighed deeply, knowing that they survived that horrific move. Gohan had to accept the fact that running was not an option. If it meant sacrificing himself to that his apprentice had an opportunity to deliver the world from the two cyborgs, then so be it.

Just as he feared, he saw two figures in the layers of the heavy, torrential rains, slowly walking towards him. In the quick flashes of lightning revealed their wicked, mindless and menacing smiles… their lust to kill the nuisance who kept them from having "fun" from demolishing cities. In the darkness, he heard and felt the cold laughter.

"Oh, the darkness and the rainstorm… how fitting to end this act. As we bombard you, the mud will bury your corpse. At least you'll be seeing your dad soon, hahahahahaha!" the male cyborg sounded like a psychotic mental patient, laughing wickedly like a super villain from another story about a caped crusader.

"It's such a bummer that we got to kill a cute guy like you, but if we live any longer, you might get too strong for us to keep you under control, and we can't have that." The female cyborg, evilly said, showing a trace of her sassiness.

'So, this is it. I'm proud of you Trunks. If I die, then save the world we forever love.' In the last effort, Gohan took his charge at the twins, but they suddenly vanished, only to reform like one terrifying force, throwing the hero like a ragdoll all over the city. While he tried to escape, the son of Goku no longer had the power to defend himself. He was at their mercy. After the game of human ping pong got boring, Seventeen ended the throw down by kicking him straight in the midsection, and then hurling a sonic boom from his light speed fist at the same spot. All that Gohan felt was the wind knocked out of him and the agony deep within, and the rain drops slapping all over his battered body, at least until he stopped from his free fall abruptly against the shattered pavement. Ironically, he laid down close to where the city hall once stood. On his back, he felt his legs broken, and most of his ribs got shattered. Completely defenseless, he struggled to move an inch, watching his vision turn blurry as they towered above him. Laughing, they were thrilled at their victim who squirmed in pain down below.

"It's lights out for you Gohan. Enjoy the afterlife, as your people cry and mourn for their fallen angel!" Seventeen's face turned maniacal, while he saw the same sinister look on the blonde artificial human. They were tired of waiting, sending down a rainstorm of blasts, all going for Gohan.

"AHHHHHHH!" Gohan helplessly screamed, feeling the pain, the terrible agonizing pain. Being swallowed by the flames, the hurt slowly drifted away, as his body gradually became numb, and darkness devoured his eye sight. After he could no longer see or feel, his hearing went silent, as his thoughts uttered these last words.

'Trunks, it's up all up to you now. I'm sorry that I won't be there to see you wipe them out.'

The androids ended their fire, finally shutting off that golden light. They've pummeled out every inch of his life. Celebrating over his death, they shouted for joy and then moved on to the next city, searching for Trunks, but he was already long gone, hiding in the shadows, training vigorously to continue the fight his master left off. Losing the will to live, the golden angel breathed his last…

Gohan, was dead…

Blackness took over, as his spirit departed from his body, hearing the sound of Goku flowing through him saying, "This isn't the end of you my son, but only the beginning. Come find me on King Kai's planet." He echoed.

"Dad?" as he asked himself, a new world opened their doors to him. "Where am I? Is this…"

He stood on a gray path that traveled forever into the horizon, shaped like a serpent. It coiled on for miles. In the distance, yellow clouds filled the air below the road and beyond. Standing in line, he waited along with the vast crowd of spirits who were being judged, one soul at a time. Up ahead to the left was the check in station. "Oh wow, is this the otherworld dad was talking about?" he asked out loud, only to hear angry ghosts behind him.

"Hey! Hurry up, you're holding up the line." One of the spirits of a cranky old man shouted at him.

"Oops, sorry hehehe!" following the large amounts of souls, he eventually eased his way towards the large building where King Yamma stood to judge every entity that once lived, just as Goku talked about during his first adventure in the afterlife. 'I was sure that I heard dad say that I need to meet him on King Kai's planet. Maybe Yamma can show me the way. That means I get to see dad again, and mom and everyone else.' Then he lost control of himself, going crazy screaming out. "Alright, I can't wait to see everybody again!"

"SHUT UP AND KEEP MOVING!" screamed out a bunch of souls, along with the guys under the king's command leading the line to the station.

It seemed that Gohan's death ended on a better note after all. What surprises wait for him in the afterlife? And will he finally be reunited with all his loved ones? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Dragon Ball Z!