Dick Grayson lay peaceful in bed, floating somewhere between awake and asleep with a smile on his face and one arm affectionately wrapped around Zatanna, who nuzzled against his bare chest, her body gently rising and falling with her breathing. Dick himself, though half-asleep with exhaustion, feeling better than he had in a long time.

It could have been that Bludhaven had actually been fairly quiet the last few nights. Maybe it was the fact that Wally was alive and well. Or it may have had something to do with the fact that his girlfriend had an incredibly neat trick where there could be three of her in the room at once and that they'd found some very wonderful uses for that. Okay, it was probably that last one.

At the risk of sounding incomprehensibly corny, being with Zatanna was magic, in literally every sense of that word. He, of course, had his fair share of tricks too, more than a few of which involved some very creative uses for his utility belt. Put together, it made for a perfect pair that could leave him feeling exhausted in the best way possible.

After pulling his pants back on, Jason refastened the latch on his belt, enjoying the return of the familiar weight of his holsters. Like all his siblings, felt naked without his equipment, and not in a good way. He knew what naked in a good way was too- it was why he was getting dressed in the first place.

He forgot the girl's name. Betty? Brooke? He knew she'd given it at some point, and he swore he'd called her by it at least once (swear is a strong word, he probably hadn't). He was also pretty sure it started with a B. Oh well. She didn't even know his name, so he doubted it really mattered if he knew hers.


Shit, she did know his name. And just like that, the night of no strings attached got its first strings.

It was incredibly late, even by Bat standards. The room was an utter wreck, furniture upended, sheets tangled, dents in multiple spots on the wall. Time lie awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling searching in desperation for a distraction from the throbbing in his ribs, while next to him Cassie slept soundly, a peaceful exterior hiding what he knew was an engine of destruction.

A single, tortured groan staggered from Tim's lips. "Owwwwww…"

Plot? What plot? Have a nice night Tim. 8D