Title: The Harem War

Summary: The One With The Power To Vanquish The Dark Lord Approaches... but what if Voldemort wasn't the Dark Lord mentioned in the Prophecy? Harry discovers some shocking revelations. People who he thought were friends and mentors only wish to betray him. With his remaining friends, allies, and some new friends and allies, Harry Potter flees England, in order to prepare for his destiny. Along the way he finds love... more than he might be able to handle!

Rating: M
Warnings: Harems, Concubines, Sexual Situations Involving Underage Teens (12-17), Teenage Pregnancy, Manipulative!Evil!Dumbledore, Ancient
and Noble Houses, Lords and Ladies, Severe Character Bashing – Dumbledore, some Weasleys, and others; No Horcruxes; other warnings labeled individually in chapters. Detailed in Introduction below.

Ships: Main Ships Detailed in Introduction below.

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the characters and the world of Harry Potter. I do not. I just like to play in her sandbox. No copyright infringement intended.


I have never used a chapter exclusively for introductions before, but I've never really had a reason to. None of my stories have ever needed one. But the storyline for this one is kind of complicated – easy to follow, but there will several things happening that might be confusing. Also, this is probably my most risque story to date.

As of the date this introduction was posted, I have already written nearly twenty-five chapters. This is the first time I've never used my "publish when I complete a chapter" technique, and I am glad I did not. Because roughly about twenty chapters in or so I realized I needed to do a MASS EDIT. Some things either didn't make sense as they were, or didn't mesh well with other similar topics.

Even though I have twenty-plus chapters written already, I will not publish them all at once, but a couple at a time every few days or so. This is so I can do edits if needed before I am satisfied with posting the chapter


Listed below are extended descriptions of various warnings, predicted topics and relationships that might cause questions by readers and reviewers:


To many of you, I'm sure you immediately connected this story to author Radaslab's story of the same title. While I had some inspirations and influences from that story – and there will be some very noticeable similarities – my storyline is quite different. However, "The Harem War" seemed like a good title for my story. So I went with it.


In this story, there will be multiple harem-like relationships consisting of two or more people, usually one male and multiple girls. Some of the major character relationships – those who will have major storylines in the story - are listed below, BUT NOT ALL of them. Some of these characters will have other romantic interests as well as the story goes on. But these are the planned relationships so far (some relationships will take SEVERAL chapters before they become included in the story. Most listed below are a major part of the story by the twentieth chapter).

(Note 1: None of these lists are complete. Each and every one of them could have future romantic interests not listed. Original Characters will be included. As Concubines enter the story, those male names listed below may have a few – a couple of these names may be Concubines)

(Note 2: Harry/Hermione is the main relationship in this story, but he will be involved with several girls including those listed under his name below, as well as others not labeled.)

Harry Potter:
Hermione Granger, Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bones, Padma Patil, Gabrielle Delacour (read more about Gabrielle in the VEELA explanation below), Ginny Weasley, Astoria Greengrass.

Neville Longbottom:
Luna Lovegood, Hannah Abbot, Parvati Patil, Lavender Brown

Remus Lupin:
Nymphadora Tonks (maybe Amelia Bones)

Bill Weasley:
Fleur Delacour

George Weasley:
Angelina Johnson

Fred Weasley:
Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell


Gabrielle Delacour is older than in canon in this story. She will be thirteen years old as the moment of her introduction. At thirteen, she reached her first age of maturity – before her thirteenth birthday, she looked child-like (which is why Harry might have thought she was eight or nine) – at thirteen she literally grows up into a mature teenager. When it comes to sexuality, age has no limits when it comes to mature Veela. Thirteen is a common age for the beginning of a sexual relationship IF they have found their life-mate. Gabrielle's life-mate is Harry Potter, due to the fact that she owes him a Life-Debt due to what happened in the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Once she became of a mature age, she would only choose Harry. However, due to Harry's romantic issues in this story, Gabrielle is far from his only mate. Her Veela attributes would make this complicated, because she would be possessive of him. Pheromones and smells of sex coming from her life-mate would make her crazy, unless she was in control of her cravings.


Below are the various types of relationships that will be seen in this story, including Contracts:

Polygamous relationships and marriages are completely legal in the wizarding world. It is, in fact, common but rarely ever discussed in respectable situations. There will be several cases of polygamy in this story.

Marriage For Emancipation
One of the topics in this story when it comes to relationships will be marriages solely so the couple can be Emancipated, before they turn of legal age (17 in wizarding world). That doesn't mean it will end up only that way, but it is a starting option. The emancipation process can be legally done through three ways: death of parents, teenage marriage or pregnancy. Once Emancipated, the Trace and all Tracking possibilities will be removed. Performing magic outside of educational purposes is completely legal once Emancipated.

Betrothal Contracts:
Betrothal Contracts will be a huge topic in this story. Some Contracts were penned when various characters were infants. However, the Contracts would not become official unless one of two ways. 1) The Legal Guardian gives permission to make the contract official, 2) The boy in the contract achieves their Lordship, 3) The boy's sixteenth birthday is a month or less away – this date is suggested in case it is desired that the wedding takes place on their 16th birthday. The girl is not required to be sixteen. It is common for provisos and requirements for said marriage to be discussed during the initial meeting between the betrothed and their parents, or guardians, or suggested mentors. If the Female requires a Line Continuance Option, then they will keep their surname, or join it with their betrothed. The couple's children will take the Female's surname or joined surnames in order to extend the Female's family name-line. Boys can have more than one Betrothed. Betrothals can be passed on to the person's Heir, if the contract was voided or impossible to achieve due to death, incarceration, or inability to produce children.

Masters and Concubines:
Note: This is far different from those used in Radaslab's story. Will not become a major part of the story until roughly Chapter 30 or later. The description below is basically what the characters in the story will learn about Concubines in pamphlets or books)

Concubines are basically a fancy word for sex-slave. In this story, the Concubines are more fantastical than is officially and definitively suggested in reality or outside the story. In the Great Britain wizarding world, Concubines have been outlawed for roughly one-hundred years or more. But, due to some Dark schemes and the Ministry's want for funding and money, the Concubine Law will be reenacted.

Once the Concubine Law is passed (in Great Britain), all British-born witches of bonding age (as described above) who are not excluded (as described above) will be a Concubine due to the magic surrounding the Concubine Ritual (a series of rituals only legally done by Ministry officials).

Any females of bonding age (between the age of twelve – or their first period [or the start of breeding age] - and one day before their seventeenth birthday) will automatically be made Concubines, unless there are special circumstances surrounding them, once the official Concubine Ritual is complete. However, once made a Concubine, they will remain one for life or until the Concubine Law is once again outlawed, then all magical slave-bonds surrounding them will be destroyed. During the era of the Concubine Law, once a girl turns breeding age she will become a Concubine. A record book exists of all available Concubines. Once a girl becomes a Concubine, it will be possible for them to be claimed (seen below).

Girls will not be made Concubines if: they are part of an active Betrothal Contract, married, or Emancipated before the date the Concubine Law is passed. Betrothal Contracts are illegal to create during the era of Concubine Law. Those Contracts which are inactive are voided when the law is active.

Master-Concubine Bond:
Once a Master is given a Concubine (process described below), they must Bond with them. During the process, the Concubine must perform oral and have sexual intercourse – with fluids exchanged during both - with the latter involving a ritual of words done by the Master and Concubine (the Concubine will be forced to do it – ignoring the rule of Free Will.)

The Master can then either choose to keep the Concubine for themselves, or use for prostitution, lending them temporarily to others for entertainment purposes. The Bond can only be broken if 1) The Concubine Law is outlawed or 2) The Master decides to permanently marry their Concubine – though the Concubine must be agreeable with this through their own Free Will, or 3) The Master sells the Concubine to another Master (much different and more permanent than prostitution). Concubines can only become pregnant if their Master gives them permission (and can only bear their Master's children). If another person illegally attempts to Bond the Concubine to them without the official permission of the Concubine's Master, that person will be punished severely (incapacitating bodily harm or death based on intention).

Concubines are legally claimed by a Master through several ways:

Auction: Auctions are scheduled at often random times by the Ministry of Magic. All Concubine Auctions are done in the Ministry presence. Auctions will be announced in newspapers and in public a few days before the Auction. Anyone interested in attending the Auction will be able to receive a list of all available Concubines days before, for optimal preparation and plannings of purchases. At an auction, the Concubines (who do not have to be present) will be sold off to the highest bidder. The winner will became their Master. The Master will then be able to Summon their Concubine (described below).The Master will then be required to Bond with their Concubine (as described above) within two weeks or their Concubine will be put up for Auction again. Bidding usually starts from 100 to 500 Galleons depending on different attributes of the girl including: Blood type (Pure, Half, Muggleborn), age, body type, family social rankings, or whether they are a virgin or not.

Life-Debts: If a Preexisting Life-Debt (existing before the girl was made a Concubine) exists between Concubine and a wizard, and was completely natural – meaning not done through forceful or devious ways – the wizard gets automatic ownership of the Concubine without payment necessary. The wizard will receive notification of ownership, and will have the ability to Summon their Concubine (as described below). Once summoned, the Bond is still required within two weeks or the Concubine will be put up for Auction.

Sales and Gifts: As described above, Masters can sell or give their Concubines as gifts to another Master. These Sales and Gifts transfers all control over to the new Master. This is a different process than Prostitution. The proceeding Master must then complete the Bond.

Summoning Concubines:
Upon ownership of Concubine, the Master will be given a pass-phrase, by documentation, to place on something that can be used to key their Concubine to them. It is usually something they wear at all times, for example, a ring or necklace. Once the Master puts it on, their Concubine will be given a collar, which can only be seen by the Master, those the Master allows. Summoning is not limited by distance. They can be summoned from anywhere in the world, and very few wards (all which are illegal) can stop the Summons.

Free Will:
Concubines cannot willingly, and are unable, to betray, or permanently injure, harm or kill their Master, and vice-versa for Master to Concubine. In addition, A Concubine cannot kill their themselves, their Master or the Master's family. Masters cannot lose their Free Will when it comes to their Concubine (so they cannot unwillingly give away their Concubine). Punishment is usually done through less harmful ways, though a Concubine can rarely defy their Master unless A Concubine can refuse certain sex acts if it is harmful to them at that time being (due to illness or health). A Concubine will not speak unless spoken to first, nor will she speak her mind or give a Master their advice or opinion unless the Master wishes it. The permission only lasts in the presence of the Master, or until the Master refuses it – unless the Master wishes otherwise. Concubines will call their Master "Master" or "My Lord", but only the latter in public, unless the Master wishes otherwise.


In order to ensure a positive future for Concubines, all Masters will be required to give their Concubines a Ministry-mandated education, whether at institutions like Hogwarts or private tutors. All Concubines at institutions like Hogwarts will have strict education schedules (explained by the institutions spokespersons) in which the Master will be unable to control their Concubine for sexual and personal purposes during an allotted time. For example, during school hours, Concubines must be in attendance and cannot be summoned back to the Master during the education schedules. Outside of school hours, they can be summoned back to the Master. In public educational institutions, no Concubine will be in a class with another male student, even if said male is their Master and a student in the same institution

As well as education, Masters are required to keep their Concubines healthy, including food and medicine. If Concubines become pregnant (something only done through permission of Master), the Master is required to make sure that the Concubine has a healthy pregnancy. Clothing in public is required and should be respectful. In privacy, a Concubine's clothing is the choice of the Master – nude or skimpy clothing is common. If the Master chooses to use the Concubine for Prostitution, they are required to make sure the clients will not harm the Concubine through any means – this includes sexually-transmitted diseases.


Note: Mature topics, mostly through discussion, may take place before Chapter 20. Starting roughly around Chapter 20 or 21, sex scenes will enter this story. At the moment this introduction is published, I have written roughly 25 chapters. Anything after that chapter may be subject to change when it comes to the details below.

All chapters with sex scenes will have warnings at the start. However, some characters like to talk in the middle of sex, so there may be important dialogue you might miss if you skip those.

The sex scenes and nudity depicted in this story are rather detailed, though with little or no vulgar terms and language. This may change as the story goes on if enough readers and reviewers request it. Due to the Concubine Storyline, the ages depicted in the scenes will be 12 or older. However, the detailed scenes will be with 15, 16, or 17 year olds and older. Scenes with the younger ages will be rare and not as descriptive (with a few exceptions for storyline purposes, those will be mentioned in Warnings in later chapters).

Relationships will be male/female, female/female, and male/multiple females of twosomes, threesomes or more. There will be little to no male/male in this story. There will be some sibling incest, mostly amongst sisters.

There will be teen pregnancy in this story. There will be some mildly descriptive discussions involving: medical, anatomical and human growth development.


Various characters and relationships will be "bashed" in this story for storyline purposes. This includes these characters, but there will be more: Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley, and some Order of the Phoenix Members. Due to spoilers I will not go into this more, but you will not like the characters. The Ron/Hermione ship will be bashed – this is NOT a Ron/Hermione story.

There are four types of Houses in this story: "Ancient and Most Noble", "Ancient", "Noble" and "Minor". Mostly this has to do with the politics and Wizengamot in the story. Members of the first three types are able to Vote in the Wizengamot Council meetings. All four are able to vote in hearings and trials. There will be Light, Neutral and Dark families. The Heads of these Houses are referred to as Lords and/or Ladies Some wizards and witches can have more than one title of Lord or Lady through Inheritances. Wizards who have more than one Title to their name (such as Lord Potter and Lord Black) are required to have more than one wife if they wish to pass those titles onto their children. For example, the children of Lord and Lady Potter, or Mrs. Potter, will bear Potter children, and so on and so forth. All of this will be explained in better detail as the story goes on.

You will not see Horcruxes in this story. However, the Deathly Hallows do exist in the story.

Most of the violence will be in the same range as in the Harry Potter books.

Update Rate: 1-3 chapters a week depending on how quickly I can get the chapters finished. May update more or less on occasion.
Chapter length: Between 3.5-9,000 words, though 4k-5k is typical.
Story length: I have no idea how long this story will be, nor at what point in the story will it end, nor if there will be a sequel.

I look forward to reviews questions and criticisms and I hope you enjoy the story!