Chapter 43
Concubines Under Consideration

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(Thursday, August 8th, 1996)

Tonks' story about the Concubine Auction took several minutes, but it had captured her audience's attention easily. Several of the Alliance members were disgusted when Tonks described the scene outside the Courtroom – where the Auction took place – where several of the young girls in attendance were either naked or in flimsy clothing that did nothing to hide their bodies even if they weren't naked.

Lavender Brown and the Carrows each commented that they had been forced to remove their clothes before the Auction began, all because they were ordered to. The Carrows even revealed that it was Narcissa and Draco Malfoy who had escorted them to the Auction, and it was Draco – not Narcissa – who had ordered them to show off their bodies to possible buyers. Surprisingly, Romilda Vane didn't comment at all about her attire at the Auction. Harry had a strange feeling that the young girl actually might have been okay with showing off her body at the auction. She seemed like the type, given her earlier behavior of randomly kissing him without permission.

Bill and Charlie then commented on their fake argument in front of Dumbledore, which Tonks had even taken part of to break up the "fight", so she could talk to Bill. Tonks said they were sure Dumbledore had taken the bait, and Charlie had confirmed this, because he told them he had actually sat next to Dumbledore throughout the Auction, and Dumbledore had believed he was still part of the Order. Harry recalled when Charlie had earlier said that he had probably messed up his role as spy, and wondered what he could have possibly done since it sounded he had done alright at the auction.

Tonks then discussed various highlights of the Auction. Rufus Scrimgeour giving the bathrobes to the half-naked and naked girls at the Auction, then scolding and shaming their parents and guardians who ordered them to be naked prior to the Auction. She described various girls she had bid on, and who else had bid against her.

"Early and often it seemed Dumbledore and I were fighting each other for bids," Tonks commented. "Sometimes the Malfoys even fought against me, especially for the Carrows. I was lucky to win all of the bids I did, and most of them were due to shock factor based on high bids. One detail to note that you might be interested in – Dumbledore was only bidding on highborn Pureblood girls. Well, except for one or two that is."

"Why?" Hermione asked.

Tonks frowned. "My theory is that he is planning on selling the Contracts to other highborn Pureblood houses for breeding purposes. Well, some of them anyway. The others may be used as rewards for his minions in the Order – or certain Professors."

"Maybe even rewards for some of the Prefects at Hogwarts," Daphne said, with a scoff.

Harry frowned. Wasn't that basically the theory as to what Voldemort would be doing with his Concubines too?

Tonks continued with her story. Beside Hermione, Daphne growled audibly when Tonks explained that Tracey Davis had been labeled as "bisexual" by Ludo Bagman when describing her, simply to up the bids. When it came to Astoria's Contract, Tonks discussed that in detail. From Bill putting in a bid for Astoria, bidding high, but having to back out when Dumbledore and Malfoy's bids became too high. Then Tonks said she had ended up bidding about fifty-thousand Galleons, and finally won, though she thought Dumbledore might have bid higher.

"But it appeared he had a limit in his moneybag – and it was nowhere near a million Galleons," Tonks said. "Soon the first round of bidding finished, and wouldn't you know it. Dumbledore met with me and tried his hardest to convince me to give up Astoria as well as few other Contracts I bought."

Many at the table were laughing hard as Tonks told, in detail, how she denied Dumbledore at every turn and even insulted him, without making it look like an insult.

"You should have seen his face when he learned none of the girls I was purchasing would be going to Hogwarts anytime in the near future," Tonks said.

"He look like he swallowed a bowlful of his lemon drops in one go?" Harry asked, causing more laughter as Tonks confirmed it with a nod and a grin.

"After Dumbledore finally buggered off, nobody else bothered me," Tonks said, "Aside from Bill, but that was planned."

"I hadn't been doing too well in bids," Bill said, "I knew what Dumbledore was thinking. Here I was, the apparent representative for Harry Potter, and I hadn't won a single bid."

"Oops," Hermione said, with a snort. "I wonder how long it will be before Dumbledore realizes it was you doing all this bidding, Tonks?"

"Probably pretty soon," Tonks said, "He must have known Harry wouldn't have given up Astoria. So either he believes Bill had convinced me to sell him some of the Contracts I won, or that we were actually working together."

"Probably," Bill said. "If we had come up with a better strategy, we might have fooled him better."

Tonks continued describing some of the highlights. When she asked about Morag McDougal, and why this wasn't one of the girls on the list for Crestview, Luna's explanation that the girl was a bully satisfied Tonks and everyone else. Still, Harry, and even Luna, felt really bad when Tonks told them that Draco ended up winning the girl, and it appeared he would end up being her Master.

When she came to Lillith Moon being described as a "Muggleborn Werewolf", just to up the bidding, Remus looked extremely pissed off. Tonks explained that she had won the bid, but also said it was a close thing, what with Dumbledore and Draco trying to bid for her. Remus looked even more angry, if possible, when Tonks theorized that Draco had been trying to win Lillith Moon's Contract for Fenrir Greyback, and that it was probably Greyback who had turned Lillith.

Soon enough in her story, she came across one of the more interesting Contracts she had not bid on. Pansy Parkinson. Harry was surprised that he hadn't been too shocked about what Tonks recalled. He could picture Draco Malfoy trying so desperately hard to win Pansy's Contract, and when he didn't, getting really pissed off at Dumbledore when the man outbid him. Harry could also picture Dumbledore's calm, but smug, appearance as Malfoy ranted and threatened him.

"You know what?" Daphne said, "Maybe Draco's angry enough that he'll end up going through with his threat and killing Dumbledore."

Across the table, Daphne's mother didn't seem too happy about Daphne's comment, but didn't speak up.

"Or maybe they'll kill each other," Fred said.

"Yeah," George agreed. "Save us the job of doing it."

Tonks was amused, but she continued on with her story. Harry was quite impressed with her tale, and how well she had done. Spending less than three-quarters of what they had expected to pay, ending up with fifty-six Contracts. That was very impressive.

"After the Auction was finished, I collected Lavender, Romilda, and the Carrows," Tonks said, then grinned as she looked at the girls, "and met up with Bill, Charlie and Lord Castor, who was also in attendance. The girls were very confused as to why we were all together when we had done our best to look like we didn't like each other."

"Well, you fooled us," Lavender said, "So I guess you did pretty well."

"Thank you, dear," Tonks said. "Anyway, we had Dobby and Winky bring the girls here."

"Why didn't you come back here immediately?" Amelia asked. "We were waiting for you."

Tonks frowned and looked at Arthur, Bill and Charlie. Bill cleared his throat, turning everyone's attention to him.

"We had something we needed to do," Bill said, "And we did it. But... it didn't go well at all. Before the Auction, but after our visit to Gringotts, we met up with Dad in the Leaky Cauldron for a meeting we had arranged. We had planned on informing him about Ginny, while also trying to figure out if he had been in contact with Dumbledore since Ginny's disappearance. Dad told us he had been too busy with our mother and Ron to even consider speaking to Dumbledore."

"And even then I wasn't sure I wanted to talk to Dumbledore anyway," Arthur said. "Not after what Molly and Ron confessed to me. I had absolutely no idea what they had been doing over the past few years, and I soon realized why I had been so oblivious to it. Turns out I had been getting constantly dosed with Loyalty and Honor Potions for several years – by my own wife."

Several people around the table gasped out loud. Ginny looked ready to cry, and so did Hermione. Fred and George looked pissed.

Arthur's voice was now wobbly. "I visited St. Mungo's where I discovered everything that had been done to me. I ordered Molly and Ron to remain at the Burrow and not to talk to anyone or send anybody letters. It was a rough couple of days before I met up with Bill and Charlie and they told me everything. When they invited me to come here... I told them I needed to think about it. But as soon as I got back home, I had made my decision and started packing. During which, Molly and Ron were avoiding me. Molly seemed pretty resigned as to what I was going to do. Eventually Ron realized I was packing, and must have come to a decision. Because apparently he started packing too."

Harry raised his eyebrows. "Did he really think he was going to come here with us? After what he did to us?"

"No," Bill said, "Actually I don't think going with Dad ever really crossed his mind at all. I think he realized that – if Dad left – it would be just him and Mum. He'd end up doing all the chores since Ginny was no longer there. As you can imagine, he probably didn't like the sound of that. He was planning on running away as soon as he realized Dad had the same idea."

"Anyway, by the time Charlie, Tonks and I had arrived at the house, Dad had pretty much been ready to leave. But we wanted to talk to Mum and Ron."

"And that is where it all started going to hell," Charlie said. "First of all, I probably should have never been there to begin with, especially if I wanted to keep my status as a spy in the Order. Mum knew right away that I had sided with Bill and Tonks."

"Mum was... confrontational," Bill said. "We tried to tell her what we knew about Dumbledore. She wouldn't listen to us. Many of you know what she's like. She idolizes Dumbledore. Didn't believe a word we had to say."

"Sounds like she was dosed with Loyalty Potions," Amelia said.

"It may sound silly to hear me say this, but I hope she was," Arthur said, his voice wobbly, "I hope it was the Potions that made her act up."

"When we accused her of planning to dose Harry and Hermione with Love Potions keyed to Ginny and Ron," Bill said, glancing at Harry and Hermione, before looking back at his general audience. "She didn't deny it. She even tried to defend herself, saying that Harry would be Ginny's perfect husband. That any good mother would want Harry as her daughter's husband. While she made a good point, she didn't care that she was planning on doing it using fiendish means."

Charlie cleared his throat. "It was about that time that Ron revealed himself. Turns out he was listening to a bit of the conversation. When we called out to him, he came downstairs, and asked us if Dad was leaving. We told him 'yes'. Then he said 'okay', and without hearing anything else we had to say, walked over to the Floo, and took it to the Three Broomsticks. So we reckon he's now at Hogwarts with Dumbledore."

"And then it just got worse," Bill said, frowning. "Mum was hysterical when Ron left. She accused us of being responsible for him leaving. Then she had the gall to ask us why we were punishing her."

Bill cleared his throat and shuddered. Then he looked at Charlie, his father, then Tonks. Tonks, for some reason, lowered her head to the table.

"Then she cast the Cruciatus Curse at us," Bill said bluntly.

Gasps of shock and cries of disbelief thundered around the table.

"Tonks stepped in front of us to protect us," Bill said, "And took the Curse head on."

More gasps. Remus, Andromeda and Ted didn't look too surprised. It appeared Tonks had already told them about this.

"One of us Stunned Molly so she'd stop the Curse," Bill said, "I can't recall who did – everything was going so fast. All of a sudden there were cracks of Apparition, and John Dawlish and another Auror entered the house. They were able to get past the Wards around the house, and Apparate straight to the front door."

"How?" Remus asked. "The Wards around your house are pretty impressive."

"They should be, they're mine," Bill said, grinning; then he frowned. "Turns out Minister Scrimgeour has placed a Taboo on the Unforgivable Curses."

"Smart," Amelia said, "Didn't think he had the gall to do that."

"Yeah, well, it doesn't work too well," Tonks said, with a snort. "I was laying on the ground, twitching from the curse, and Dawlish had the nerve to accuse me of being the one who cast it. Told him 'how good was the Taboo supposed to be if it doesn't tell you who cast the Curse?' Dawlish didn't believe us when we told him Molly did it, but the other Auror, Savage, confirmed it."

Arthur sighed. "Dawlish and Savage arrested Molly. We told Dawlish that Molly might be dosed on Potions, and they might be responsible for her going all mad and using that Curse on us. Dawlish said they'd get her checked out, but if she didn't have Potions in her system, she'd be going to Azkaban for a while."

Ginny now had tears streaming down her face. Fred and George now looked pale, and were being comforted by their wives.

"That was when I told Dawlish it was I who purchased his daughter's Contract," Tonks said, "And when he told us he was fighting Dark Wizards."

"Then the Aurors left," Arthur said, "I wrote a letter to Molly's Aunt Muriel, telling her about Molly and Ron, but nothing about what I would be doing, nor where the the rest of us were. Hopefully Muriel will look in on Ron and – and Molly if she doesn't end up in Azkaban. Then we started to pack up and came here. So there you have it."

The mood was somber. Many around the table knew Molly Weasley – some knew her personally, others knew were simply by reputation or word-of-mouth. Many didn't know what to think about what they had just heard.

"So Ron is at Hogwarts most likely," Harry said, "Under the eye of Dumbledore."

"Yes," Bill said, "We believe so."

Harry scoffed. "Then he's completely Dumbledore's man now. Dumbledore will probably end up using him for his student army we believe he'll be working on. Ron might even be one of the generals."

"Yeah, and since Ron is a prefect," Daphne said, "Dumbledore might bribe him with a Concubine."

"Merlin help whoever he becomes Master of," Hermione muttered.

Remus cleared his throat and stood up. "Thank you, Bill, Charlie, Arthur, and Dora for your stories. It sounds like today has been a very trying and difficult day for the four of you. It isn't over yet. But this meeting is adjourned. Most of you are excused. Will the volunteer 'Masters', and the – ah – so-called Concubines please remain behind? Dora, Amelia, you as well. Everyone else is excused. Thank you all."

There was some light applause, before several of the Alliance members stood up and began to leave the room. Beside Harry, Hermione kissed his cheek.

"We'll be up in our room, Harry," she said.

"I'm going to figure out where Mum and Dad will be sleeping," Daphne said. "I think Dad is going to be a volunteer 'Master' to lighten the load of some of the others. Bring Astoria to our room when you're finished. We need to talk about a few things."

Harry nodded. Daphne kissed his cheek, as did his other wives, before they all left the room. Soon, there were only a few remaining at the table: Harry, Neville, Pierre, Ted, Kingsley, Castor, Remus, Dora, Amelia, the six Concubines, and every single one of the Weasleys who were in Crestview. Remus asked everyone still in the room to sit at the end of the table with him. Soon they were all seated together.

"Lord Castor and Arthur have both added their names to the volunteer list," Remus said, "So now our number is twelve. Before we begin with the main topic, there are other concerns needed to be discussed. Lavender, Romilda, Hestia and Flora came here to Crestview without absolutely no possessions. Even the robes they are wearing right now were given to them. They don't even have their wands. Girls, of the four of you, which of you believe you could get your possessions from your home if you had the chance?"

Lavender and Romilda raised their hands.

"Even if we did want to," Hestia said, "Our parents are Death Eaters, as you know."

"We wouldn't want to put any of you at risk," Flora said.

"Completely understandable," Remus said, "Any suggestions to help these two?"

"As a Metamorph," Tonks said, "I will be able to transform into the pair of you."

She stood up and after a moment's focus, transformed so now there were three Carrow triplets in the room. The two Carrows, Lavender and Romilda looked quite impressed. Tonks changed back to her normal appearance.

"So if you two give me some ideas for clothing," Tonks said, "I could go out and shop for you, using myself as a real life mannequin."

"That would work," Amelia said. "One problem. New wands for the pair. They would have to be there in person to acquire them."

"Obviously Ollivander's not an option anymore," Remus said. "There's a shady wand dealer in Knockturn."

"We could always take them to France," Pierre said. "Celesti Alley in Paris has a wonderful wand-maker."

Harry nodded in approval, as did others.

Remus smiled. "Thank you, Pierre. That might very well work. If any future guests we bring here don't have wands with them, that might be a solution for them too. Alright then. Now, for Lavender and Romilda."

"Soon enough we're going to have to go back to England," Amelia said, "To visit Dawlish, as well as the Muggleborn whom we will be bringing here. Possibly even tomorrow. So, how about a few volunteers go back to England with Lavender and Romilda to acquire their belongings."

"I'm sure Romilda's parents would like to meet their daughter's new 'Master'," Ted said. "My wife and I can go with her to pick up her belongings."

"I'll do the same with Lavender," Neville said, "Er – I'd be happy if someone came along with me if necessary."

"I'll go," Dora said. "Lavender's mother met with me at the Auction, because she knew I won her daughter's Contract. She'll trust me."

"Let's do that tomorrow then," Remus said, "I'm sure any of the young ladies with us will be able to find sleepwear and an outfit for our new guests until then."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Alright," Remus said. "Next. Lavender, Romilda, Hestia, Flora – when you first arrived, I told you that we would do our best to make sure you retain as much Free Will as possible. Unfortunately, some of the nastier aspects of your new roles will remain. Such as the Master-Concubine Ritual. But the – ah – events taking place in the ritual only have to be done one time. After that, if you don't want to do anything else on that – ah – topic, you don't need to. You'll simply live here and be a part of the community until we return to England. Lavender, you're the oldest right now. When do you turn seventeen?"

"Middle of February," Lavender said.

"When that comes, I imagine you'll no longer be a Concubine," Remus said. "When that time comes, it will be your decision whether or not to remain here in Crestview, or return home. You don't need to decide now, or even discuss it. I'm just letting you know. By next summer, there will be several girls your age who will all be free of their binds. Most of whom you'll already know because they're your classmates. Maybe they'll stay here. Maybe they'll leave. Anyone who stays will be as welcome as everyone else here."

Lavender nodded but said nothing.

"Ginny, here," Remus said, nodding to the youngest Weasley, "She's already gone through the Master-Concubine Ritual. Harry's her 'Master'. He's been doing his best to give her as much Free Will as possible, but we have noticed a few kinks. For example... Harry?"

"Ginny?" Harry asked, "What do you refer to me as?"

"Lord Harry in public," Ginny said, "And Master in private."

"I've tried to get her to just call me 'Harry'," Harry said. "She told me she finds it difficult. She wants to call me by a formal title. Must be a Concubine thing. That's not all. I have to be very careful with what I say to her. For example. Ginny... stand up, walk backward a few paces and do two jumping jacks."

"Yes, Lord Harry," Ginny said.

Everyone watched Ginny as she moved mechanically, standing up, and walking backward five feet from the table before doing two jumping jacks.

"You may sit down," Harry said.

"Thank you, Lord Harry," Ginny said.

Ginny sat down, and Harry looked back at everyone.

"You have to be very careful as to what you say to whoever is going to be your 'Concubine'," Harry said. "Anything you ask them, they will do. You could give them a command without you knowing it, and they'd do it. Ginny? What does the Ministry of Magic refer to you as?"

Ginny visible choked on the words. "I – ah – I'm – Lord Harry, you told me never to call myself that."

"Disregard my question," Harry said, then turned to everyone. "One of the first things I said to her, simply out of pure anger, was that she was not to call herself a Concubine. Ever since then, she cannot do it. Yes, we want to give these girls Free Will. We can do that – mostly. However... there are some things we cannot change. You will need to understand that before you become Master."

"Thank you, Harry, Ginny," Remus said. "Now that they've seen and heard the downsides of this, does anyone want to back out of volunteering?"

Nobody spoke up. Remus smiled.

"Thank you all," he said, "Are there any questions?"

Lavender raised her hand, then spoke when Remus nodded. "So... we'll only have to – er – have sex once... if we want?"

Neville blushed red.

"Neville is a very happily married man, Lavender," Remus said; then grinned when Neville blushed deeper. "Unfortunately, the Ritual demands sexual intercourse to bind Master and Concubine. Aside from that, if the Master doesn't want further relations such as that, it won't happen. Most of the Concubines who will be staying here – if not all of them – will only ever have to go through that once. That is not why the Concubines are here. We are here to protect you, and give you a good future. What is happening back in England is exactly what we're trying to prevent here."

Lavender nodded. The Carrow twins smiled in relief. Romilda – Harry didn't know what she was thinking. Again, Harry thought she seemed like the type of girl who actually wanted to embrace her new role. He was sure Ted and Andromeda would dissuade her of that, if that was what was going on.

"Unfortunately, there is one big side-effect until the Ritual is complete," Harry said. "The Concubines will want to complete the ritual. I had planned on waiting to complete the ritual with Ginny for several days. Even told her it wouldn't happen the same day I summoned her. Didn't work out at all. Before the day was over, the Ritual was complete. If you sign these Contracts today, the Ritual will likely have to be done before the end of the evening."

"There's no 'if' about it, Harry," Amelia said. "If the Contracts aren't signed and traded today, these girls might jump you and you would become their Master."

Harry and the girls blushed. Though Romilda had a smile on her face.

Harry cleared his throat. "I suppose we'll have to deal with that then."

"Yes," Remus said. "But first we need to discuss what will happen tomorrow. Gentlemen, we have two weeks to bring roughly fifty more girls from England to here. Some of which can simply be summoned. Others, we will have to visit their houses. We cannot delay this for too long. We need to figure out which girls will be coming here tomorrow, and who their Masters will be."

"Do you want to bring Lillith here tomorrow?" Tonks asked Remus.

Remus sighed. "She's a Muggleborn. And a werewolf. I have absolutely no idea what she's going through right now. Is she with her parents? Have they been treating her well since she turned? If she isn't with them, where is she? We need to find her. That needs to happen tomorrow."

"Alright, there's one of the girls," Dora said.

"What about Hestia Jones' niece, Megan?" Amelia asked.

"Megan will be with her mother, Gwenog, the Holyhead Harpies Captain," Dora said. "Hestia -"

Then she grinned when she looked at Hestia Carrow. "Blimey, that will get confusing soon with two ladies named Hestia."

"Call me Hes if you must," Hestia Carrow said.

"Thank you, dearie," Dora said. "Anyway, Hestia will want to personally visit her sister and niece. Whoever will be her Master should go with her."

Remus cleared his throat. "I was actually considering her as one of mine. Hestia trusts me."

"So that would be two for you we would get tomorrow," Dora said. "You okay with that?"

Remus nodded. "It is necessary. Anyone else?"

"Tracey Davis," Harry said, "Daphne's friend. Daphne wants her to be one of mine."

Lord Castor cleared his throat. "While I am sure her parents know Tracey could simply be Summoned at any moment, I think we may benefit from visiting Lord and Lady Davis. They might qualify as two possible members of the Concubine Alliance. The House of Davis is allied with my own House. Neutral. They're against Voldemort, but might be targeted by Voldemort if he wants to look for future recruits."

"We'll discuss that further soon enough," Remus said, "Alright that is three girls. Two more for tomorrow?"

"How about a two-for-one special?" Dora said, smiling, "Two more sisters. Muggleborn. Sally-Anne and Pauline Perks."

"Sally-Anne?" Lavender asked. "She used to be one of my dorm-mates before she left Hogwarts when Muggleborn were getting attacked during the Chamber of Secrets incident."

Ginny tensed up beside Harry. He held her hand in his to calm her down.

"Her Contract says she went to Brighton Junior Academy," Dora said; she had fished out the two Contracts after suggesting the sisters. "Sixteen years old. So she's been a part of the community long enough her parents might be used to us by now. I think these two sisters would be an excellent test-run for what we're going to deal with when it comes to Muggleborn."

"I would be happy to volunteer for at least one of the two," Arthur said. "I could learn a few things from Muggleborn – I admit I need a few lessons about Muggle society – getting rusty these days. If they wish to be together, I'll be happy to have the pair so they're more comfortable."

"Would you volunteer to be one of the group meeting with them?" Remus asked.

"Of course," Arthur said.

"Charlie and I can go along too," Bill said. "And Fleur, just in case we need her allure to calm down anyone. And a house-elf maybe to make sure the family is home."

"Good idea," Remus said. "Alright. It seems as if we have a busy day tomorrow between visiting these girls and acquiring Miss Brown and Miss Vane's belongings. I think this meeting is over aside from those Contracts needing to be signed. Those who aren't signing Contracts this evening may be excused. We'll be meeting every night like this over the next couple of weeks as we figure out who will be coming here each day. Thank you all."

Several of those at the table left. Now there were only Harry, Neville, Fred, George, Ted, Remus and the Concubines. Remus was only there as he was basically seen as the leader of the Alliance. Lavender's Contract was first. Remus set the Contract in front of Harry. He signed his name on a dotted line. When he finished, his hand glowed, and there was a glow around Lavender's neck which looked like a ring of light. Then Neville handed Harry one galleon and proceeded to sign the Contract. Neville's hand glowed, and Lavender's neck lit up again. She seemed to move closer to Neville.

Over the next few minutes, the other Contracts were signed and traded, Galleons exchanged. Romilda was with Ted, Flora Carrow with Fred, and her sister, Hes, with George. Harry signed Astoria's Contract and Astoria's neck lit up. She was now officially his Concubine.

"Please remember that you'll likely be performing the Rituals before the night is over," Remus said. "Harry? Would you please give these new 'Masters' some advice on how to proceed with giving these girls Free Will after the Ritual is done."

Harry nodded and did his best to describe what he had done with Ginny after the Ritual was over. Again, he reminded the new 'Masters' to be very cautious when it came to speaking to the girls once, now that they had signed the Contracts.

"If you need any help, feel free to talk to me at any time," Harry said. "Questions?"

None of the volunteers spoke up.

"You did very well, Harry," Remus said. "Alright. I believe the meeting is adjourned. Thank you all for volunteering to help these young ladies. Ladies, welcome to Crestview. Rest assured we'll do our best to make sure your stay here is comfortable and safe."

The meeting was over. Harry stood up, and Ginny and Astoria did the same moments later. He led them out of the room, and headed off back toward the Master bedroom. He recalled Daphne needed to speak to him and he had a feeling what her intentions her: she wanted to be there for her sister during the Ritual. And likely not just as a voyeur.

It would appear a threesome with the two Greengrass sisters was in the works for that evening.

Oh joy.

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Next Chapter. Master-Concubine Rituals. Astoria becomes scared and nervous about what is going to happen, so Daphne comes up with a plan to calm her sister's nerves. Lavender Brown joins her new 'family'. Neville discovers a secret about one of his wives. And maybe... maybe... we get into the dark side of the Concubine storyline.