The Bird's Nest

Chapter 2

Everything felt like a dream, his body lay weightless almost as though he was floating on a cloud. His vision was beating like a heartbeat behind the darkness. He struggled to open his eyes, they hurt and burned. It felt like forever before he was able to open them. He wasn't sure what he was expecting when he was able to see but he knew he regretted opening them. He didn't know where he was, his eyesight was out of focus. When he tried to see better, his eyes hurt too much. He clenched his eyes shut and pressed his palm to his forehead. His head throbbed as though it was going to erupt.

Then suddenly the pain disappeared. He blinked his eyes open. Confused.

Tsunayoshi looked around him and felt relief when he saw he was laying down on his bed back at home. The window was opened, the cold breeze flowing in, he shivered at it. He wondered very briefly to why the window was opened but stopped when he got off the bed. As he walked to the window he couldn't help but wonder if he was forgetting something. Nothing really came to mind. So he shrugged the thought off as a bad feeling from waking up. He stood in front of the window taking in an appreciation to the bright morning light and the falling leaves that drifted in the air.

After getting dressed, Tsunayoshi found his way downstairs. "Granny!" He called out, jogging down the steps. They greeted him back, when he walked into the kitchen he was excited to see that his Dad was home.

He made his way to school and noticed how nice the weather was being. It wasn't as bad as it usually would be in autumn. The moment he stepped on to the school yard, his bullies encountered him. Sadly, that was the only usually thing he would love to do without.

"Oi! Dame-Tsuna!" He felt a heavy arm over his shoulder. A heavy breath in his ears as he heard laughter. "y-yes?"

"Did you piss yourself last night?"

Tsunayoshi blinked his eyes. "W-What?" Tsunayoshi didn't know what they were talking about.

"You must have cried going inside the mansion." The bully's laughter fell on to his ears.

That's when he remembered. The mansion by the foot of Namimori forestry. He had went inside but how did he come out? He vaguely remembered being there like a distinct dream but there wasn't any clear memories. The school bell rang and everyone shuffled inside including Tsunayoshi.

Class started like usually, the first lesson was mathematics. Tsunayoshi tried to focus in class knowing how important his grades were right now that exams were around the corner. It was so difficult to focus, more than usual. In the back of his mind, he was trying to remember what had happened after school.

It was nostalgic for Tsunayoshi, standing in front of these gates. He was certain that it wasn't even dark outside when he first came here. So how did his whole evening disappear? He didn't know where this feeling of determination was coming from but he knew he would be restless if he didn't figure what had happened. Heck. Maybe it was all a dream and he hadn't walked inside this building. And his bullies were all in on the trick, and are trying to psyche him into trespassing.

He went to open the door only to find it was locked this time. He went to peek through the window but was surprised to see that it wasn't abandoned like how he remembered it was. The floors were carpeted. The chandeliers were light up.

"That means... Someone lives here?" That person or persons might be home right now. Tsunayoshi thought it was best to leave.

"What are you doing?"

Tsunayoshi felt something weird pass through him. He gulped as he stood up and turned to look at the speaker. He was surprised to see someone so young and...handsome.

"I asked you; what are you doing?"

"Uh... I..."

"You're trespassing, I'm going to call the police."

"N-No! I'm not trespassing, ah, I mean I was, am, no that's not what I mean-"

The older man sighed. "Look kid, get out of here. It's not safe."

"Right! Sorry!" Tsunayoshi ran off. When he reached the foot of the gates he looked back to see the strange man stare at him. Tsunayoshi blushed embarrassed before rushing home. He wished he hadn't gone in the first place.

Lying in bed, he wondered why he thought the mansion was abandoned. He remembered that he wasn't the only one to say so, those bullies said the same things.

"But that can't be right... Right?" Something wasn't right. Maybe they had just moved in this morning? Which was why he didn't know but he was sure that if anyone moved into that mansion, the whole town would be buzzing with news!

He closed his eyes and fell asleep. When Tsunayoshi opened his eyes, he vaguely saw something moving above him. His eyes were covered by darkness again and he felt pain in his head before passing out.

"Go back to sleep, Tsunayoshi."

Author Note: Although short, I hope you enjoyed and look forward to some character appearances in the next.