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The news devastated the poor country bumpkin as the big flat TV screen reported the unbelievable to her eyes and mind. People gather around the streets to watch at what the reporter in television was saying. Tears begin to roll down her cheeks as a hand carefully try to cover the sobs that wanted to come out of her mouth.

The ring that she was wearing meant nothing now. Everything was spinning around her so fast that she couldn't move for a second, but it was there, on the newspaper too. So Yi Jeong was no longer hers. He was getting married to another woman. The voices of the people became evidently loud as she try to gulp all the news down, but it was impossible to accept this as the mere reality. Ga Eul try to cover her ears to disappear all the loud noises but she couldn't. Her attempts were in vain. She collapsed.

Woo Bin appeared in sight as he pushed the people out of his way. Everyone was murmuring yet she could hear them all clear.

What's the matter with her?

Why is she taking the news so personal?

She is just making a big show. Probably a big fan.

Even when she could hear them all, Woo Bin's voice sounded far away. Ga Eul knew he was saying her name over and over again while she was still on the floor, looking at the TV screen for how happy Yi Jeong seemed with the girl. She could hear perfectly her heart breaking inside. The love of her life was doing this again to her. Then Woo Bin's voice begin to get closer until she could hear him.

"Ga Eul" he called and looked at her very serious before his gaze change. He was smiling, standing up and letting go of her hand now. A laugh suddenly was heard from him as he pointed at her, all weak. Everyone begin to laugh too. The commoner could not believe this at all. She try to stand up and run but she couldn't, everyone was in her way. Out of nowhere she begin to see everyone spinning around her so fast as the laughs stood there.

A deep gasp she unconsciously made and this woke her up. Heart was agitated and head was suffering from an ache. "It was just a nightmare" she said to herself while standing up from bed now.

Standing by the window, the sun welcomed her to a new day as the sun rays carress her skin. She needed this, to confirm this was all just a full imagination that her mind created to play with her, that there was no way possible he could do this to her. Ga Eul's body was calming down from all the adrenaline she wasted during that terrible dream now.

The view of the window looked splendid but her time was already counted of how much she had before going to work. Looking one last time to the sunrise, she heaved a sigh and turned away from there to get prepared. Everything was more quiet as the only soul that lived there was her. Sometimes the loneliness came over that solitary apartment like a shadow, but she would regain back her happiness as she knew this life wasn't going to stay like this for long. Ga Eul smiled at that thought. So Yi Jeong was about to come. Four years have wonderfully passed since the day both decided to search for their dreams. She didn't know when he would come but was sure his arrival was near. No more years to wait.

Walking in the streets to get to her work, she saw the same scene that appeared last night in her dreams. The big flat TV screen stood there on top of a building while everyone kept moving and walking around to their respective destinations. Green light. Ga Eul waited for the traffic to stop. Suddenly, she had this urge to look at the screen just to see what news they were giving. She find herself relieve as the nightmare wasn't true. Gu Jun Pyo's picture was displayed on the right side while the reporter gave the news of how him and the Shinhwa company had expanded with other companies even after the unsuccessful event that happened four years ago. She couldn't believe they still were talking about something from years ago. Then, even when she was tired to hear the same things, she wonder if they would ever talk about what happened to Jae Kyung, to where she left and what was with her life. But nothing came about her, she was forgotten by everyone, almost everyone.

Thereafter an image of her beloved Casanova appeared on screen and her heart skip a beat. She didn't know how to react, if scared or happy. A video of him was shown; lots of people tried taking pictures of him while he walked down somewhere, she could not know where. The place was obviously unfamiliar to her eyes. Then she searched for something that could help her know of what was happening. Ga Eul read what it said below. Eyes begin to feel watery as she couldn't believe what she just read. At that time she held her purse really tight of excitement and smiled to herself. Ga Eul was proud of him.

Yi Jeong became one of the most talented potters in the world. That meant he won back his talent. Happiness was about to make her explode inside. She longed to have him by her side and just hug him and say how proud she was, and she knew that was going to be possible soon. Red light. Ga Eul walked away with more energy than ever.

Good morning, that's what everyone would say to the favorite teacher in school. The young smiles that missed some teeth would glance at her with happiness while walking by. Hugs were even given in the process of her trying to get to the office to report her presence there for today. The gratitude she felt suddenly couldn't be replaced with other. Choosing this job was the best decision she could make for herself as being surrounded by kids was something that would revive her soul every day. Kids were hungry to learn and that was what made her grateful about, that she could have the honor to teach them. Also, it was the best job for her as it kept her mind occupied on all of their funny occurrences and silly troubles.

"Good morning" she said to the class. They were about fifteen of them. Five-year-old kids repeated the same to welcome her as they all smile.

"How is everyone doing?" she asked with a big smile standing in front of them. Everyone chorus at the same time they were fine.

"What are we going to do today?" asked one of them.

"Well-" she looked at them with an excited smile "Who wants to mold clay?" she asked and waited for their reaction. Everyone raised their hands, both hands.

Soon after everyone started to mold clay and try to invent whatever imagination they thought for their creation. Ga Eul would help them, going one by one and teaching them how to mold them carefully and with lots of precision. Everyone was concentrated on their own piece of art but when the teacher was making them learn something, they would put all their attention to it. She was carrying an unusual smile and the kids seem to notice.

"Sunsengnim" a little kid grabbed her attention. "Why are you so happy?" he asked very curious to know as her smile was getting contagious.

Ga Eul hesitated for a moment if to tell them or just smile and say it was nothing. "I received good news today" she said while caressing the back of his head and looking at his clay. "You need to fix that" she pointed out before he could ask in return the obvious question of what news was making her so happy than ever before.

Moments after an airplane landed on the capital of Seoul, bringing someone excited to see his home again after a long time being far away. Taking his glasses off while getting out of the place, he stopped and smiled to himself knowing it was all going to change from now on. He still couldn't believe he was here, about to meet after four years and a half his dear and beloved country bumpkin. A bigger smile grew across his face as the limousine was waiting for him to get inside and leave. He made a promise to himself as he reminded what he needed to do first. And even if he hadn't made a promise, he was sure the only person he wanted to first see after landing in Korea was Ga Eul.

The knees of the Casanova were shaking non-stop as he grew impatience to see her. Even when the only contact they had was through letters, he got to know every kind of information from his best friend after all that time that he kept an eye on her. So Yi Jeong already knew her schedule and what she used to do in the day even when he wasn't there. The country bumpkin was his whole life, and that meant that even when they weren't together all this time, he still believed she was when he read her letters and touch the gifts she happily and with lots of love gave to him.

Touching the necklace with the name of her encrypted on it, he smiled as the limousine stopped right in front of the school. So Yi Jeong enter the school carrying his coolness and happiness as he knew he was about to see the love of his life again. This was the moment he was waiting for, the moment where everything was going to change for them.

Glancing from far away he could already see the bright smile of the commoner as he silently walked towards the classroom. She hadn't change at all, he thought. She was the same beautiful country bumpkin he saw the first day of school. A smiled slowly appeared on his face as he watched her.

"You're still putting too much strength on your wrist" he said loud to catch her attention.

Her eyes immediately went to see the unbelievable. "So Yi Jeong sunbae" she was surprised and at the same happy to see the same Casanova that robbed her heart years ago. She stood up and looked at him still not able to believe he was there with that smile that could melt anyone's heart.

"Hi..." he greeted with his hand and the same smile that always made her nervous.

"Who are you?" a little kid suddenly interrupted their moment, asking and looking very curious at So Yi Jeong.

"Mister, did you, by any chance, came from overseas?" a little girl asked to him.

"How did you know?" he asked curious.

"Then, did you come from Sweden?" the same little girl asked with a smile on her face while looking at him.

"You're an amazing little girl" Yi Jeong said surprised and giving a smile to her.

"Then you must be him" she said very happy clapping her hands. "Our teacher told us her boyfriend was there-" the little girl's words were cut off when the hands of her teacher went to cover her mouth with an awkward smile on her face. Yi Jeong grinned looking at the scene. He realized at that moment how much she must have talked to them about him. It became so cute how she looked so shy when the little girl mentioned the word 'boyfriend'. Her cheeks blushed with a strong pink as she kept trying to mantain her quiet. The other students begin to laugh at this and she couldn't help but to smile too even when she try to shush them. So Yi Jeong tilted his head to the side as he watched her and only her, smiling all ravishing with that little shine in her eyes that made her perfect to his eyes.

The bell sound in a matter of seconds meaning school was over for today. The kids said their goodbyes to the teacher and quickly ran outside to meet with their parents, each and one of them looking at So Yi Jeong with a delighted grin before going.

Ga Eul stood in the same place very shy looking, not able to glance at him for how unexpected yet delightful his visit was. She begin to pick up the tools that the kids left on top of the table not knowing what to say or how to react. A hand picked another tool but couldn't move one second later as Yi Jeong placed his on top of hers.

"Don't I deserve some kind of welcoming?" he asked with the same charming smile he used to seduce her.

Ga Eul froze. This was the first time their skin were touching since so long. Still looking down to the table all nervous, she smiled at the thought of what he asked.

"Here- take this" shoving all the instruments against his chest, he look confuse at her as he wasn't expecting this kind of treatment. He just came back, she should be right now hugging and telling him how much she missed him, that's what he thought as Ga Eul told him to follow her.

"I just came back from Sweden" he pointed out while still following her, making clear this wasn't the way she was supposed to welcome him. "Today" he emphasized but she ignored him.

Then, Ga Eul pointed at a small blue box that was standing right in the corner. He threw all the tools and she glanced at him mad. Taking the ruler from her desk, she immediately used it to slap one of his hands.

"Yah! What was that for?" he asked in a hurt tone.

"You don't throw the stuff like that" she said. For a moment, for a brief moment, he thought how sexy she looked as a teacher giving him a lesson but he shake those thoughts away after looking Ga Eul all innocent now. One minute she had slapped his hand and now she was hugging him and saying sorry.

Everything around him completely vanish away and the only one who he could see and feel was her at this moment. Her touch, her warm body, the softness of her hair, the smell of her skin, her deep breathing stopped his beating heart to realize that the moment he was always waiting have come. Ga Eul was there, he could feel her. It felt like never before, as if an emptiness of his heart was filled again, like he was complete again.

"I missed you" she said while her arms were still wrapped around his neck. His hands slowly begin to touch her back until it became an embrace, a tight embrace where he didn't want to let her go again.

"I missed you too" his words came out like a murmur to her ears, sweet words that she had desire to hear for so long.

Suddenly, the door flew open. "Yah! Country bumpkin, do you think I don't have things to do!" a familiar voice both recognize as Woo Bin entered the classroom just to find his best friend there, and as always, interrupting their moment.

"So this is how he has been treating you?" he looked at Woo Bin with a serious glare but still holding a warm smile, glad to see his friend again.

"So Yi Jeong" the Don Juan couldn't stop himself from hugging his friend, happy to see him back.

"Long time no see. I'm so happy you came back" they shared a glance before Ga Eul stepped in.

"I'm happy to see you too" she sarcastically said to Woo Bin and that's when both realize she was there.

"I see you every day" he said in an annoyed tone before remembering why he was in a rush. Swiftly taking out of his pocket a letter, he waved it in front of them with a serious stare.

"Did you received this?" Woo Bin asked a bit curious to know what they thought about the sudden invitation of Gu Jun Pyo.

"What is that?" Ga Eul asked him trying to grab the letter from him but she failed.

"Didn't anyone of them sent you an invitation to their wedding?" the Don Juan seem a little confused by why they still haven't receive it. Ga Eul suddenly chocked surprised and Yi Jeong patted her back.

"A wedding?" both said at the same time very shocked.

"I'm surprised Jan Di didn't give it to you" he was right. Even when the commoners weren't so close now because of their job and occupied life, there was still times were they would gather at some place and talk about their lifes. It was impossible Jan Di would have forget to tell to her, and even when it was about marrying someone.

When Ga Eul kept quiet and only thought about it, the boys realized what was happening. "What is that bastard trying to do, kill himself?" said Woo Bin before running out of there, seeking now for the guy who once was leader of the F4.

"What happened?" she asked very confused.

"Ignore them" a smile crept out of his mouth. He hold her hand on his and invited her to leave the school. Ga Eul accepted, still nervous for where he might take her now.

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