None of the three girls could move after catching the glance of the new ones at the club. Every girl was screaming and shouting their names while all were surrounding to have a better view. It even seem the DJ was surprised by their presence that he totally forgot about the music. It all went silent for a moment when Woo Bin took a step further and smiled excitedly.

"Let's get this party started" his voice echoed through all the club and the music begin to blast again from the speakers, making the people get more hyped. At all this the girls were watching them making their way quickly to the centre of the dancefloor. Some female didn't lose any time and got close to three of them in the middle of the song while Ji Hoo just looked from the corner. He was very uncomfortable and even more when some girls approached him with the intention to invite him to dance. Ignoring them was the best thing he could do and they left feeling embarrassed. Jan Di felt proud at this and wished Gu Jun Pyo was just like him, but instead he was having fun with the others. It was the first she had seen him dancing after so long of being together but at least he was doing it with his friends. No contact with any woman was ever made but still, she did not like at all how he awkwardly was smiling at them.

On the other side, Ga Eul and Jae Kyung felt a knot in their stomach when they saw how they didn't care to be surrounded by girls. The monkey knew Woo Bin was always like that but since they made the promise of taking everything slowly and being friends first, she couldn't understand how he could proclaim such love for her when he was letting the girl do whatever she wanted with him.

"Yah! Don't they have some self-respect!" Jae Kyung shouted very offended and Ga Eul nodded.

"Did she just touched his arm?" the country bumpkin pointed very indignant while Junho and Wooyoung could not understand the situation.

"Is there a problem?" one of them asked a bit disoriented for their reaction since the F4 guys came in. At first it seem the girls did not heard them but the response came late when their attention was more on to the others who were having fun. Then, as the members of 2pm analyzed the situation, the conclusion was yet so simple. They smiled at each other knowing what to do next.

"Girls" Chansung joined in after Jan Di had become like them. None of the three heard him so he waved his hand in front of their eyes who were lost. Paying attention now, all of them raised their hands in an invite to follow them but there was hesitation of whether to go or not. Wooyoung soon grabbed the monkey's hand and pulled her towards downstairs to meet the crowd. Same did Junho and Chansung, leaving behind their friends who were engaged in an interesting conversation.

When all six of them have made their way through the people, the girls were trying to cover their faces so the F4 could not see them, but their efforts were in vain as one of them did notice their presence. Jan Di felt a sudden adrenaline rushing through her body when her best friend had catch a glance of her with Chansung holding her hand. Ji Hoo was about to go and ask about the situation but many girls resulted to be an obstacle. Soon enough he lost the sight of the commoner, leaving him wondering if it was really her or just his imagination. At this point she knew that in any second the guys would be looking for them or have an instant call from Gu Jun Pyo. It was just a matter of seconds before it could happen so she decided to take out her phone but Chansung immediately took it from her, shaking his head in disapproval. All that mattered now was that this was definitely her last night alive.

Everyone was beginning to scream out loud again for the presence of the members of 2pm, and some others just could not hold back their hate stares or murmur about why they were holding hands with those girls. There was already some people with their flip phones taking pictures, imagining it was going to be a big gossip to talk about in the news. The scream and shouts brought the attention of the F4 who were looking to their competition. Only the heads could they follow with their eyes at the moment but when the guys got on stage with very familiar females their blood begin to boil. All three of them pushed aside the girls who were excitedly dancing with them just to get all sad and mad about it.

Ga Eul could not feel more awkward than she already was by everyone in the club looking at her and her friends. Junho, still holding her hand, moved to the microphone and smiled at everybody before giving some words. "This night we would like to sing a song to some special fans of ours"he glanced at Ga Eul and she looked away. Her eyes got a view of Chansung talking with the DJ probably about their song and then it begin. She could not hide the happy feeling to know this song and know that it was being sang for her. However, the happy moment did not last much when she catch a glance at someone in particular looking at her far away in the crowd. Both glares connected with each other and stood like that for a long moment, without blinking at all.

Only girl

I'm put in a trance

We gaze at each other

Time stops

You are the only one for me

You are so beautiful to me

Oh baby girl

I can't see anything

But you

That voice, that smile

For eternity

Somehow he resembled the lyrics as to how he felt for the country bumpkin. Indeed, time seem to stop that moment, like no one was there, they just stared at each other forgetting everything bad they went through. Their eyes were full of love for each other and words that needed to be expressed by more than just a stare. Suddenly, someone accidentally bumped into him and that made him wake up to reality, where he was surrounded by other girls rather than his true love and she was on stage with handsome celebrity guys. She looked away when he did, not knowing what to do but a hand grabbed her wrist,stopping her from running away. Junho smiled at her once again and she felt like fainting -not knowing if he was the reason or because the casanova was witnessing all.

On the other side, Jae Kyung did not choose to hold back any feeling inside and smiled widely every time Wooyoung sang and looked at her. Her childish manner came to view when from time to time she would stuck out her tongue to the other girls offstage who envy her. The male singer would just grin at this and shake his head unbelievable. Even though the monkey knew that Woo Bin was somewhere around, there was no thought whatsoever that this situation would be of any interest to him. Yet she was wrong. One can of beer was crushed in one of his hands when the view wasn't very pleasant. He could not think of anything else but how she was letting him touch her face like that. If the guys did not have all the place attention, he was not to hesitate and go, but the moment did not seem very favorable for his reputation.

Finally, the song had finish and everyone went crazy and asking for one more but the members of the group decided to leave. The hour was getting late and their manager was already making calls to check on them. Despite knowing trouble was awaiting them, the girls thought if at least saying bye to them. The F4 went immediately close to the stage but they already had gone, making them wonder where and how so fast they disappeared. It was no secret that the staff let them get out from an exit door on backstage, where they could have some peace before the crazy fans could figure out whwre to find them.

"Well, it was a fun night" a car slowly pulled over on the street waiting for them to come out from the dark alley. They waved their hands and bow before turning around to leave.

"Hey" Jae Kyung shouted and they all looked around. "Why you did that for us?" she asked very curious but the guys just looked at each other, smiled and shrugged.

"You'll know why soon" Junho took a glance at the country bumpkin one last time before they all begin to run towards the car when they heard a loud crowd of fan girls coming.

Those words were stuck in their heads for a couple of seconds before realizing the situation they were in. The boys must be looking for them and at least Ga Eul knew her boyfriend was not going to be happy at all. These days had been rough and problems just kept coming one by one. Mentally prepared they returned back to the club where the boys could not be seen anywhere. They let out a sigh of relief at this but were still cautious. Jae Kyung tried to dance to the rhythm of the music but the mood was long gone so she awkwardly stopped. Glancing all of them around the stage, they did not find anyone who could appear to be them. The thought of them leaving became even more realistic when there was no trace or clue of their whereabouts. Turning around all disappointed and with the decision done to go, they all bumped into someone. Their eyes slowly made their way up to catch a glimpse of the person's face.

"Looking for someone?" the familiar voice sent chills down her body while her other two best friends looked surprised at the guys. All of them were visibly not that happy, wearing a more serious gaze. Ji Hoo, being an equal friend for all of them stepped in front and looked at all three of them a bit worried.

"I thought I was hallucinating before when I saw you"that was his reason for not going straight to his friends to tell them. Gu Jun Pyo took a short glance at him and snored in disbelief, thinking that maybe he had cover them up. Jealousy was making the conclusions instead of reasoning the situation. Jan Di looked at him very serious and his face changed all of a sudden, gulping really hard.

"What are you doing here? That's what we want to know"asked the casanova feeling a little anxious to know their answer. He kept looking at the country bumpkin, waiting that she would be the one one to respond for all of them. However, she lowered her face to not see his. Was she trying to avoid him?

"Yah! We should be the ones asking. We got here first"the monkey complained, raising one of her fist in the air as if she was going to hit them.

"What for? Did we just...interrupt your special meeting?"Woo Bin slowly pointed at each of his friends and him while feeling slightly offended yet acting cool to not let her see what he was really feeling. The F4 stood quiet at this question thinking they have won this argument.

"Indeed, yes. You interrupted us, so if you'll excuse us" Jae Kyung grabbed both her friend's arm and pulled them to walk away from them, but they intervene with their escape. The three of them stood in front of their respective girl leaving them speechless, not knowing what to do or say. Then, the monkey was the first one to push the Don Juan but he resisted, pulling her instead towards another way far from them. She fought against him but it was of no use. Woo Bin was stronger and nobody was going to help her simply because they didn't want to mess with one of the F4.

"Jan Di yah!"the F4 leader took the courage to shout at her really mad.

"Who do you think you are?"he started to point at her, thinking once again if it have been a good idea to act like this. "Aish! You can't be carelessly hanging out with any guy when you are engaged to someone like me"that was his excuse. However, Jan Di rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, already annoyed that he was being jealous over nothing. She turned her back after and walk away knowing he was definitely going to follow her. She just needed a place to be alone to scold him.

"Yah! Do you want to die? If not, return back here!"he demanded but she did not listen.

"So you want to die? And before our wedding.. so that's how much you want to marry me, huh" he begin to make his own conclusions while following her behind just so both could disappear between the crowd.

With their friends gone only three remained where once all met. Ga Eul could not stop looking at him in the eyes now. It was like time froze, yet it felt like she have been caught doing something naughty. It was a strange feeling and a bad one for her since anything could possibly meant a reason to argue again with the one in front of her. Yi Jeong did not move and was returning his intense glance at her. He almost forgot that one of his friends was still there, awkwardly watching the quiet scene between them inside a full room of loud noises. Ji Hoo went to look at the country bumpkin to the casanova and smiled. He could see in their eyes fear, maybe for what could happen next, because they didn't know if it was a good thing to have accidentally meet at this place, or a bad thing to caught each other with some other people.

Yi Jeong noticed his friend's presence and looked to the floor embarrassed while gulping really hard as if sending the message that he wanted him to leave them. The violinist got the message and turned around to leave not before giving him a pat on his shoulder. "Be nice"he advised him and the potter nodded.

"I can explain" tired of fighting, all she wanted to do was make things right and have a happy night beside him. Suddenly, he grabbed her hand slowly and moved his head to indicate he wanted to go to another place. Not arguing and fighting against it, she followed him to the VIP section where they have reserved a place. Nobody was there, thankfully. Just a couple of security guards at the entrance but no one could see or hear their conversation. As soon as they entered he let go of her hand and she felt a bit sad about this, thinking he was probably furious. Yi Jeong walked to where the alcohol was but choose not to even touch it, he stood there just to think in the right words to say. None of them talked for a couple seconds and Ga Eul was beginning to feel nervous, taking a few steps toward him before stopping when he turned around again to meet her eyes.

"Ga Eul yang" he haven't used that for a long time. She tried to acknowledge if it was a good or bad thing, but his face and the sudden change in his voice did not help at all. His face seem disappointed and his sad glare could not stop staring at her.

"I'm sorry but-"

"You want to end our engagement?"she interjected his words with her shaky voice. That 'sorry'could not mean anything else and she hated that word in this cases. A 'sorry'just meant the beginning of a long speech to explain something that cannot happen, so she decided to come straight-forward and get to the point.

"What? No!"he exclaimed shocked that she could think something like that. "Never"getting close to her, he smiled and took both her hands on his "You're forever mine, remember?"this made her blush, making her feel relief too.

"So what were you going to say?" asked very embarrassed that she interrupted him.

"That I am sorry but I can't handle seeing you with other guys that aren't me, so its either them or me. But I think you already decided" he turned his back acting all mad.

"Sunbae!"she shouted and grabbed his hand so he could turn around, but he was not going easy on her. He seriously felt a sudden jolt of happiness when she called him out like that. It made him remember when they begin to know each other and how he immediately fell in love with her. All those years of having his true love by the side were more worth it than the previous fights.

Then, after a short moment of teasing her, his face changed into a serious one again. Ga Eul stopped to look at him confused, not knowing what got him in this mood. "No matter how many times we have an argument, always remember that that just means we still care for each other. The day I stop getting mad at you, or you at me, that's the day we lost interest for the other" she smiled at this acknowledging it was indeed true.

"Also, when I look into your eyes I can't even remember what we fought for"his hands went to squeeze her cheeks.

"Then you should have looked before into them rather than leaving"teased the country bumpkin, earning her a small push from his right hand to her forehead. Right after Yi Jeong glanced around them and sighed relief that everything was right between them.

"What do you say if we have fun together?"offering her his hand, she took it and nodded before going to the middle of the dancefloor.

"Help! Help!"her voice was heard throughout the huge crowd in line waiting outside the club. Eyes were fixed on the couple coming from the entrance. There was a lot of security guards out there but none thought of helping her after seeing who she was with. Girls begin to murmur when they witness the scenery, wanting to be in her place even in those circumstances. The paparazzi took pictures of them but not for long when a new celebrity arrived and they weren't the center of attention anymore. Woo Bin looked back to see if someone might have been following, but thankfully no one had that idea. The monkey screamed and punched him in the arm, begging him to stop since she lost her high heels while bringing her in this quick pace. Of course, the Don Juan did not believe her and just kept walking until they found a big fountain surrounded by the skyscrapers of the city. They could still hear the cars near and the people walking by the streets. It was a bit dark; the perfect touch to stay hidden from crazy girls. Right then it's where he decided to let go of her hand.

"Yah! Why did you do this?"she pushed him slightly on the chest. He did not respond.

"Why are you being like this?"once again, he was pushed but did not say a word. His eyes were just staring at her.

"Don't you see this troubles my heart, you idiot?"her eyes were watery. One more blink and tears are going to come out.

"Yah! Who do you think you are?"she asked furious before attempting again to push him, but surprisingly this time she could not make it. A couple of hands quickly surrounded her neck, sending chills all around her body and even more when his face approached so dearly fast to hers. The last thing she saw were his eyes before she closed hers, feeling warm lips pressed against her own. It was a nice and soothing moment where everything around them disappeared, leaving them alone in the long wanted kiss that they haven't shared. None of them planned to separate any time soon as it was something they have been desiring much to happen. For Jae Kyung it felt like her real first kiss by the man she indeed loves. For Woo Bin it was the first loving someone to its fullest, not holding any fear back of the 'what ifs'.It was now or never, and never seemed an agonizing way of living the rest of your life without your true love.

Jae Kyung was at first shocked and motionless on the kiss, but she slowly gave in her feelings and felt confident to continue deeply into the kiss. Her hands moved to the back of his head, surprinsing him on the way for this movement. Her lips begin to move more between his, making her go out of breath but not caring. However, their moment finished when Woo Bin searched for air and Jae Kyung did the same, her eyes still close and their face mere inches away from each other. Suddenly, a loud noise ruined the atmosphere and he went to grab his phone out of the pocket, murmuring an apology to the monkey. She just looked down really shy and kept smiling the whole time.


"Where are you? Come over here. The party is just starting" one of his best friend said over the line while loud music was blasting in the background.

"Okay" he hung up immediately and she looked at him wanting to know what was it.

"The guys- they want us to come back"deeply inside he did not want to go to the party anymore and just have a peaceful and lovely night beside her. If it wasnt that his friends were getting married tomorrow and this was their party, he would have forgotten about the whole worlds existence. He shyly took her hand on his, and she blushed.

"If you want we could just-"

"We better get back" she interjected and he nodded at this. Jae Kyung didn't want to leave either but she was trying to think selflessly on all her other friends. Besides, she couldn't wait to tell the news to the girls. When they both begin to head back, Woo Bin noticed she was indeed without no high heels on. A sudden rush of guilt played on his conscience and immediately offered her a piggy-back ride until they could find their missing shoes.

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