Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling continues to own Harry Potter, this story(ies) that follow this disclaimer are just my attempts to have some fun with the wonderful world that she has gifted us with.

Author note: the following scenes may or may not be continued in a larger story.

Chapter one: Fatal Crossing

Harry awoke with a blinding headache and a mouth that tasted like someone had poured an entire funerary urn of ashes down his throat. The worse part was that he knew what that signified; it meant that he had been frenched by another damn Dementor. With this knowledge in time he moved his body slowly as he looked around to understand where and maybe when he was going to find himself this time. Ever since his first death after becoming the 'Master of Death,' he would find himself waking in the body of another Harry Potter. A Harry that had not survived to fulfill their cursed destiny, leaving him to take over, oh how he hated the lucky bastards.

This time Harry found himself laid out in a familiar alley with an unmoving Dementor sprawled out next to him. He would have laughed about how even a bloody Dementor couldn't handle sucking down Tom's slimy soul, except for the stiffness and pain radiating out from his left jaw. This went a long way to explaining why this Harry was too out of it to call Prong's and drive off the foul creatures like he had. Hell, with the way his jaw felt, this Harry probably wouldn't have been able to pull off the spell if he had been given the chance.

Finally leveling himself up to take in more of his surroundings and praising his own doubles luck that he was still wearing his glasses even if he had been dead just moments ago. Harry spotted the other damn Dementor pulling his fat whale of a cousin up off the ground to give Dudley his first and last kiss that hadn't been from Petunia's or Marge's lips. Harry began to quickly sprint towards them even if he did briefly consider walking away and letting the two get on with their date. Pulling his wand out Harry started to grin as a plan formed in his mind that would really screw that bloody bitch of a toad Dolores Umbridge.

When Harry was within the last meter or so from the two he jumped up throwing his feet forward into the rotting mass of the Dementor just as he grabbed hold of Dudley's jacket with his free hand, counting on D's greater mass to arrest what was left of his momentum after transferring it to his target while at the same time throwing out his wand. With a bang two very important things happened in the next second, one Harry stopped and the Knight bus truly lived up to its title of coming to the rescue of the wizard in need as it struck and killed the soul sucking creature. Let the toad try to cover up the shit storm that will come out of this.