Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor Ranma ½, this is just my poor attempt to have a little fun with the wonderful worlds that J. K. Rowling and Rumiko Takahashi have gifted us.

Author note 1: The following scene has been sitting on my hard drive for many years, due to my having recently recovered from eye surgery, my third for each eye, I will be posting many of the story ideas I have so they are not lost to drive failure or the complete failure of my remaining vision.

Author note 2: This chapter comes from Harry Potter / Ranma ½ idea I had.

Potter ½

Harry Potter had been known by many names in the Wizarding and Muggle world during his twenty-seven years of life, how he hated being recognized by anyone. The Wizarding world was the worst with their constant damn "the-boy-that-lived" hero worship, as if anyone that only eighteen months of age had any reason to be called the hero of the Wizarding world for surviving their family's murder. And things did not improve after he finally defeated Tom, in fact that only lead to things becoming insufferably worse. He could not go anywhere without some fool popping up and wanting to shake his hand or some woman throw themselves at him, or worst yet some man.

Harry hated his fame, almost as much as he was beginning to hate the people that he had saved, and he hated himself for not being able to save all of his friends. It was this self-hate that made their praise of him so incredibly painful, he did not believe that he deserved any of it. So, he stayed away from the public and his remaining friends as much as possible, ordering everything he needed through fake names, while he threw himself into studying everything he could to keep his mind off his pain. Until one day he decided that he had to get away from magical Britain before he killed someone or himself.

This self-proposed exodus from magical Britain would last Harry the next twenty-two years as he traveled the world studying both exoteric and esoteric branches of knowledge from both all over the Muggle and Magical world. Spending time in places that were as far away from the general public as possible and using disguises and glamour's until the public in general no longer recognized him do to the changes that time caused to both the body and the public's memory. One of Harry's most successful disguises came about due to what he had at first believed to be an apparition accident.

The accident in question had happened during his eight year of travel, while he was traveling through the mountains of Northwest China. He had come across a wide valley covered with hundreds of small pools that had tripped his magical senses. Deciding to avoid walking through such a magically dangerous area he had attempted to Apparate across the valley, but found himself suddenly appearing in the air over a spring and falling into it, only to find herself pulled out of the water by a large balding Chinese man. It was after this experience that Harry finally found him/her-self free of the curse of fame by acquiring a very strange water based curse that worked to hide his identity more effectively than an glamour possibly could. Harry had spent the next two years after this as a frequent guest of the strange guide learning all he could of the region and its people's magic.